Sugaring Specialist Opens in Downtown Bend Oregon

Midnight Sugar Company Owner, Adrienne Cone

Midnight Sugar Company will offer full menu of organic hair removal services utilizing the sugaring technique

BEND, OREGON, USA, January 31, 2017 / — Midnight Sugar Company, the first sugaring specialist in Central Oregon, is now open for hair removal services. Starting with a no nonsense atmosphere in a convenient location, a superior, organic sugaring product hand-made by the owner, and a variety of hair removal services, the new company fills a need in the region for this service. Sugaring is a hair removal technique that's been practiced for centuries around the world to remove body hair from the roots.

Midnight Sugar Company was started by experienced cosmetologist, Adrienne Cone, who’s been working in the beauty industry for more than 14 years and certified in sugaring for the past three years. A Central Oregon native, Adrienne noticed that few if any spas or beauticians in the area were offering sugaring as an option for hair removal. She wanted to provide a one-stop-shop in the area for clients in need of a quick clean up or complete overhaul – with a focus solely on hair removal, rather than it being an add-on service at a salon that caters to other beauty needs first.

“I knew that between my years of experience and my natural hair removal sugar I would be able to offer something of value to my home state,” says Adrienne. “It’s rewarding when I have clients tell me my hair removal service is the best they’ve ever had.”

Adrienne started creating her own sugaring product shortly after she became certified, when she couldn’t find a product on the market that met her expectations. She crafts her signature sugar recipe using only three key organic ingredients: lemon juice, sugar and water. Sugaring originated as an ancient middle-eastern practice, where the simple sugar paste is made to remove the hair follicle from the root. For many clients with sensitive skin, sugaring is far less painful with better, longer lasting results than traditional waxing services.

Adrienne uses a technique where she spreads her handmade paste on skin and removes it with soft cotton strips in the direction of hair growth (lessening pull on the skin). This approach gives Adrienne greater control over the removal process with more precise results for her clients.

A current client was relieved when Adrienne opened Midnight Sugar Company in Bend, “When I moved here from out-of-state, I had to go two years without sugaring because it wasn’t an option at any of the local spas or services,” she states, “It was a relief to big able to get back on a regular hair removal schedule with sugar – which works much better with my sensitive skin than regular waxing.”

Midnight Sugar Company is now open in Downtown Bend at 731 NW Franklin Suite 106.
You can reach Adrienne at, 541-640-9090, or visit the website On social at: and

ALERT: Midnight Sugar Company will be running a “Gimme Some Sugar” 30% Off Valentine’s Special starting February 1, 2017. Discount taken at time of service.

Michelle Andre
Media Contact
email us here

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Max and Neo Donates over $175,000 to Dog Rescues in 2016

EARTH Dog Collars

EARTH Dog Collars

Max and Neo Dog Gear, a company that donates 1 for 1 for every product sold, donated over $175,000 in leashes and collars to over 450 dog rescues in 2016.

SCOTTSDALE, AZ, USA, January 31, 2017 / — In its first full year in business Max and Neo Dog Gear donated over $175,000 in dog leashes and collars to over 450 dog rescues.

In 2017 the company plans to expand its product line to include dog toys, harnesses, dog beds and blankets. "We expand into products that rescues constantly need. Any product that we can consistently donate to a rescue that will reduce a rescue's monthly expenses will allow a dog rescue to redirect their funds to other needs." stated Kenric Hwang, the founder of the company.

Max and Neo Dog Gear is currently accepting new dog rescue submissions. A dog rescue can apply to be added to their donations list by completing their suggestion form on their website.

Max and Neo Dog Gear, a mission-based company located in Scottsdale, Arizona, donates a leash or collar to dog rescues and shelters for every product sold. For every product purchased, Max and Neo Dog Gear guarantees a one for one donation to a dog rescue or shelter.

Most dog rescues are 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations that are run by volunteers and rely solely on donations to operate. By donating leashes and collars to a dog rescue, the rescue will be able to reallocate its funds to save more dogs.

Max and Neo Dog Gear is a dog accessories company that donates one for one to dog rescues for every leash and collar that it sells. Max and Neo Dog Gear is based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Please visit for more information. Max and Neo Dog Gear products can currently be found on their website and

Kenric Hwang
Max and Neo Dog Gear
(775) 623-6362
email us here

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Nutrition For Healing Launches Nationwide Sarcopenia Study

MEND Regenerate Medical Dietary Supplement For Sarcopenia

Study will measure the benefits of award winning MEND Regenerate on age-related muscle loss, frailty and improvement in strength and stability

With NSF Sport certification and the continuous research and studies we are running, our customers know they are getting the best products available in functional nutrition.”

