Light Bulbs Unlimited Offers Christmas Lighting Options for Residential and Commercial Clients

Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights 2

Preparing two months before the Christmas season is money-saving, exciting, and challenging. Let Light Bulbs Unlimited handle the job!

SHERMAN OAKS, CA, US, September 30, 2018 / — SHERMAN OAKS, CA – September 27, 2018 – Light Bulbs Unlimited, a trusted leader in the industry, is making Christmas lighting solutions a part of their full packages. From a limited service provider, they become a one-stop shop of aesthetic and safe Christmas lights. This allows their clients to avoid the stress of online shopping. Whether they need lighting options or other items, Light Bulbs Unlimited is the company to count on and trust.

The happiest season of gift giving and love sharing is fast approaching. Christmas is only 2 months away to celebrate, which is more than enough to prepare the food and decorations. But, as early as September, decorating homes is a brilliant idea. In fact, this has been a practice among different countries across the globe like the Southeast Asia. It’s normal to feel hesitant. But, preparing two months before the Christmas season is money-saving, exciting, and challenging. Let Light Bulbs Unlimited handle the job!

Light Bulbs Unlimited can fulfill everyone’s goals in the country. They can help their clients feel the spirit of Christmas as early as now. They have a hand-picked selection of decorative and unique light sets for home holiday décor. They provide string lights that are available in different forms, including the traditional mini lights, curtain lights, globe lights, energy-saving LED lights, icicle lights, net lights, and a lot more. Theyalso provide customized solutions to diverse clients out there.

Light Bulbs Unlimited remain dedicated to using Holiday Bright Lights for all Christmas light installations. HBL has in-depth knowledge in commercial grade light sets that are equipped with patented LED sealed bulbs. Each has high resistance to rain, snow, or even water. Without the extended partnership with HBL, they wouldn’t be a provider of high-quality options. They also have the right shapes and colors for all.

Those who are looking for different varieties, Light Bulbs Pros is the ideal company to rely on. From LED, AC Plug-in, incandescent, solar, commercial grade, DC Battery operated, mini Lights, twinkle, programmable, traditional, and non-traditional to curtain lights, they’ve got everyone covered! They can reach unique customers’ needs and requirements.

Light Bulbs Unlimited is surrounded by Christmas lighting installers. They can help residential clients decorate the rooftop. How are they going to do that? They outline rooflines, dormers, and ridgelines. They complement the front of any residential property with lights around the doors, windows, and other essential features. Commercial properties such as malls, shopping centers, office buildings, church, or banks can also take advantage of the services. They have the expertise that everyone shouldn’t miss.

About Light Bulbs Unlimited:

Light Bulbs Unlimited was founded in 1982 as a residential and commercial Christmas lighting company. As the years pass by, they become reputed for quality, affordable, and custom-made light options. They are also known for excellent customer support!


Contact them at (818) 501-3492 to make an order. Sending them an email at also offer reliable answers to all queries!

John Clark
Light Bulbs Unlimited
(818) 501-3492
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R Mattress Proudly Provides Full-Mattress Service in LA

LA Mattress

LA Mattress 2

Despite the great deals and amazing discounts, the company does not compromise high-quality feature.

LOS ANGELES, CA, US, September 30, 2018 / — LOS ANGELES, CA – September 27, 2018. R Mattress, a reputable provider of the high-quality mattress, is offering the best discounts to those who want to have a money-saving and outstanding investment. This allows their repeat and new clients to avoid high costs while enjoying the product of their option. This also enables their customers to bring their experience up to the maximum level because of the comfy, smooth, and relevant mattress.

For any purchase that costs over $499, everyone can enjoy a $105 discount. R Mattress’ items start at $84 per month that last for three years with 0% financing. Despite the great deals and amazing discounts, the company does not compromise high-quality feature. They always strive to incorporate the best features into all their products. They remain dedicated to offer the most comfortable and responsive solutions to diverse clients throughout the country.

R mattress’ reputation of providing lower prices create a buzz among their customers. Aside from the online presence, they beat their competitors’ prices by almost 10%. They guarantee the most competitive pricing that many customers deserve. R Mattress is known for their unmatched commitment to offering free white glove delivery. This means their package includes setup and removal. Everyone doesn’t need to experience the hassles of setup. They take great pride in their people because they know the process from start to finish.

R Mattress is also proud of their free comfort guarantee that lasts within 120 days. Their clients can return their option whenever they need and receive their money ahead of time, ensuring optimal comfort. Having a long-term partnership with reputed companies out there, everyone is assured of customized, aesthetic, and stylish items. They have been working with Tempurpedic, Stearns & Foster, Sealy, Serta, Scandinavian Sleep Systems, and many more. From specialty foam to pillow top, every product at RMattress is of the highest quality. Each is made of the finest material, increasing people’s opportunity to acquire a worth-it investment.

