Agency launched new website and services in Belfast covering Northern Ireland, UK and Ireland

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation in UK, Ireland and Northern Ireland by ProfileTree

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation in UK, Ireland and Northern Ireland by ProfileTree

Content Marketing by Web Agency ProfileTree in Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK

Content Marketing by Web Agency ProfileTree in Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK

Social Media Marketing by web agency ProfileTree based in the UK, Ireland and Northern Ireland

Social Media Marketing by web agency ProfileTree based in the UK, Ireland and Northern Ireland – a Belfast based agency focused on video production – audio – all types of content that has a positive impact in growing a brand online.

Video Production, Content Marketing and SEO services are critically important to any business and ProfileTree is delighted to be providing these services to companies in Belfast and Northern Ireland.”

— Ciaran Connolly

BELFAST, ANTRIM, NORTHERN IRELAND, December 11, 2017 / — In the business world, no matter how good your business model is or how well your product compares to competitors; Digital marketing can literally make or break a business.

Why use Digital Marketing? The top reason why businesses are opting to go online is that digital marketing is far less costly than any and all traditional marketing means. The world around us is all going digital, people are constantly on their smart phones, tablets and laptops; constantly surfing the internet, reading up on new topics, learning new things and even socialising. Reaching targeted consumer segment is much easier online; staying in touch with the customer base can be done much more efficiently through digital means. That’s why online exposure is so important nowadays, people have more chance of seeing your online content than they do seeing a television ad, a billboard or even stumbling upon one of your stores. Digital marketing also contributes to your brand identity/image. Online presence is no longer only important for your business, it is now crucial for your business to survive in today’s hostile and competitive business world.

What is Digital marketing? If you have to ask that, then you’re a little bit behind the curve, but here’s a quick recap on what the essence digital marketing really is. There are a lot of aspects that fall under the umbrella of what makes digital marketing. To name a few of the most important ones, there is search engine optimisation, content marketing and social media marketing. So basically, digital marketing utilises those 3 aspects among many others to promote, market and sell products or services online.

What can digital marketing agencies do for your business?
Content Marketing – Content is one of the most crucial elements that make up your strategic plan for boosting online Presence. “The right content lets you reach your target audience effortlessly and helps achieve results. Content is personalised to each business’s specific needs; blogs, company profiles or entire website content are just some of the content marketing services that ProfileTree provides. A team of expert writers and editors await to fulfil all your content marketing needs, make search engines happy and put you ahead of the competition. Below are some of the impressive aspects that make ProfileTree a truly unique digital marketing agency:
 A team of Expert Editors and writers with years of experience.
 Knowledge of different writing styles and techniques
 Content Strategy and planning
 Content to help you rank on search engines and reach your target audience
 Content to engage and capture readers’ interests
 Professional content for corporate and marketing material

• Social Media Marketing
The most important factor when it comes to social media marketing is information or knowledge (The three Knows). Know your audience, know your platform and know your type of content. ProfileTree’s social media services make sure that your message “cuts through the noise and reaches your exact target audience with rich content that is hard to scroll past. Social media is the primary way a company can communicate with its target market segment. Building the business image on social media is one of the areas that ProfileTree excels in. Below are some other social media factors that ProfileTree can help in:
 Social Media marketing strategy and competitive analysis
 Social Profile Creation and design
 Implementation guidelines and best practices
 Software Recommendations

• Search Engine Optimisation
Focus on your business and let ProfileTree worry about the mechanics of tweaking settings and optimising content. ProfileTree eases your load and takes your mind of the technicalities that go into increasing your search visibility through their tried and tested methods. The techniques used make search engine optimisation a systematic process will put your online content where it needs to be on the search results list. ProfileTree’s methods also ensure that your website is provides the best experience possible for your visitors or customers. ProfileTree provides Off-Page as well as On-Page optimisation. Most people will only click on search results that appear on the first page, that is why being on page one is crucial and potentially very rewarding for any business. With ProfileTree’s SEO services, your business’s website can rank highly in search engines. Here are some of the service the Belfast based web agency ProfileTree can offer:
 Improve Search Engine Visibility
 Drive Traffic to your Website
 Get On top of Local Search
 Optimize for Handheld Devices
 Perform Full-Website Audits

• Video Production Services
ProfileTree does not only cater in content and written forms of marketing; but also caters to business’s needs for media creation. Corporate video production is becoming the new trend for marketing. People now tend to watch videos more than they read written content, especially videos that can tell a story and deliver a message in a few short minutes. For companies whose clients prefer visuals over written content; ProfileTree has started specializing in video production. Media and original videos produce amazing results for promoting companies and solidifying the business’s image and reputation. How can ProfileTree help with your video production needs?
 Video Content strategy
 Video Production Shoot
 Full Video Editing
 Online publishing and promotion

Whether you already have a website or just starting to get into the online marketing platform, ProfileTree can cater to your needs. Limited budgeted startup? Established business? Both needs can be satisfied as every project is personalized and tailored to each individual company. No one strategy works for all companies; this is why ProfileTree sees the importance of custom tailoring each marketing strategy for each individual business. The services mentioned above are just some of the many services ProfileTree offers. Other services offered include
• Web and Software Development
• Internet Marketing Training
• Online Marketing strategy formulation
• Personal Branding
• Photography
For more detailed information on the services ProfileTree provide, you can visit, contact us to see how we can help build your brand online today.

Ciaran Connolly
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