— Sheraz Syed, P.T., CSCS, MDT

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, January 31, 2017 / — Nutrition For Healing® LLC announces that it will commence a double blind placebo study of award winning MEND Regenerate to validate efficacy in combating aging-related muscle loss, a condition called sarcopenia which affects 50% of the elderly.

“We’re an evidence based company that relies on strong science in developing our products” says healthy aging expert and science advisory board member Ken Roycroft, “Regenerate was developed after two years of testing in a busy orthopedic and sports medicine practice and we have continued to experience tremendous results with our patients. This study will further validate its efficacy.”

MEND™ Regenerate is focused on combating aging-related muscle loss, a significant health issue which negatively impacts strength, stamina, mobility, balance and overall vitality. Humans begin losing muscle mass as early as their 30s. Many of us find this defeating after spending our first three decades of life easily gaining muscle mass. Alarmingly, we can lose as much as 3 to 5 percent of muscle mass per decade. This can lead to an increased risk of bodily injury after 30 and a vicious cycle of decline. Some muscle mass loss is natural but accelerated muscle mass loss can and should be prevented.

There are a number of factors that contribute to aging-related muscle loss including lack of resistance exercise, reduction in hormones and poor nutrition. Because muscles begin synthesizing protein differently as we age, we need to take in not only more protein, but different protein, especially proteins that digest quickly. Proteins that reach the body sooner are able to heal muscles more quickly after exercise, reducing the risk of loss. MEND™ Regenerate has been formulated specifically to get healthy fast absorbing proteins and other vital nutrients into the body.

“With the combination of our certifications such as NSF Sport and the continuous research and studies we are running, our customers know they are getting the best products available in functional nutrition,” says physical therapist and strength and conditioning expert Sheraz Syed “we look forward to publishing results from this important study and continuing to build strong science around our products.”

Jasmine Smith
Nutrition For Healing
email us here

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Indiegogo campaign launched for Curtain Claws

Crowdfunding campaign launched for Curtain Claws, an innovative new product that attractively holds curtains open without the need for fixtures and fittings

MOUNTAINSIDE, NJ, UNITED STATES, January 31, 2017 / — Nifty new invention set to revolutionize curtain tying

Curtain Claws, a new and potentially game-changing invention, has launched a $30,000 funding campaign that it hopes will revolutionize curtain tying.

Curtain Claws are a simple alternative to installing decorative curtain tiebacks. Independent ‘claw’ type systems, the devices work by closing around curtain fabric and securely holding it in position. Invented by Washington-based curtain seller Diane Stanton Brown, Curtain Claws were designed to be simple and practical, as well as fun. Coming with the option of several detachable and interchangeable medallions, the user is able to regularly customize and vary the look of each curtain tie. Faceplates are available in a range of designs to suit all types of styles – from the minimalistic to the fancy.

“I’d been selling curtains for 15 years, but I just knew there was something missing,” said Stanton Brown. “In order to fix curtains into an open position, people are currently having to install often damaging and rigid fittings into walls or having to put up with hazardous and unsightly cable tales. Curtain Claws provide a simple and flexible solution – they are a fun and attractive way to pin curtains into a range of styles and positions and a damage-free alternative to traditional ties.”

Made from a high quality, durable material, Curtain Claws slide smoothly around the material of most curtains, ensuring a strong hold whilst protecting the fabric. The claws have been designed to work with almost any curtain type – from sheer tapestries to heavy duty black-out curtains.

“We recently completed a lengthy design and engineering phase in order to create the perfect prototype,” continued Stanton Brown. “The next step is to raise enough money to support an initial production run that will take Curtain Claws to the marketplace. I know that consumers will love this inexpensive and simple product; it has the potential to revolutionize the way we pin curtains – and could soon be a must-have accessory for homes all over the world.”

To support Curtain Claws and help play a part in reinventing curtain tying, or to watch Diane Stanton Brown demonstrate the many ways the product can be applied to soft furnishings, visit:

Everyone who makes a donation will receive a full Curtain Claws set – which includes four Curtain Claws and four medallions – upon completion of the first manufacturing run.

Diane Brown
Curtain Claws
email us here

Diane and Jan present Curtain Claws: Self-hanging decorative tiebacks

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Are You Crazy to Buy Replacement Windows in Austin Online?