Aside from custom-made options and excellent support, RMattress has a user-friendly website. Visitors and customers can browse the site without a hassle. The products are divided into different categories for stress-free shopping. Everyone can shop by the firm, plush, pillow top, and specialty foam.

About R Mattress:

RMattress was founded with a goal to offer a mattress system that leads to a more comfortable and healthier night’s sleep. Over the years of service in the industry, their technology has transformed into cutting-edge equipment. Despite the fast and innovative development of their facilities, the commitment to delivering quality mattress remains the same. They have spent years to develop their products to ensure the most impressive selection. They have advanced foams and up-to-date tools.


Contact them at (323) 533-0491 to process your order. For more details, don’t hesitate to visit them at Huge savings and tested products are what to expect along the way!

Peter Pocsaji
R Mattress
(323) 533-0491
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On Mahatma Gandhi's Birthday, The World Gets a Gift is an app available in itunes free to download

WanderSafe app pairs with the Personal Safety Device via Bluetooth

Stephenie Rodriguez is the CEO and Founder of WanderSafe

Stephenie Rodriguez, Founder / Wandersafe Inventor is an app available in itunes free to download and comes in two colors - ivory and onyx.

WanderSafe comes in two colors Ivory and Onyx

On United Nations International Day of Non-Violence WanderSafe will launch a non-violent anti-trafficking device and free safety app for travelers

Non-violence is the greatest force at the disposal of mankind. It is mightier than the mightiest weapon of destruction devised by the ingenuity of man.”

— Mahatma Gandhi

CANNES, FRANCE, September 29, 2018 / — In observance of the United Nations International Day of Non-Violence and celebration of Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday, WanderSafe is making the WanderSafe safety advisory smartphone application free to download on the iTunes app store. In an advent that Gandhi would have supported, JOZU’s founders believe that everyone should be able to live without fear or need to resort to violent means of protection such as guns or pepper spray.

WanderSafe™ hardware and software solution was designed by a former travel consultant and frequent solo female business traveler with more than 53 countries stamped in her passport. CEO and Founder Stephenie Rodriguez, in collaboration with a retired 25-year US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Safety Expert, Thomas Pecora designed the WanderSafe platform to solve the problem of lack of information about safe areas, to empower in a non-violent fashion, and to alert loved ones or employers if the WanderSafe user is in danger.

The hardware – a device has anti-rape/assault deterrent features built into its sleek, discreet design including high lumen quick-click flashlight, the second click disorienting strobe light, and a patent pending twist top 140db personal siren for attracting the attention or frightening a potential assailant. The smartphone application delivers real-time safety information that is geo-location based and time-centric. Verified users can annotate their journey and provide safety advice and warnings for other users. The application personalizes safety information and recommendations through a virtual Safety Concierge, JENI.

The WanderSafe™ Activate button on the device, when paired with the application, notifies pre-set contacts including friends, loved ones, employers or law enforcement of the user’s immediate longitude and latitude with a distress signal.

Frequent travelers such as Canadian Tracey Regimbal, a victim of a violent act when traveling to Italy for work, believes that WanderSafe is a comprehensive solution for fellow travelers and commuters. “Violence comes in many formats and it is an unfortunate reality we are often unprepared for. We have become desensitized to these micro assaults in our everyday life. When confronted by an aggressor you realize your helplessness and WanderSafe give me and others like me a sense of greater comfort, information and security when I am away from my home.”

“Most travelers don't know how to call the local police. I didn't. They may not be able to speak the language of a foreign country, have a network for support or know a way of escaping a potential assailant. WanderSafe will help empower women and those who feel vulnerable through information, environmental awareness, prevention, and mitigation in a non-violent way that Gandhi would approve of,” commented Ms Regimbal.

In uncertain times and with solo female travel on the rise, Founder and CEO Stephenie Rodriguez believes WanderSafe™ is a travel essential, whether for an international trip or a local commute. “The future of travel is most definitely female with more than 850 million women traveling this year. More than 68% of all study abroad students are female and in the US, more than 11 million woman over age thirty takes solo international trips more than five times per annum. WanderSafe™ isn’t just for women. We are empowering more people to travel further with greater peace of mind and unlike pepper spray, guns or tasers, the solution is completely non-violent and poses no threat to its users.”

