On Oct. 14th, Two Masters Bring Distinct Qigong & Tai Chi Chuan Refinement to Eastover: William C.C. Chen & Junfeng Li

Grandmaster William C.C. Chen

Sheng Zhen Master, Junfeng Li

陰, 陽

Grandmaster William C.C. Chen Conducts an Intensive Yang Style Tai Chi Retreat as ShengZhen Gong Master Junfeng Li, Presides over 36 Days of "Healing the Heart"

As one learns to let go so that the wisdom of the Qi takes over, life’s journey becomes a road of letting go of fears we hold in our bodies and concepts that render our minds inflexible…”

— Anabel Alejandrino, Editor of Wuji Yuan Gong

LENOX, MA, UNITED STATES, September 25, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Grandmaster William C. C. is regarded as one of the finest and most influential traditional internal martial artist of his generation. He’s devoted his life to the study of body-mechanics and the effects of tai chi chuan on physical health as well as its use in self-defense. During this 5 days retreat for experienced practitioners, he will practice Yang style short form Refinement, Applications, and Push-Hands.

Grandmaster Chen started teaching tai chi chuan in the early 1950s while training as a live-in student of the world famous, great Grandmaster, Cheng Man-Ching. Besides being the youngest of professor Cheng's students, he was also a favorite disciple. In the 1950s as well, he became involved competitively in various free-style, Chinese wushu. In 1958, he won second place in the Taiwan National Olympic competition. He has taught in Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hawaii and the United States. In 1965, he established the William C. C. Chen Tai Chi Chuan Center in New York City's Chelsea area. He is invited to give special seminars on his body mechanics of tai chi chuan on a regular basis in Asia, Southeast Asia, and Europe and throughout the United States.

Master Junfeng Li is President and founder of the International Sheng Zhen Society, the former award winning Head Coach of China's National Wushu Team, author of several books, mentor to Jet Li & Donnie Yen, a renowned actor of Chinese Martial Arts films himself, and former host of the Chinese television series Learning Wushu. He conducts teacher training and workshops all over the world.

During his 36 day retreat (credited by the NCCAOM) for spiritual seekers, Master Li will meditate and practice not only Sheng Zhen Gong daily, but also share traditions that help develop “Qi” healing energy. He will also explore the traditional ways to channel universal “Qi” to help others heal as well. Many experienced Sheng Zhen teachers will attend this event to support students in reviewing Sheng Zhen Gong forms, answer questions, exchange healing, and help in daily practices. Participants in this 36 day retreat will be at different levels of development, including the teachers themselves.

The Retreat diet will consist of healthful meals and intermittent fasting techniques for some participants and teachers – a traditional concept in developing energy with Qigong. Scientific research will be introduced that can help us understand natural ways to heal and to build immune system strength.

About Sheng Zhen Gong:

Sheng Zhen Gong is not just a Qigong practice, it is timeless wisdom delivered in the most original and basic form of Qigong, to help guide one through the way (dao) of life. It's known as the qigong of "sacred truth and unconditional love"- the unconditional love that opens the heart and leads to liberation. The simple and poetic moving and non-moving forms of Sheng Zhen help relax the body, calm the heart, and quiet the mind for inspiration and creativity. It is also a tool in cultivating our oneness with the Universe.

During the 36 Days, Master Junfeng Li will Explore the Following:

• Step by step transformation of the physical body into an Energy Healing Body – Big body of love
• Daily Qi (energy) transmission.
• The daily cultivation of “Letting go” – relaxing the body, muscles, and breath
• Observation of mind and thoughts disruption
• Feeling of confidence and awareness
• Achieving pure vision – letting go without expectation
• Transformation of physical body to light body, radiant with love, kindness and compassion
• Merging with the Universe – understanding oneness verses duality, wuji, taiji, how love gives birth to Qi and created
human existence.
• Qi Channeling (Fa Gong)
• Zhong Tien–how practicing/teaching Sheng Zhen transforms oneself & society to the Zhong Tien realm of human existence
• With so many qigong forms, how can one know which one to learn?
• How to recognize one’s energy connection with a master.
• What is self initiation (zi fa gong) qigong and what is its importance in self healing?
• How can one avoid the pitfalls of not being able to retreat (Shou Gong) from self initiated qigong?
• How can one avoid contacting bad energy?
• How can one clear Bad Qi (Pai Qi)?
• How can one channel energy from the Universe?
• How can one deliver conscious and loving energy from the Universe?
• Grounding – borrowing, reflecting, delivering and grounding of Qi

Eastover is a holistic retreat center sitting on a 600 acre sanctuary located minutes from downtown Lenox, Tanglewood Music Center, Shakespeare & Co., Jacob’s Pillow, and other cultural venues in the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts, dedicated to promoting health and wellbeing, and to hosting life affirming events and retreats.

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