Getting a quote for replacement windows should not be an ordeal.

Replacement window in an Austin Tx home

Replacement vinyl windows Austin Tx

Zen Windows Austin Ask, "Why Should Consumers Endure a 4 Hour Sales Pitch Just To Get A Price For Their Replacement Windows? Why Can't it be Done Online?"

With the internet what it is today, there is only one reason for a replacement window company to insist they come to your house to give you a quote. It's so they can apply sales tactics and pressure.”

— Dan Hatcher, The owner of Zen Windows Austin

AUSTIN, TX, UNITED STATES, January 31, 2017 / — Zen Windows Austin is taking part in the shake-up of the world of replacement windows in Austin. Breaking the generations long tradition of in-home salesman, Zen Windows Austin gives accurate vinyl window replacement quotes by utilizing the power of the internet, the phone and email.

The Zen Windows motto is "Relax. Window Quotes in 5 Minutes." Contrary to the expectations of it's competitors, Zen's "online" approach, like Amazon, is becoming more mainstream with each passing day.

As long as people have had houses, people have been replacing windows in them in one way or another. Since longer than anyone alive can remember, the way people have purchased them involves a salesman coming to the home. In that 2-4 hour presentation you will receive a masters degree in replacement window tech. You'll learn there is seemingly no end to all the benefits you'll receive by replacing your old, outdated and worthless windows with the new, state of the art, ion infused, krypton coated, fancy, modern, hi-tech replacement windows.

Dan Hatcher, the owner of Zen Windows Austin, put it this way… "One of the reasons that more and more people are comfortable with the Zen Windows approach is that since the days of high speed internet, anyone who wants to know that much about windows can simply "Google" it! People are smart. For one thing, they already know they need new windows and the benefits that will bring. Why else would they be looking? They also know what they want and they don't need a stranger in their home to 'make them comfortable' with their decision. We email them all the information about our windows that they need to make an informed decision and are always available for any questions. It's really pretty simple."

Zen's no money down policy, which is different than almost all their competitors, also lends a level of confidence in what their customers are buying. Zen customers don't pay anything until their windows are installed and they are happy with both the replacement windows and the installation.

Zen's no money down policy shows confidence in both the product and in their installation crews that can't be demonstrated any better or in any other way. Dan Hatcher says of that, "People understand, sight unseen, that I 'simply must' deliver a superior window and a fantastic installation crew or I can't expect to get paid for the windows. People understand that for an owner of a company to put his money on the line like that, he means what he says and he will do what he says he'll do."

Couple the "No Money Down" policy with the fact that their replacement vinyl windows and sliding glass doors carry a transferable lifetime warranty and it speaks volumes in the space of a thought that a salesman can't convey in 3 hours.

It's a matter of course that someone from Zen will indeed come to your house. It just doesn't happen in the sales process. Once a person decides to purchase the windows that are quoted, Zen will send their installation foreman to measure the windows before ordering. Once the custom made replacement windows arrive in Austin, an installation appointment is set and the replacement windows are installed.

The greatest advantage to purchasing replacement vinyl windows in Austin the "Zen Way" is not in the no hassle approach they take. Because Zen Windows is a virtual company without showrooms and salespeople and all the overhead that brings to a business, Zen can offer top of the line windows for a price that does not include all that overhead and sales commissions in the price tag.

Mr. Hatcher said, "Zen doesn't sell cheap windows. We sell windows that compare in looks and performance to the windows that top name companies sell for two, three and four times our price. Because of our no money down policy, we simply can't risk delivering cheap windows to our customer's homes. So even though we don't have all the overhead of those 'Big Name' companies, you'll find that our windows are not the cheapest windows in town. We could sell cheap windows, but we don't. So our market is for those who want top of the line and quality windows at the best price in town, not the bargain bin shopper."

If you are looking for a top shelf replacement window in Austin at the best price, go to and request a quote. No salesman will come to your house. No sales pitch must be endured, even over the phone. With just a little bit of information about your current windows and what you want, you can get your quote via email in as little as 5 minutes.