Retired CIA Security expert and Advisor to WanderSafe, Thomas Pecora believes there are three important principles of personal safety that have been engineers into WanderSafe’s product: Information, Environmental Awareness, and Equipment. WanderSafe™ delivers on these with an integrated hybrid of hardware and software and in partnership with the world’s leading anti-trafficking organizations including Airline Ambassadors, CrimeStoppers International, and

The WanderSafe device will be available on Indigogo and USD $79.95 RRP. WanderSafe will be available for FREE to download from October 2, 2018, in iTunes and available for Android users via Google Play November 1, 2018.

For more information about WanderSafe, to interview Thomas Pecora, Tracey Regimbal or Stephenie Rodriguez or to make an appointment for a product demonstration please contact Stephenie Rodriguez on +61416089000 or email

About WanderSafe

WanderSafe is a product created and developed by JOZU for WOMEN, INC. a Delaware C-corp. Founded in 2016, the company has spent two years researching and developing safety solutions for solo travelers and commuters. The company is a travel technology startup that is female-founded and minority-led. JOZU is a Japanese word for “Well done” or better than, and we deliver products that empower those who are most vulnerable to travel better & safer. JOZU for WOMEN is part of the Women’s Startup Lab Batch 12 Cohort, and proudly a participant in the Microsoft Biz Spark Plus program that empowers startups to think big and scale fast.

Join the Conversation with WanderSafe on Social Media:
@GOWanderSafe on Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

Stephenie Rodriguez
Jozu for WOMEN Inc
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Visit us on social media:


WanderSafe is crowdfunding on Indiegogo

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The Healthy Canadian Cook-Off – New TV Series launches this November 2018

The Healthy Canadian Cook-Off

Amateur Cooks from Across Canada compete for the title of top Healthy Canadian Chef

Photo credit - Studio Roch - Z. Durrani

The link between Paris and Montreal from a food perspective….

The Healthy Canadian Cook-Off is a 2 part competition featuring amateur Canadian cooks who compete to create uniquely Canadian dishes.

Canada continues to lead the way in health and wellness. This new TV show is just a platform to showcase Canadian talent when it comes to making amazing healthy meals by amateur Canadian cooks.”

— Tammy-Lynn McNabb, creator of The Healthy Canadian Cook-Off

VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA, September 29, 2018 / — Get ready Canada, healthy cooking is taking a whole new twist. The producers of Health Wellness & Lifestyle TV are calling on amateur cooks who love to eat healthily and believe that they can create two dishes that not only taste fantastic but are healthy too.

The Healthy Canadian Cook-Off features Canadian cooks who use several Canadian specific ingredients to create an entrée and dessert or cocktail that will knock the socks off of a celebrity panel of judges. Created and led by TV host and Producer, Tammy-Lynn McNabb, this new series will show Canadian viewers that healthy eating, inspired by Canadian ingredients, only requires a little imagination and the love of cooking in the kitchen.

"We are excited to showcase Canadian ingredients that we either take for granted or didn't even realize that they are in fact a Canadian element in cooking.", says Tammy-Lynn McNabb. "Eating healthy has become a way of life for many Canadians and we are leading the way in being a positive example of what to do and not to do", says McNabb. The response for not only contestant applications has been positive but companies wanting to showcase their product as an ingredient for the contestants to use. She adds, "We could have gone the route of typically Canadian ingredients, but are looking at showcasing companies that aren't as typical as their counterpart. One example is Birch Syrup. We love that The Canadian Birch Company wants to share the gem of Manitoba with our Canadian and overseas viewers."

The series is brought to you by Alligga Flaxseed Cooking Oil with roots in the Saskatchewan Farming industry and will take place over November and December. Subsequent seasons will run in 2019.

Are you an amateur chef, nutritionist or health professional with a love of cooking healthy food? Then why not compete in THE HEALTHY CANADIAN COOK OFF? Go online to and click on the CONTEST link for more details.

Distribution & Marketing
Health Wellness Productions
(888) 585-3787
email us here

Healthy Canadian Cook-Off Commercial

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Enterprise Exhibits from Judge Hayward’s Lee Courtroom Raises Police Concerns while Manager Admits Video Evidence Erased

One Lee Court exhibit among a number of others: Enterprise contract undated and questionable for police and others.  Agency fails to safeguard video but presents this rudimentary 'damage slip' as evidence of vehicle condition.

One Lee Court exhibit among a number of others: Enterprise contract undated and questionable for police and others. Agency fails to safeguard video but presents this rudimentary ‘damage slip’ as evidence of vehicle condition.

Unsigned and undated exhibits presented as evidence of vehicle condition at trial in Lee County generates concern for law enforcement and others. Video erased.

