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January 2017 additions to the Copernicus UK virtual sales team

Results focused sales & marketing professionals increase capacity to keep up with post Brexit demand

Even to a business familiar with exporting to new markets this was a game changing service, Copernicus have not only acquired us customers but have started to make an unknown brand recognisable”

— Dale Cannon. Australia

LONDON, UNITED KNGDOM, January 31, 2017 / — Brexit, brexit, brexit. For a relatively new word it's already suffering from over use. It's either the reason for an upturn in fortunes or an excuse for poor results – depending where someone involved in international trade finds themselves on their current performance graph.
Trade with the UK has not been seen on quite so many board room agendas for some years, and it is this upturn in market entry projects that has seen the demand and uptake of the Copernicus Virtual Sales Office in the UK rise by over 400% in just 6 months.
Firms may have thought about entering the UK market, maybe via an agent, a distributor or direct sales from their home market, but taken no action due to budget constraints or lack of local market knowledge. All have merits and drawbacks in terms of the degree of control over the in-market activities, but all of them on the whole require considerable investment in time, money and resources.
In contrast to traditional market entry methodologies the Copernicus service has the advantage of having your own brand pro-actively promoting your business to 5 million businesses and over 63 million consumers within 28 days from first contact.
Just as you buy in temporary staff until such time as you have enough work to create a full time role. Copernicus offers you a local sales presence without the fixed cost of an overseas office, employee, infra-structure or long term commitment.
Local website, local PR, office address, phone answered in your business name and, most importantly, sales! Field sales people supported by a back office capable of warehousing fulfilment and even technical service support for products that require it, with in-bound enquiries driven by intelligent e-marketing. Menu driven, clients take as much or as little of the service as they need.

The service is offered across a wide range of vertical sectors, from engineered products to retail, technology to high value capital equipment or food & beverage. To accommodate the increased demand Copernicus has increased capacity via a recruitment campaign that has added further multi-lingual market researchers, field and tele-sales persons, IT and logistics people to the team. HR manager Greg North told us "it has been a hectic 3 months to keep pace with the increasing requirement for the service, but we are now thankfully in a position where new clients will receive the same fast-track to market service that we have been able to provide in previous years." While marketing manager, Helen Flowers added "As a cost effective solution for exporters there is really nothing else quite like the Copernicus Virtual UK Business Service available, we firstly review and benchmark the offer that potential clients wish to launch in the UK in order to ensure that there is an appropriate likelihood of success, before working with the client to coordinate activities and establish reporting lines. It really is a painless way to begin or increase sales to the UK".

In general the UK is looking good. Stock markets have been bullish since the Brexit vote. The FTSE 100 closed at a record high at the end of 2016, up 14.4% during the year. The FTSE 250, which is seen as a good yardstick of the UK economy because it has more domestic-focused companies, ended the year 3.7% ahead. The US-UK "special relationship" is looking strong and the UK remains a great starting point to build sales right across Europe and beyond.

If you or your firm would like to achieve increased sales in the dynamic marketplace that is the UK today, contact Copernicus to have the scale of your opportunity evaluated.

Helen Flowers
Copernicus International Consulting Ltd
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Source: EIN Presswire