New travel platform TRVL lets travelers earn money on every booking

Traveler dashboard showing earnings

TRVL Founder Jochem Wijnands who sold his previous company to Apple

The fast growing peer-to-peer travel booking platform TRVL is acting like a modern day Robin Hood by paying travelers a commission on every booking they make.

I wanted something like TRVL to exist for over a decade.”

— Gillian Morris, CEO Hitlist

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS, April 19, 2018 / — lets travelers earn a commission on every booking they make. These commissions are normally only available to travel agents. But since travelers are doing all the work themselves, why should they pay for a service they’re not getting?

TRVL launched in June last year and is coming out of beta this month. It offers access to 2+ million hotels and home-stays, it has users in 115 countries and supports payments in 13 currencies.

Founder Jochem Wijnands is an experienced entrepreneur who sold his previous company Prss to Apple for an undisclosed amount in 2014. Prss is the mobile publishing platform that became Apple News that launched in 2015 as part of Apple’s iOS.

Wijnands: “TRVL makes it rain money, that’s our mission. Like a modern day Robin Hood. Travelers are paying too much. We are rewarding them for acting like a do-it-yourself travel agent by paying them the commission a travel agent would otherwise get. It's only fair.”

How does TRVL work? TRVL is comparing all hotels on the internet to find the best deal. Once you book a hotel, TRVL receives a commission and passes the lion-share on to you. On your dashboard you can keep track of your accrued earnings. TRVL also features 50,000 hotels with industry discounts of up to 65%, normally only available to professional travel agents.

CEO of TRVL is Arthur Hoffman, former global President of Expedia’s b-to-b business.
Hoffman: "Our own research shows that more than 50% of all bookings are done for others. These are people that book for their family, friends or colleagues and truly act like an amateur travel agent. This group is really happy that they finally get recognition and many consider TRVL their new home. They are often passionate about traveling, but don't get any love from other companies in this space."

In the near future TRVL will launch a feature that allows users of TRVL to contact and chat with each other, and help each other with local tips and recommendations. This type of personalized advice is missing today and it would make the work of a do-it-yourself travel agent a lot easier. This is also widely recognized by the travel industry:

Dara Khosrowshahi (ex-CEO Expedia):
“I think the travel industry will move back to the model of customers visiting a travel agent. An online travel agent, that is.”
(Seattle Times, May 2016).

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TRVL is shaking up the travel industry

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