Small claims court is a special court where disputes are resolved quickly and inexpensively. The rules are simplified and the hearing is informal. Attorneys are generally not allowed.”

— Department of Consumer Affairs, State of California

BALTIMORE, MD, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, September 28, 2018 / — SubscriberWise, the nation’s largest issuing CRA for the communication industry and the leading protector of children victimized by identity fraud, announced today an example of a single courtroom exhibit — among a number of similar questionable exhibits — that was presented in a small claim hearing and without the benefit of counsel for the plaintiff as ‘proof of vehicle condition’ in Howe vs. Enterprise Holdings dba National Car Rental. The exhibit above is not dated and the signature is entirely illegible for everyone who has examined it, including police in Baltimore, Maryland.

Related: IBM Gets Desperate Plea from Enterprise Holdings Crime Victim and Survivor —

In addition to law enforcement, the courtroom exhibits have been scrutinized by others and have generated concern for all who have viewed. A source involved in the investigation has confirmed to the plaintiff, David Howe, that the case-number information from the Lee County Port Authority Police Investigation (Case No. 2016000055203) and the Lee Clerk of Court (Case No. 18-SC-001768) would be provided to a field agent from the FBI, Baltimore, following a review with law-enforcement professionals in Maryland.

The independent Lee County Port Authority Police investigation and its fact-finding report including sworn witness statements were repeatedly and aggressively objected to in the small claim hearing by counsel for Enterprise Holdings' National Car Rental; under no circumstance would Enterprise Holdings Counsel allow Judge Archie B. Hayward to read one word from the independent and unbiased police investigation. It begs the question for every single reasonable person everywhere: "Why would an ethical rental agency so aggressively and so persistently suppress a comprehensive, unbiased and independent, police investigation? Why did EHI Counsel insist that Judge Hayward be kept ignorant and uninformed to the findings of a sworn law enforcement officer from the same community the Judge presides concerning facts and evidence to reach the truth of a matter? What is Enterprise so eager to conceal and hide with its constant objections?"

FACT: The Federal Bureau of Investigation Washington Division had the very same question regarding the plaintiff's attempt to share the police report and sworn statements with Judge Hayward (FBI to Howe: Why Was the Lee Port Authority Police Report Not Shown to Judge in Enterprise National Car Rental Hearing? —

Plaintiff Howe is providing this perceived due-process outrage to the Florida Bar Association in a formal sworn complaint ( ; reference 19-4183) and asking for a review of what Howe argues may be serious statutory violations of a victim’s rights regarding Florida State Law as it relates to exceptions to so called ‘hearsay’ that was repeatedly asserted by defense counsel ( Moreover, Howe is making the argument that an ‘Officer of the Court’ has a sworn and ethical duty to ensure a non-attorney in a 'small claim' hearing is not disadvantaged by the chess-match-approach to complex civil rules of civil procedure that was brazenly on display in Judge Hayward’s courtroom as it relates to a plaintiff’s ability to present evidence to substantiate the facts otherwise aggressively suppressed by the defense counsel.

After all, what's the point of a 'small claim' courtroom if the merits, facts, and truth of a case are trumped by the unfair advantage of a cadre of lawyers against a pro-se plaintiff in a Lee Court where counsel for the plaintiff was unattainable because EHI intentionally forced the case into the wrong court of law through adhesion contracts — a contract that apparently wasn't signed by the plaintiff-victim as now evidenced by exhibits docketed in Lee County, Howe vs. Enterprise Holdings.

Related: 'Lost in the Fine Print' —

For the record, Plaintiff Howe filed a motion to transfer the case to an appropriate court of jurisdiction where due process could be obtained for this complex civil case but, as the court transcript now proves, Enterprise Counsel strongly objected to this effort for fairness, equity, and truth. Remarkably — and an urgent issue for review by the Florida Bar, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, and the Florida Supreme Court — concerning equity and due-process of law in a small claim hearing in the state of Florida, Judge Archie B. Hayward never read a single word from the independent police investigation docketed prior to trial and provided to defense Counsel.

And Judge Archie B. Hayward never heard or saw a single item of audio and video evidence from the same evidence previously docketed and sent electronically to Counsel — as directly instructed by EHI Counsel prior to trial except for the relentless money demand which also exposed proof of video surveillance viewed by EHI manager that was later taped-over.

To reiterate, the critical video evidence for which the state of Florida provides duties to safeguard and which would have unequivocally determined the pre-exising minor 'wear and tear' was, conveniently, erased after police and victim demanded the evidence. And the manager claimed he just didn't know better to copy, duplicate, and safeguard this incredibly significant evidence.

