WIMI Hologram AR Brings Innovation to the Advertising Platform Using AR Holographic Cloud AI Technology

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, June 25, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Traditional entertainment are facing the problems such as convergent model, high degree of homogenization the urgent need for new technology means and the introduction of new gameplay, while new technologies are bound to enrich the possibility of player interaction in the game. In recent years, with the maturity of AI technologies such as gesture recognition, face recognition and speech recognition, the capability of hardware environment perception has been continuously enhanced, and more interesting gameplay has gradually become a reality. WIMI Hologram AR's WIMI3DAR holographic entertainment solves the industry reality problems by combining with a variety of audio-visual technologies.

According to the latest global advertising spending forecast released by the world's leading professional companies in September, with detailed data of 59 markets including the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and the Africa as the reference, the global advertising spending will still reach 529 million U.S. dollars with an increase of 4% and the global advertising spending will further grow to 800 billion U.S. dollars with an increase of 8.7%, although it is declined comparing to the growth forecast of 4.6% released in March.

Faced with such a large and vast commercial advertising market, some of the AR holographic companies with technologies and strengths all over the world have been eager to enter the game to try to get a share of it.

The ecological compositions of WIMI Holographic cloud are divided into online and outline ecology, and the business form is the platform-based regular business and non-standard project-based business. WIMI Hologram AR's business revenue consists of three major items: holographic AR advertising, holographic AR entertainment and holographic AR technology service.

The advertising business is divided into online and offline AR holographic advertising. Among them, the online business is mainly for the AR holographic advertisement display and light entertainment advertisement application on the mobile terminal. The offline advertisement is divided into two types: WIMI publication advertisement display spot sales and non-standard project-based advertisement display.

The entertainment business is divided into online and offline AR holographic interactive entertainment. The online entertainment mainly covers the insertion of AR holographic effects into the film and television drama, the insertion of AR holographic effects into live broadcasting and short video platform and the development and operation of AR holographic games. The offline entertainment mainly includes the application issuance and licensing services of the company's own holographic digital IP copyright, holographic theater services and holographic performing art services.

The technical services involve providing technical service support for advertising and entertainment platforms, as well as the technical support of WIMI Holographic AR's holographic cloud for holographic AR demands in the social intercourse, education, medical care, military, home, industry, tourism, e-commerce and other sectors.

For the entire AI-MBTWIMI holographic cloud, the virtual and holographic advertising system is physically composed of clusters of multiple servers, and uses the terminals (holographic terminals, PCs and mobile phones) to access through proxy server portals. The advertisement delivery front terminal can effectively improve the security of the advertisement delivery front terminal, reduce the return of server clients and solve the advertising blocking problems. For services that access more frequently, the Cookie service with a cache structure is adopted. The platform can provide advertising monitoring data feedback for customers.

The construction of WIMI AI-MBTWIMI holographic cloud center adopts the mainstream cloud computing concept, widely uses advanced technologies and application modes such as virtualization, distributed storage and distributed computing, and combines with specific services to ensure the effectiveness and application of advanced technologies and model applications. The platform provides reliable computing, storage, network and other resources. Proper redundancy shall be considered properly in hardware, network, software, etc. to avoid the failure of single point and ensure the reliable operation of the cloud platform.

The computing, storage, network and other basic resources of AI-MBTWIMI holographic cloud need to be scaled according to the needs of the business application workload. With an open systematic system, AI-MBTWIMI holographic cloud is able to be compatible with the industry-wide devices and mainstream operating systems, virtual software and applications, thereby enabling the cloud platform to greatly reduce the cost of development, operation and maintenance. WIMI Holographic cloud platform takes full into account the need to support multi-user and multi-service features to ensure that the basic resources are automatically and dynamically dispatched between different applications and users according to requirements, so that different business can be isolated from each other to ensure that multiple services work well at the same time.

WIMI3DAR holographic online entertainment business is a comprehensive platform integrating middleware platform development, WIMI holographic cloud Internet video AR scene insertion, WIMI holographic cloud short video / live broadcasting 3DAR holographic scene insertion, WIMI holographic cloud entertainment production, launch and operation, etc. WIMI3DAR micro-cloud smart pay is a middleware platform for building user tags and big data analysis systems based on cloud computing. At present, WIMI3DAR holographic entertainment has mature global issuance capability, global advanced technology and excellent services. It provides high-quality in-depth services to a wide range of industries to meet all 3DAR holographic business scenarios and technical needs of customers.

WIMI holographic cloud provides customers with lightweight application of AI holographic augmented reality, and provides a full range of digital content virtual scenes to customers through the streamlined intelligent virtual editing technology. It realizes the insert-type edition of special effects and virtual scenes, and achieves the insert-type application of AR scenarios, roles, props and advertisements.

WIMI Hologram AR has a strong and industry-leading technical strength. WIMI holographic computer vision AI synthesis: the fineness of image information acquired is about 10 times higher than the industry level, and the computer holographic visual AI synthesis processing capacity is about 80% better than the industry average level. WIMI holographic computer vision presentation: setting multiple parameter dimensions to accurately control the imaging, and the simulating degree is as high as 98%, far exceeding the industry average level. WIMI holographic cloud terminal software development: integrating multiple commercial and holographic technology functional modules to provide customers with one-stop solutions.

Meanwhile, WIMI Hologram AR's holographic cloud integrates holographic effects and IP into the augmented reality through AR holographic synthesis technology, enabling the holographic entertainment to be closer to the people. It provides scenarios, roles, props and advertising insertion solutions with AR holographic effects in combination with entertainment needs of users of currently popular live broadcasting and short video platform.

WIMI3DAR holographic online entertainment has always adhered to the development of 3DAR holographic core technology, and maintains its leading position in the field of AR3D engine, insertion development with holography and entertainment development. It has further optimized and improved the performance of engine and plug-in components, versatility, expressiveness and usability.

With the advantage of high-quality 3DAR holographic game products, WIMI3DAR holographic online entertainment attracts and focuses on users, while using the forum business model and perfect agency mechanism to form a circular ecosystem in the game field. It grasps the development trend of big data on Internet platform, follows the industry and business development direction of the 3DAR holographic industry, timely adjust the company's technology and product direction in a timely manner, and ensures the leading position of the products in technology and content. Relying on massive mobile terminal data, it analyzes user behavior and builds a multi-dimensional, accurate and timely service system.

WIMI holographic cloud online entertainment platform will expand cooperation with internationally renowned development companies to provide core technologies and expand the applicability of products in different cultural regions.

At present, WIMI Hologram AR's holographic cloud advertising is also limited to the interaction between people and environment, people and equipment. With the development and application of new technologies, the interaction between people will become part of the interaction mode of WIMI3DAR holographic advertising. Now, the MR devices integrating AR and virtual reality has been born, which means that people may meet in the game world in the future, resulting in more interactive contents. Therefore, the upgrade of interaction is an inevitable development trend. Realizing the effective interaction between people can realize the upgrade of fun. With the continuous innovation of technology, there are technical concepts such as multi-person interactive equipment, multi-person interactive scenes and so on.

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