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Do Cannabis testing labs REALLY WORK or are they just another problem coming down the road

OREGON, USA, June 25, 2019 / — Whether you are a participant or an Investor you need to know How Lab Testing is done, it is the bases for all the growing and producing of all the products Medical or Reactional in the cannabis industry but do cannabis labs really give accurate consistent results.

It is taken for granted that if you take something to a lab to be tested whatever it is, you expect the results to be accurate and stand up against any comparative results from another lab.

In the cannabis industry this unfortunately is not the case. There are quite a few examples of labs giving in correct results and even more examples of one lab giving one result and another lab using the same sample giving a different result. There have been instances were a client brings in a sample to a lab and get one result and then take the same sample back a few days later and get a completely different result. There are many reasons for this.

Due to the high demand for testing the people doing the testing have not had experience or enough training to properly test correctly. Another reason is that the equipment needs consistent maintenance and cleaning which is rarely done due to either their lack of knowledge of how to maintain their equipment or the ability to know what needs to be done.

Gas Chromatography or GC machines have a ton of glass tubing that the samples run through, but the tubing is very hard to get to and expensive to replace.

So, every time a sample goes through the machine it gets cross contamination from the previous samples that have already been tested.

Ask you lab the last time they took out the glass tubing to clean it, probably never.

With High Performance Liquid Chromatography or HPLC machines they also have some glass tubing that the sample goes through and are very sensitive and need constant maintenance to work properly.

Here is a link to an independent study between GC, HPLC, and our testing procedure High Protocol Thin Layer Chromatography or HPTLC

How about calibration each machine should be calibrated after each sample test so the base line sample (usually purchased from a chemical supply company) can give an accurate result of your sample compared to their base line sample they purchased (labs purchase THC and CBD products to put in their machines to compare with your sample and that gives them the results you receive. But studies show that these base line products purchased from chemical supply companies can have up to 10-20% variable were a base line product brought in from a client will have much less variable some say around 3-8%. Does your local lab re calibrate after every sample tested, ask them it is probably not done regularly.

The biggest problem for all these labs is that since marijuana is still a Class 1 drug felony, the Federal Government has never created testing standards for any type of marijuana or Hemp for any type of use.

There are testing standards for everything from bubble gum to ping pong balls but none for marijuana so most labs test the best way they can for their clients and feel that they are the only game in town and due to the high cost for a client to test a sample ( ranges from $65- $225 or more per sample most labs feel that you will not go have it tested again.

The problem is that clients have a problem creating consistent product measurements and once all the states get their laws on the books the next thing they will look at is how accurate the products you sell are consistent and soon all states will require potency labeling on all products and then the states will test these products for consistency, this is where the big problems will start to appear There is already a movement by some states to have 3rd party testing because they have seen these issues and are trying to find a solution until the Federal Government takes some type of action which could be awhile if ever.

Fortunately, we have a solution for the Lab Testing Blues

We are a little-known but well branded company TLC Lab Supply, that has only one on-line website & online store which has been selling worldwide for over 10 years with great success, we had planned on keeping it that way. We sell to large research developers, product producers, breeders, Hemp growers, medical facilities, indivisuals and some foreign governments.

But for now, we have our on-line store and a very comprehensive website with a ton of information and an instructional video + we wrote a manual for idiots with big pictures next to each step.

For testing any product with more than 1 % cannabinoid in it will show up on our TLC plates, there is never any cross contamination because you throw way the tlc plate after using it and the weight of the sample ( we supply to 2 weights needed for hot and cold testing) always give you consistent results regardless of how many times the sample is tested, a big plus for product producers and medical providers.

For Hemp growers that need less than 1% there will be a blank spot on the tlc plate were the THC marker would be, so far from our feedback from large Hemp growers with 100’s of acres, that less than 1% THC has been accepted by their local governments because getting a 0.3% accurate reading consistently has not been accomplished by any current testing procedures that we know of.

Thin Layer Chromatography is taught in college chemistry we have a kit just designed for testing cannabinoids, the current California product testing laws suggest using TLC testing for 90% of there testing requirements.

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Instructional video for testing cannabis using Thin Layer Chromatography

Source: EIN Presswire