Nevertheless, the undeniable and mountain of facts from the investigation have been provided to media, law enforcement, and staff members of the United States Senate, as well as staff from the FTC and the CFPB.

Related: Howe Successfully Passes the Baton to USA Federal and State Congressional and Law Enforcement Apparatus, as well as Major Media Outlets —

Listen to the money demand with admission that video was viewed (company spoliated evidence despite the fact it was requested hours after the illicit money demand was made claiming they just didn’t know better):


Related: Ex-Chipotle manager, accused of stealing $626, gets $8 million for wrongful termination (Jeanette Ortiz was accused in 2015 of stealing $626 in cash from a safe at the Fresno restaurant. Ortiz’s bosses claimed the theft was caught on camera, but she was never shown the video because her bosses told her the evidence had been destroyed.) —

Read the unedited and stunning court testimony below and recognize Enterprise Holdings’ management negligence and incompetence regarding common-sense safeguards of video evidence:

20· · · · Q· · Okay.· Were you aware that the Lee Port

21· ·Authority Police made multiple calls to Steven Carter?

22· · · · A· · No, sir.

23· · · · Q· · You were not aware of that?

24· · · · A· · No, sir.

25· · · · Q· · You were not aware that the Lee Port

·1· ·Authority Police wanted to see the video that you

·2· ·didn't bother to keep?

·3· · · · A· · No, sir.

·4· · · · Q· · Very interesting.· But I'm trying to

·5· ·understand, why do you keep these, but you don't keep

·6· ·video evidence that would clearly tell us whether this

·7· ·was preexisting or not?

·8· · · · · · ·You have this, but where's the video?· Did it

·9· ·just overwrite itself?· What happened to it?

10· · · · A· · Again, the video surveillance for the

11· ·customer safety, for car control measure, it over

12· ·records every 30 days.

13· · · · Q· · You told us, you said, I'm looking at the

14· ·footage and the damages are not preexisting.· Do you

15· ·know it's unreasonable that I did not get to see the

16· ·video, is that unreasonable to you?

17· · · · A· · Sir, I looked at the footage and there was no

18· ·damages.· I don't take into consideration what is

19· ·reasonable for you or not.· I review all the evidence

20· ·in front of me.

21· · · · Q· · Thank you for that.· Does Enterprise Holdings

22· ·have a formal policy when there's evidence of vehicle

23· ·condition and there's video evidence, do you have a

24· ·formal policy what you do with that video evidence that

25· ·would unequivocally tell the story, what happens to

·1· ·that, you just overwrite it?

·2· · · · A· · Sir, I'm not aware of that.

·3· · · · Q· · So you don't have any policy when someone

·4· ·says — when someone is being implicated for vehicle

·5· ·damage or there's a potential for preexisting damage,

·6· ·which is exactly the case here, you have video evidence

·7· ·that you look at but you don't maintain or know about a

·8· ·policy there?

·9· · · · A· · Let's focus here.· You're focusing on the

10· ·video.· I looked at your contract, okay, there was no

11· ·damages.· I looked at four previous contracts, there

12· ·was no damage.

13· · · · · · ·So, regardless, if there was no video, I

14· ·would still pursue you.

15· · · · Q· · Okay.· Fine.· We know there is video.· You

16· ·already acknowledged that you looked at it.· We all

17· ·understand that.· Why would you not keep that video?

18· ·Why don't you have a protocol in place, don't you think

19· ·that's critical?

20· · · · A· · If there was any evidence of damages, it

21· ·would have been documented on all the previous

22· ·contracts, it was not documented on yours as well. I

23· ·rely on the evidence before me.

24· · · · Q· · Just to be crystal clear, so I understand,

25· ·Enterprise Holdings has no policy to have video when

·1· ·they're implicating a person for damage, you allow it

·2· ·to rerecord?

·3· · · · A· · As I explained before, after 30 days they

·4· ·rerecord.· I explained that to you.

·5· · · · Q· · But I want to make sure I keep a note of

·6· ·that.· After 30 days, it rerecords.

·7· · · · · · ·THE COURT:· Sir, that's the fifth time you

·8· · · · said that.· Please move on.

·9· · · · · · ·MR. HOWE:· I don't think I have much more.

10· · · · This will be used for Congress.· Oh, believe me.