Dan Hatcher
Zen Windows Austin
(512) 595-0101
email us here

Window Replacement Austin TX | (512) 900-8121 | Zen Windows Austin

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Boost for firms wanting to export to the UK

USA;UK;Export;Brexit;Export services;Distributor introduction; Virtual company

Copernicus International Consulting Ltd

Copernicus International Consulting Group

Copernicus International Consulting Virtual company sales team 2017

January 2017 additions to the Copernicus UK virtual sales team

Results focused sales & marketing professionals increase capacity to keep up with post Brexit demand

Even to a business familiar with exporting to new markets this was a game changing service, Copernicus have not only acquired us customers but have started to make an unknown brand recognisable”

— Dale Cannon. Australia

LONDON, UNITED KNGDOM, January 31, 2017 / — Brexit, brexit, brexit. For a relatively new word it's already suffering from over use. It's either the reason for an upturn in fortunes or an excuse for poor results – depending where someone involved in international trade finds themselves on their current performance graph.
Trade with the UK has not been seen on quite so many board room agendas for some years, and it is this upturn in market entry projects that has seen the demand and uptake of the Copernicus Virtual Sales Office in the UK rise by over 400% in just 6 months.
Firms may have thought about entering the UK market, maybe via an agent, a distributor or direct sales from their home market, but taken no action due to budget constraints or lack of local market knowledge. All have merits and drawbacks in terms of the degree of control over the in-market activities, but all of them on the whole require considerable investment in time, money and resources.
In contrast to traditional market entry methodologies the Copernicus service has the advantage of having your own brand pro-actively promoting your business to 5 million businesses and over 63 million consumers within 28 days from first contact.
Just as you buy in temporary staff until such time as you have enough work to create a full time role. Copernicus offers you a local sales presence without the fixed cost of an overseas office, employee, infra-structure or long term commitment.
Local website, local PR, office address, phone answered in your business name and, most importantly, sales! Field sales people supported by a back office capable of warehousing fulfilment and even technical service support for products that require it, with in-bound enquiries driven by intelligent e-marketing. Menu driven, clients take as much or as little of the service as they need.

The service is offered across a wide range of vertical sectors, from engineered products to retail, technology to high value capital equipment or food & beverage. To accommodate the increased demand Copernicus has increased capacity via a recruitment campaign that has added further multi-lingual market researchers, field and tele-sales persons, IT and logistics people to the team. HR manager Greg North told us "it has been a hectic 3 months to keep pace with the increasing requirement for the service, but we are now thankfully in a position where new clients will receive the same fast-track to market service that we have been able to provide in previous years." While marketing manager, Helen Flowers added "As a cost effective solution for exporters there is really nothing else quite like the Copernicus Virtual UK Business Service available, we firstly review and benchmark the offer that potential clients wish to launch in the UK in order to ensure that there is an appropriate likelihood of success, before working with the client to coordinate activities and establish reporting lines. It really is a painless way to begin or increase sales to the UK".

In general the UK is looking good. Stock markets have been bullish since the Brexit vote. The FTSE 100 closed at a record high at the end of 2016, up 14.4% during the year. The FTSE 250, which is seen as a good yardstick of the UK economy because it has more domestic-focused companies, ended the year 3.7% ahead. The US-UK "special relationship" is looking strong and the UK remains a great starting point to build sales right across Europe and beyond.

If you or your firm would like to achieve increased sales in the dynamic marketplace that is the UK today, contact Copernicus to have the scale of your opportunity evaluated.

Helen Flowers
Copernicus International Consulting Ltd
email us here

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The mounting emotional toll of clutter

Free yourself from the emotional drain caused by clutter – decluttering sets you free from the chaos caused by the emotions of stuff you cling onto

When all your available space is filled with clutter, there is no room for anything new to come into your life ”

— Karen Kingston

PERTH, WESTERN AUSTRALIA, AUSTRALIA, February 1, 2017 / — The emotional toll of clutter.

Free yourself from the emotional drain caused by clutter – decluttering sets you free from the chaos caused by the emotions of stuff you cling onto.

An overstuffed wardrobe creates anxiety, clutter causes stress, and an overstuffed wardrobe makes the simple task of selecting an outfit an exercise fraught with anxiety.

"When all your available space is filled with clutter, there is no room for anything new to come into your life,” writes Karen Kingston, author of Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui (Three Rivers Press, 1999). “Your thoughts tend to dwell in the past, and you feel bogged down with problems that have dogged you for some time. You tend to look back rather than forward in your life, blaming the past for your current situation rather than taking responsibility for creating a better tomorrow.”
Revitalize your life by decluttering!
Dress Circle Emporium says the New Year is a perfect time to reassess your wardrobe, discard what you don’t use, and simplify your morning routine by only retaining pieces you actually will Wear.

