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Alex Shah of solo* sciences to Join Panel and Speak on Trust and Transparency

Applicable to all consumable goods, solo* sciences was launched in 2017 to provide the technology solution needed to vet, verify, and match products and consumers.”

— Alex Shah, CEO and Founder of solo sciences inc.

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, October 11, 2018 / — ACG NJ has invited Ashesh (Alex) Shah, founder and CEO of solo* sciences to join its panel on October 18, 2018. Alex will join Peter Kelly, Fox Rothschild, LLP; Brian Staffa, BSC Group; and Stacey Udell, HBK Valuation; at 6:00 p.m. in Morristown, NJ at the Westin Governor Morris Hotel.

The panelists will cover current regulations in New Jersey, market insights, lessons learned in California and Colorado, and investment opportunities. An area of discussion for which Shah will be serving as a subject matter expert is the call for trust and transparency in this nascent marketplace. A company he recently launched, solo* sciences, is tackling this area through collaboration, community, and technology.

Applicable to all consumable goods, solo* sciences was launched in 2017 to provide the technology solution needed to vet, verify, and match products and consumers. The idea was to create something along the lines of the music app and website Pandora, but with application to anything consumable, including cannabis.

Cannabis has become the driving sector behind solo*, but Shah expects to be active in many industries. Shah’s entry into the cannabis industry has become so extensive that he was recently asked to serve as special advisor to Jim Patterson, CEO of Eaze, the first and largest on-demand medical marijuana delivery company in the country with over 700,000 customers.

Shah certainly never expected that his career path would take him, of all places, to the medical marijuana industry, given his background. By the age of 27, Shah had been involved in four IPOs, served on a Presidential taskforce for the CIA, and held top secret/special compartmentalized information security clearances. He had also developed considerable expertise in software licensing, payment technology, psychographics, and consumer loyalty—areas in which he also owns intellectual property.

“I laugh when I tell people how I got pulled into this world,” said Shah. “My buddy from Williams, David Caplan, called me and said, ‘My younger brother, Ben, is into cannabis. Can you help?’” Never a marijuana aficionado, Shah’s thoughts turned to an intervention of some kind.

“Anything you need, I told him, just tell me where to be,” he recalled. “Dave laughed and said, no, idiot, he is a doctor, like dad. He also ended up going to Williams, and then Tufts Medical, to focus on pain management. Now he’s Chief Medical Officer of Canna Care Docs, the largest medical cannabis doctor group with over a quarter-million patients. Everyone wants to work with him, but I think he needs your business experience to help him figure out how to do this right.”

“Given that endorsement,” Shah added, “I got together with his brother, Benjamin Caplan, M.D., and five minutes into our conversation, I realized that whatever I thought I knew about cannabis was either wrong or outdated.”

Shah began to research the industry and sought the expertise of his friend Katie Flannery, who heads partnerships for solo*. After speaking with Flannery, Shah realized he didn’t fully understand what she dubbed “future weed,” looked like. He quickly learned medical marijuana comes in all forms. It’s convenient, clean, strong, edible, smokable, vape-able, and drinkable. If you can imagine a way to consume cannabis, it’s probably being manufactured.

He questioned how an average consumer could possibly figure out what to take, what to trust, who to believe, when there were thousands of products and players rushing in to make a buck. He knew the industry needed an independent third-party auditor with the technology, skills, and credibility to make a GIA Certificate, or Good Housekeeping® seal of approval.

To tackle this glaring need, Shah began forming a plan. “So, I knew bringing talent together to tackle this was the first step, and here we are. Our team recognizes that this industry is going to change the nation and, possibly, the world. Cannabis is here to stay and it's going to shape people’s lives. And if we can change it, or influence it, or fix it, or keep it safer, then it’s worth doing. This is a huge part of the story.” He notes that solo* brought in experts from multiple other industries to bring a new approach to the challenges faced by the cannabis industry, “We have a driven and passionate team with an expansive range of experiences from a wide breadth of industries. It gives us multiple layers inside the company to solve problems that most can't. We can pivot faster, be more agile, and be more resilient than your average start-up.”

solo* sciences has created a patented independent verification mark, solo*CODE™, linked to an app which provides consumers peace of mind about what they’re purchasing. It filters out products that do not meet high standards and ensures transparency on behalf of product makers. Additionally, the solo* proprietary machine learning system matches consumers to products by learning about a person’s physiology, psychometrics, and previous experiences, and then predicts what a new product will do to or for them.

“Third-party validation for cannabis products simply does not exist,” Shah said. “And the need for it becomes more obvious every day. As an emerging mainstream industry, cannabis faces numerous actual – and perceptual – obstacles. Questionable products and a few bad experiences will easily derail something so promising.” Explaining how solo* will combat these issues, he said, “As an independent auditor of the product creator, solo* looks at data from labs, regulatory activity, and essentially how well a company does its work. This enables us to feel confident that the information provided will be meaningful and accurate.”

Shah knows technology is the key to making cannabis safe. His passion for bringing trust to this industry was epitomized when his father, a retired cardiologist, discussed the endeavor with him.

Shah recalls, “He asked me if I was going to do it right and, of course, I said, 'Yes, I wouldn’t do it otherwise.' That's when my father told me that I ‘owe it to the public’ to get involved.”

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