11· ·BY MR. HOWE:

Hear the proof that the video was demanded and Howe made a costly and time-consuming trip to Miami exactly as instructed but to no avail: Camera Request MIA 1078722 – Cr – 2016 – 12 – 09.21 – 18 – 37 – 6baa —

Media Relations
330-880-4848 x137
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EHI pre-existing damage that can easily implicate renters

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Autowit Cordless Tire Inflator, Handheld Air Compressor for Multiple Use ─ Enjoy Safety While Driving Your Vehicle

Autowit Cordless Tire Inflator

Autowit Cordless Tyre Inflator – check your tire pressure safely at home or anywhere on-the-go.

Autowit Cordless Tire Inflator

Autowit Inflator offers compact travel design.

Autowit Cordless Tire Inflator Multiple Use

Handheld Air Compressor for Multiple Use

Autowit by GenHigh is a brand that offers the coolest car accessories at the best prices to provide more safety and comfort for your daily driving.

SANTA MONICA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, September 28, 2018 / — Keeping your vehicle tires properly inflated is crucial to driving safely, but adding air can be a bit of work if you don’t have an inflator in your house or working place. Cordless tire inflators, or cordless air compressors, provide an easy, portable solution to get the job done. If you have the Autowit Cordless Tire Inflator at hand, your problem is over.

Autowit Cordless Tire Inflator can save you from having to drive to a gas station to top up your tires. It runs either on the rechargeable battery or a vehicle’s 12-volt power outlet, making it easy to use without having to drag around a power cord and a long hose.

Fast Inflation

The Autowit inflator comes with a 6-inch air hose and a 11.5-foot adapter cable (that connects to your car’s 12-volt power outlet), so you can easily reach any tire on the vehicle. The screw-on air chuck connection enables you a tight connection onto the tire’s valve stem. It also has a built-in work light so you can see what you’re doing at night; its maximum pressure is of 115PSI and its 15-continuous-minute operating time at 45PSI ensures that you’ll be able to fill the tire in one go (Air Flow: 15L/min); it comes with a handy carrying case as well that keeps everything organized.

Auto Shut-off – Safety at Hand

The easy-to-read gauge is convenient to preset the recommended pressure (3 kinds of unit options are available: PSI, BAR and KPA). Inflating will stop automatically at the preset pressure in case of overinflating. The inflator needs to be cooled off for 15min after every pumping.

Handheld Air Compressor for Multiple Use

Autowit Tire Inflator provides 3 kinds of nozzles: a connection to inflate car, motorcycle and bicycle tires, a needle adapter to inflate basketballs, footballs, and the like. It also includes a special adapter for blowing up inflatables (swimming rings and other pool toys).

It is essential to have the inflator around your home or workplace. It will ensure that you inflate your car tires appropriately whenever you face any emergency. Autowit Inflator is a portable tool that you can take with you anywhere to solve your air compressing problems.

To learn more about Autowit Cordless Tire Inflator, please visit the product page.

About GenHigh
GenHigh’s mission is to provide consumers worldwide access to high-quality, elegantly-designed smart devices engineered with the latest innovations in technology matched with precision craftsmanship. We are headquartered in China. GenHigh was founded in 2017 with operations in the US and Japan. GenHigh is committed to our goal of connecting consumers & communities through our everyday products. For more information, please visit

About Autowit
Autowit is a brand that offers the coolest car accessories at the best prices to provide more safety and comfort for your daily driving. Whether you want to modify your car's performance or add high-tech electronics to drive smartly, our great selection of high-quality products with cutting-edge technology solutions will just fit the bill. Choose one of our car accessories to enhance the driving experience.

Minming Gu
GenHigh Tech Co., Ltd
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Yellow Pages Goes Green® Announces Four New Online Petitions for Ban on Print Phone Directories

Publisher continues push for more legislative action against phone companies printing and delivering unwanted phone books in the United States.

Cities and Towns can use their litter laws as tools to enforce these efforts.”

— Michael Keegan

COMMACK, NY, UNITED STATES, September 27, 2018 / — is helping municipalities and local governments around the country establish ordinances to mandate Yellow Pages and White Pages only be delivered to home and offices that ask for them. Municipalities and local government that provide trash services are concerned about the landfill cost and why they must absorb the cost of handling telephone directories. YPPG supports this mission.

An innovator in digital telephone directory services delivers over 28.5 million Yellow Page listings and over 200 million White page listings throughout the United States. In addition, YPGG’s “Paperless Petition” was a pioneer in the phone book “opt-out” movement which helped abolish obsolete print telephone directories by prompting awareness in both creating an official opt-out process and continues to push for a national ‘opt-in’ model for printed phone books.

