Home & Garden Fulfillment, Inc. and SmartPlant Technology Announce Partnership

The partnership combines Home & Garden Fulfillment’s nationwide online sales and distribution system for plants with the popular SmartPlant App

OMAHA, NEBRASKA, UNITED STATES, March 20, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Home & Garden Fulfillment, Inc. and Smart Plant Technology are joining forces to enable Independent Garden Centers to sell more plants to their customers. The partnership combines Home & Garden Fulfillment’s nationwide online sales and distribution system for plant material with the popular SmartPlant App.

The new cooperative venture lets Independent Garden Centers (IGC) sign up to become SmartPlant retailers to gain valuable marketing insight and engage with a younger, more technology-oriented customer. Plants displayed in the SmartPlant App can be ordered through an e-Commerce enabled website powered by the Home & Garden Fulfillment network. This system enables a local IGC to sell thousands of different plants available through the Home & Garden Fulfillment network—without expanding their inventory or incurring additional inventory costs. The customer can also be offered multiple shipping options including in-store pickup and IGC delivery with installation, which helps to establish a relationship between the IGC and the customer.

The Home & Garden Fulfillment service makes it possible for an IGC to have a fully operational online store that integrates seamlessly into the store’s existing website and is consistent with the IGC’s existing brand. With the IGC’s inventory available online, local customers who visit the e-Commerce site can place orders for products that are available at the store and arrange for a convenient in-store pickup or IGC delivery with installation.

The SmartPlant App helps millions of people take care of their plants. Plant profiles on thousands of plants include photos, plant descriptions and detailed information about plant care. In addition, horticultural experts are on hand to personally address users’ questions about their specific garden needs. The average SmartPlant user has more than 15 plants loaded into their personal library, and any plant purchased or scanned can be automatically added to the user’s plant care calendar and library. This high engagement provides multiple opportunities to suggest new plants for purchase at the user’s local IGC or through the IGC’s Home & Garden Fulfillment online store.

Together, the Home & Garden Fulfillment and SmartPlant partnership is designed to engage a younger more tech-savvy generation, provide additional sales income opportunities for local stores, and drive customers into the local IGCs. That’s why plant descriptions on the SmartPlant App include a “buy now” option that seamlessly connects the user to the Home & Garden Fulfillment site and directs the customers to the local IGC for order pickup, delivery and installation.

“The Home & Garden Fulfillment network of growers combined with SmartPlant App users gives IGCs access to a younger generation of potential buyers,” said Bert Wahlen, CEO of SmartPlant. “The SmartPlant App reaches buyers wherever they are and engages them at a time they are most likely to make a purchase. Home & Garden Fulfillment then processes the orders and handles all the details involved in the interstate shipping of plant material.”

The local IGC is an integral part of this partnership, because the plants can be delivered to the local garden center for pickup by the customer. This gives the IGC staff an opportunity to connect with the customer and suggest additional purchases of related products such as plant fertilizer, pots, and other items.

According to Jeff Dinslage, CEO of Home & Garden Fulfilment, Inc., e-Commerce is a completely different business from “brick and mortar” retail sales, and so is selling products via a smart phone App. The SmartPlant partnership with Home & Garden Fulfillment offers a turnkey solution for Independent Garden Centers that enables them to create a robust e-Commerce business that builds their brand and helps drive traffic to their retail stores.

“The Home & Garden Fulfillment model for IGC e-Commerce sales provides a unique way for Independent Garden Centers to greatly increase the total number of plant material skus without increasing the number of plants kept in inventory at the store,” said Dinslage. “SmartPlant reaches a younger demographic that is receptive to making smart phone purchases and connects them with their local garden center.”

The Home & Garden Fulfillment team creates the IGC’s fully operational e-Commerce store and adds the store’s existing inventory. The finished e-Commerce site seamlessly shows the store’s inventory and the Home & Garden Fulfillment plant inventory to visitors to the IGC’s online store.

The Home & Garden Fulfillment and SmartPlant partnership offers a full-spectrum, turnkey opportunity to increase plant sales and engage a new generation of customers. IGC stores can visit hgfulfillment.com, SmartPlantApp.com or call 402-934-8116 ext. 205 to learn more about how to become a partner in the Home & Garden Fulfillment Network/SmartPlant App sales program.

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