Dr. Harold Lawler Discovers New Methods Of Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention In Florida

Dr. Harold Lawler

Dr. Harold Lawler

MIAMI, FL, UNITED STATES, December 8, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ — Over the years, Dr. Harold Lawler has discovered new methods in preventing prescription drug abuse in the state of Florida.

Dr. Lawler, an Occupational Medicine and General Preventive Medicine physician, has become one of Florida’s most esteemed doctors. The research completed has been held to high standards by colleagues and patients.

He began his career conversing with rehabilitation hospitals throughout the state to share his analysis as well as combine the value of monitoring prescription drug usage.

“While it is not helpful to think the worst in our patients, it is essential that we, as physicians, take charge for understanding both the history and the probability our patients could overuse prescriptions," says Dr. Lawler. "Not every patient is going to misuse their medicine, but the statistics show a strong probability. It's an unfortunate situation."

Dr. Lawler goes a step further to ensure patients complete a more detailed medical history questionnaire when he begins treatment. Also, his staff conducts a team interview about their past surgeries and other medical conditions that might have required pain medication.

"If my staff and I reveal signs that a patient has or could abuse the medication I prescribe, I may modify or execute strict conditions on his or her medication," explains Dr. Lawler.

Effects Of Dr. Lawler's Findings

The effects of Dr. Lawler’s rigorous procedures significantly reduced the amount of prescription drug abuse throughout his practice. This ripple effect also was felt by the method of doctors he guides.

“It continues to serve very well," states Dr. Lawler. "In just the past year, I have noticed a drastic decrease in the number of refill requests.”

There are several techniques to treat patients that help them focus on wellness and becoming healthy, not the disease. Dr. Lawler and his staff focus on notifying each patient of how the body operates and repairs itself. In the behavior of misusing medication, natural healing slows down and takes longer.

"Because of the prescription drug abuse, the body has to work overtime to heal itself," explains Dr. Lawler. "When the body is working overtime to cure the initial injury, the drug abuse takes a nasty toll on the overall health of the body."

Patients Are Benefiting From Dr. Lawler's Awareness

One patient of Dr. Lawler speaks highly of his procedures and guidance when prescribing medicine that might cause dependence.

"Dr. Lawler took the time to describe how my back pain was a sign that my muscles needed further time to heal," the patient states. "He also explained how changing my diet and drinking lots of water would improve the area. I thought that prescription would take care of the healing as well. But now that I understand the whole process of healing, I am hesitant on requesting additional medication just to deal with the injury. More patients need to learn about the body's way of healing before depending on drugs to feel better."

Dr. Lawler’s intelligence is rapidly spreading throughout the Sarasota, Florida area medical facilities. The city and rehab centers he frequently visits have also seen improvement in their patient’s response to medication. The willingness to discuss why the misuse of drugs and alcohol linked to a lack of transparency of how the mind and body work together. Dr. Lawler states he will not stop spreading this information because he hopes to save lives and bring awareness to this national problem.

From his research, Dr. Lawler plans to write a new book on the relationship between the brain and body. Also, how the brain responds before, during and after prescription drug abuse. He also plans on traveling the state to spread awareness and educate the medical field about his findings.

For more information on Dr. Lawler, head over to his Facebook page.

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