To participate in the online petitions visit these links:

"Cities and Towns can use their litter laws as tools to enforce these efforts." said YPGG CEO Michael Keegan. asks the question "Why do we get three to four pounds of paper dropped on out front door multiple times per year by various telephone directory companies and we are supposed to dispose of them?" Stop the nonsense and the cost placed on the consumer. If we want a book we will request one. If we do not want a book delivered, stop delivering them. had spent years contacting local telephone companies to provide them with consumer’s names and addresses telling them to stop the nonsense. This did not cost users anything. has developed its own eco-friendly alternative to the Yellow Pages which is free for consumers to use to find local business listings. Our service is continually changed and kept current so you are not potentially looking at several months or even year old information.

For more information please visit

email us here

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Steven R. Pietro explains how to handle non-conforming goods and services

Steven R. Pietro

Defective or Nonconforming Goods

Non-conforming goods and services are a common problem for both businesses and consumers.

PEMBROKE PINES, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, September 27, 2018 / — If an individual or organization find themselves in receipt of non-conforming goods or services, it's time to reach for any contract which may be in place. In some cases, it may be necessary to consult a lawyer, although it's also important to understand the options available from the outset.

"If there's a contract in place, it's best to start there," explains Steven R. Pietro, and established corporate lawyer from Broward County, Florida. Where a written contract doesn't exist, an individual or organization may be covered by an additional set of terms, according to Pietro.

At this stage, he says, whether backed by a lawyer or acting independently, an individual or organization has a number of choices. "They may accept the non-conforming goods," explains Pietro, "although this would be ill-advised. They may also accept the non-conforming goods, but demand a price adjustment."

The corporate lawyer suggests that this is perhaps the most common response, but rarely ideal. Alternatively, a customer or client may reject the non-conforming goods or services entirely, and demand a full refund or a replacement.

"A less common outcome," adds Pietro, "is to accept the non-conforming goods or services with an agreement to have corrected whatever defect or issue exists, with the supplier covering those expenses."

Rarer still, the goods or services may also be rejected and sourced elsewhere, with the original supplier being made to cover any additional costs incurred as a result. "In this instance, it's a good idea to seek legal advice, especially where there's a significant value attached to the non-conforming goods or services in question and their replacement," Pietro adds.

In terms of business-to-business sales, from a legal standpoint, it's advisable to refer to the Uniform Commercial Code. First published in 1952, the Uniform Commercial Code is one of several uniform acts put into legislation with the goal of harmonizing the law of commercial transactions across the U.S.

"The Uniform Commercial Code is the body of laws governing commercial transactions in the U.S.," says Pietro, "and is something which an experienced lawyer will be able to advise on in detail."

A lawyer will also be able to advise on steps which can be taken to prevent similar future problems, such as by implementing a right to inspect clause into new contracts.

"If there's any doubt," Pietro adds, wrapping up, "consult with a lawyer before agreeing to any solution which may prove to be anything less than entirely favorable in its outcome."

Eric Ash
Web Presence, LLC
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Rosemary Barclay and the Bonne Santé Wellness Center Offers Holistic Acne Treatment to Boost Back to School Confidence

Rosemary Barlcay Bonne Santé

Industry leader, Rosemary Barclay of Old Lyme CT helps students reduce their acne naturally.

OLD LYME, CONNECTICUT, UNITED STATES, September 27, 2018 / — Bonne Santé Wellness Center is known for offering holistic solutions to everyday issues. For over a decade, Rosemary Barclay and the Bonne Santé treatment center has changed lives through natural and therapeutic means. This wellness center believes in helping the mind, body, and soul. That is why it is important for Rosemary Barclay and the other experts at Bonne Santé to help patients not only look great but also feel great.

Rosemary Barclay knows that most Acne remedies do not work since they do not address the root cause of acne. This is not only unhealthy for skin, it is also detrimental for self-esteem. That is why Bonne Santé uses a host of methods and expertise to provide a holistic Acne treatment that works.

-Acne Specialist

The Bone Santé Wellness Center has such a strong dedication to their Acme treatment, they have their own onsite expert. Melina Traverso is a Certified Esthetician and Acne Specialist. Traverso is a graduate of the International Institute of Cosmetology & Skincare. Plus, being a sufferer of Acne herself, Traverso has worked hard to find a solid plan that is constantly effective. Traverso works personally with Bonne Santé clients to help rid themselves of their Acne. Her work is renowned throughout Connecticut and her dedication is relentless.

-A Natural Approach

Bonne Santé Wellness Center also offers a three-step skincare regimen that pinpoints the cause of the Acne and eradicates it. The first step is to analyze the client’s skin to see the extent of the Acne and what would be best to rectify the issue. During this step, Bonne Santé specialists will recommend herbs, and nutritional supplements, along with lifestyle changes to clear the Acne.