A rule of thumb is to toss anything you haven’t worn in the past year. You may want to take the advice of Marie Kondo, author of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying up, and keep only things that bring you joy. After your wardrobe purge, you will be left with a pile of clothing and accessories in need of a new home.

The faded and pilled jumpers stretched out shirts and worn shoes probably should be tossed into the bin, but some items definitely still have value. That dress you bought to wear to your cousin’s wedding and never wore again? You could turn it into cash. Those designer jeans you bought because they were a great bargain, but decided they just didn’t fit right?

Turn your discards into dollars by consigning with Dress Circle Emporium, the place to get top dollar for your designer clothing, accessories and shoes. This upmarket boutique takes lightly used high end women’s and menswear clothing, bags and accessories and pays consignors 50 percent of sale price. Styles must be recent, be like-new, clean and wrinkle-free. No appointment is needed; just bring in your gently used items during business hours.

The Dress Circle Emporium experience is a positive recycling testament: Shoppers are thrilled with their bargain priced fashion finds; while the consigners enjoy their happy bonus of getting cash for their clothes and the environment wins!

Keith MacLennan
Dress Circle Emporium
email us here

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Afterball™ by Grifman Introduces a New Baseball Cap Design, the Capless™

Afterball™ Specializes in Reinventing Popular Clothing Items and Creating Practical Alternatives

Afterball™ products are the answer to how you want to wear your favorite gear!”

— Alexander Griffin

PORTLAND, OREGON, UNITED STATES, January 30, 2017 / — Daniel Alexander Griffin, a sports industry executive and the founder of Afterball™, recently unveiled his latest product, the Capless™. The new hat, which takes the visor off of a traditional baseball cap, brings functionality and style to the wearer.

Baseball caps are one of the most popular accessories in the world. The Afterball team noticed that many baseball cap wearers often turned their hat backwards for a number of reasons – including comfort, fit, function, and personal style – and decided to introduce a new solution, the Capless™, which does away with the cumbersome visor.

"Afterball™ takes some of the most popular products in the clothing industry and creates practical alternatives to fit consumers' personal styles. Whether it's for a fashion statement, comfort or showing support for your favorite team, Afterball's solutions will have a special place in consumer's lives" said Griffin.

About the Capless™:
The Capless™ takes the silhouette of a baseball cap but gets rid of its unnecessary and unattractive visor to produce an entirely new kind of hat. This innovation promises to make the Capless™ a huge success. The baseball cap business is already a 2-billion-dollar industry full of customers eager for a new way to rock the style they already love. For many, this means turning their cap backwards, but now they won't have to.

Individuals interested in learning more about Griffin, Afterball™ products or purchasing the new “Capless™, please visit the company website for additional information. You can also email at or call: 971.409.0009.

Daniel Griffin
email us here

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Sparen Technologies Announces Mahri for iPhone

The best case for your iPhone.

Mahri is the best solution for the iPhone 7's headphone jack problem”


VICTORIA, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, January 30, 2017 / — Derek & Adam have Succeeded where Apple Failed by Introducing an Ultimate Improvement to iPhone 7

January 18, 2017: Sparen Technologies has announced that they will be raising funds via Kickstarter to boost their campaign for Mahri. This futuristic innovation will reshape technology by improving the latest iPhone 7 and will introduce some amazing new features to the most celebrated phone worldwide. It is a device that has everything from charging to protection of the phone as a protection case.

“The new iPhone 7 is amazing, but it could be a whole lot better with some improvements that are far ahead of their time.” Said Derek Douglas, the Co-Founder at Sparen Technologies. “Mahri is the perfect solution for simultaneous charging and listening.” He added. Mahri puts its users at ease and instead of purchasing completely new add-ons, or using cumbersome adapters they can have everything they want in their phone with this amazing phone. Derek Douglas has Co-Founded the company along with Adam Love and both entrepreneurs have joined forces since 2012 to utilize their rich experience in the IT.

Mahri has some great features that no cellular manufacturing company has introduced. With iPhone 7 being the most latest and popular phone in the world, Sparen Technologies have decided to install it in this particular phone for a reason. In addition to the latest iPhone 7, Mahri can also be added to iPhone 7 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus, 6 and 6 Plus versions of the iPhone. The company has planned to ship Mahri free of cost to the awaiting users worldwide. Since Apple has removed the audio jack from iPhone 7, so users can’t listen to audio while charging their iPhone and Mahri is a perfect solution to fix that problem.