The second step is to initiate these remedies, supplements, and lifestyle changes at home. During this time, the Bonne Santé Wellness Center will keep track of the client’s progress. The third step is a relaxing, rejuvenating facial, that will cleanse and heal the skin.

-Lifestyle Treatment

During the consultation with Bonne Santé Wellness Center, lifestyle changes will be recommended. Once the client introduces these lifestyle changes, they will notice that disappearing Acne is likely not the only difference. In addition to clearing Acne, this holistic, healthy treatment will help people feel better about themselves and their lifestyle. This change is sure to promote a surge in confidence, which will come just in time for the start of the school year. Continuing this Acne treatment will help students feel and look their best, which in turn will help them be successful.

In summation, Bonne Santé Wellness Center is an excellent source for education and holistic treatment. Rosemary Barclay of Old Lyme CT and the rest of the wellness staff wants everyone to look and feel amazing. That is why they work so diligently to offer a plethora of different treatments and solutions for wellness-related issues. For more information about Bonne Santé Wellness Center, check out their website.

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Source: EIN Presswire

pFriem Awarded Mid-Sized Brewing Company of the Year, a Gold Medal for Druif and Silver Medal for Pilsner at the GABF

The Happy GABF Award-Winning pFriem Brewing Team

pFriem Family Brewers Awarded Mid-Sized Brewing Company of the Year, a Gold Medal for Druif and Silver Medal for Pilsner at the Great American Beer Festival

We feel incredibly humbled and honored to receive top honors at this year’s Great American Beer Festival!”

— Josh pFriem, Brewmaster/Co-Founder of pFriem Family Brewers

HOOD RIVER, OR, USA, September 27, 2018 / — September 27, 2018 – Hood River, Oregon – pFriem Family Brewers was named Mid-Sized Brewing Company of the Year and was awarded a Gold Medal for Druif in the Mixed-Culture Brett category and Silver for its Pilsner in the German Style Pilsener category. Presented by the Brewers Association, GABF® is the largest commercial beer competition in the world and recognizes the most outstanding beers produced in the United States. Winners were announced September 22nd at the Great American Beer Festival® awards ceremony held at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, Colorado.

Based in Hood River, Oregon, the six-year-old brewery is best known for artisanal beers influenced by the great brewers of Belgium while staying true to homegrown roots in the Pacific Northwest.

Gold Medal-winning Druif incorporates Riesling grapes from Brooks Estate Vineyard with pFriem's Lambic-inspired base. This produces a beer with inviting aromas of fresh bread and berries. Its notes of delicate rose petals, pear and green apple complement a dry, sparkly finish.

Silver Medal-winning Pilsner brings forth an aroma of fresh grass and flowers and a touch of honey. It has a crisp, snappy flavor featuring floral hops, with 4.9% ABV and an IBU of 35.

"We feel incredibly humbled and honored to receive top honors at this year’s Great American Beer Festival!" said Josh Pfriem, Brewmaster/Co-Founder of pFriem Family Brewers. "The American craft beer scene continues to expand and improve every year, making the competition even more challenging. With so many entries and esteemed breweries in this year’s competition, we are delighted to win Gold and Silver! Being named Mid-Sized Brewery of the Year represents validation of our approach, dedication and the hard work that goes in to create and brew beers that beer lovers enjoy and that we are proud to make. We are grateful for the continued support of our pFriem fans who support us in following our dreams!"

The 2018 GABF competition winners were selected by an international panel of 293 expert judges from 8,496 entries, received from 2,404 U.S. breweries, plus 101 Pro-Am and 49 Collaboration entries.

"The 32nd edition of the GABF competition yielded a remarkable turnout of the country’s most exemplary beers," said Chris Swersey, competition manager, Great American Beer Festival. “"’m continuously impressed by contenders' talent and passion and would like to extend congratulations to this year’s winners for their excellence in brewing."

For more GABF competition information, including the 2018 winners list and photos, visit

About pFriem Family Brewers
pFriem Family Brewers (pronounced "freem") is a Northwest and Belgian inspired 15-barrel brewery and tasting room in Hood River, OR. Founded in 2012 by Josh Pfriem, Ken Whiteman and Rudy Kellner, pFriem has experienced incredible growth in its short six years and has earned prestigious awards, including multiple medals in national and international brewing competitions. Best known for artisanal beers influenced by the great brewers of Belgium while staying true to homegrown roots in the Pacific Northwest, pFriem craft brews are unmistakably unique in both flavor and balance. Visit pFriem online at, or onsite daily at 707 Portway Ave., Suite 101, Hood River, OR 97031.
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