One of the best features of Mahri is that the dual lightning ports on it allow its users to play audio while remaining charged round the clock, something every smartphone user has always wanted. The primary vision behind the creation of Mahri was to have everything in one package. Sparen Technologies wanted to create something that can help users get rid of additional accessories from their phones. For the Kickstarter campaign of this product from the future, $40,000 Canadian is the goal set by Sparen Technologies and iPhone lovers along with technology enthusiasts can make their generous contributions to back this amazing project by backing it through the following link:

Sparen Technologies
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Food Service Equipment Market Analysis with 2011-2021 Forecasts Research Report

New report on “Global Food Service Equipment Market (By Types, End Users, Regions, Countries) Trends & Forecast (2011-2021)” available with

Companies: Manitowoc Foodservice, ITW Food Equipment Group, The Middleby Corporation, Ali Group, Standex International, Vollrath Company,LLC,IMI Cornelius,Rational AG, Dover Corporation,Hoshizaki Corp”

— Market is projected to exhibit a CAGR of over ~4.55% during 2016 – 2021

DALLAS, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, January 30, 2017 / — A comprehensive research report created through extensive primary research (inputs from industry experts, companies, stakeholders) and secondary research, the report aims to present the analysis of global food Service Equipment market on the basis of By Product –Cooking, Refrigeration & Ice Machine, Storage & Handling, Warewashing & Sanitation, Serving, Food Preparation; By End User – Full Service Restaurants, Limited Service Restaurants and Others; By Region (North America, Europe, APAC and ROW), and By Country (US, Canada, Mexico, UK, Germany, Japan, China, India, Brazil and South Africa).

Global Food Service Equipment Market is forecasted to grow at a CAGR of 4.55% during 2016 – 2021. The strong growth in food Service Equipment market is driven by rise in per capita disposable consumer income, lower unemployment rate, need to replace or upgrade existing equipment and growing concern towards food safety and health.

Refrigeration & Ice Machine Equipment hold the major percentage share in the total market and is also the fastest growing segment. Among the regions, North America holds the largest market share mainly due to well established foodservice industry and restaurants there demanding more energy efficient and technologically advanced equipment. However, APAC is expected to grow at a faster pace during forecasted period.

According to Azoth Analytics research report, Global Food Service Equipment Market – By Product Type, By End User, By Region, By Country (2016-2021), Global Food Service Equipment Market is projected to exhibit a CAGR of over ~4.55% during 2016 – 2021. Global food Service Equipment market has been segmented on the basis of Product –Cooking, Refrigeration & Ice Machine, Storage & Handling, Warewashing & Sanitation, Serving, Food Preparation; By End User – Full Service Restaurants, Limited Service Restaurants; Region (North America, Europe, APAC and ROW), Country(US, Canada, Mexico, UK, Germany, Japan, China, India, Brazil and South Africa).

Request a sample of this report at .

Scope of the Report: The report provides coverage by Type, Mode of Application and End User:

By Product Type: Cooking Equipment, Refrigeration & Ice Machine Equipment, Storage & Handling Equipment, Warewashing & Sanitation Equipment, Serving Equipment and Food Preparation Equipment

By End User: Full Service Restaurants, Limited Service Restaurants, and Others

By Region: Europe, North America, APAC, and ROW

By Country: US, Canada, Mexico, UK, Germany, Japan, China, India, Brazil, South Africa

Major Points from Table of Contents:
1. Research Methodology
2. Executive Summary
3. Strategic Recommendation
4. Food Service Equipment Product Overview
5. Global Food Service Equipment Market: Growth and Forecast
6. Global Food Service Equipment Market, By Product (Cooking, refrigeration & Ice Machine, Storage & Handling, Warewashing & Sanitation, Serving and Food Preparation)
7. Global Food Service Equipment Market-By End User (Full Service, Limited Service, Others)
8. Global Food Service Equipment Market: Regional Analysis
9. Market Dynamics
10. Market Trends
11. Porter’s Five Forces Analysis – Food Service Equipment Market
12. SWOT Analysis –Food Service Equipment Market
13. Competitive Landscape
14. Policy and Regulatory Landscape
15. Company Profiling

Place a direct purchase order on this report at .

About Us:
Orbis Research ( is a single point aid for all your market research requirements. We have vast database of reports from the leading publishers and authors across the globe. We specialize in delivering customized reports as per the requirements of our clients. We have complete information about our publishers and hence are sure about the accuracy of the industries and verticals of their specialization. This helps our clients to map their needs and we produce the perfect required market research study for our clients.

Hector Costello
Orbis Research
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