The Pausitivity Collection of AromaHats by Nina Laluca releases on September 20th, 2019

Hygge Chunky AromaHat and Scarf Set in Coral from the Pausitivity Collection by Nina Laluca

Hygge – Hat and Scarf Set from the Pausitivity Collection

Talanoa - Luxury AromaHat from the Pausitivity Collection by Nina Laluca

Talanoa – Luxury AromaHat from The Pausitivity Collection for the modern woman with a busy lifestyle

Fjaka Headband with Essential Oil Diffuser Button from The Pausitivity Collection In Antique Rose

Fjaka Headband with Essential Oil Diffuser Button from The Pausitivity Collection in Antique Rose

Slouchy Crocheted Hats and Ear Warmer Headbands with Interchangeable Wooden Buttons for Diffusing Essential Oils

BEAUMONT, ALBERTA, CANADA, September 16, 2019 / — Nadine Sueppmayer, owner/designer of Nina Laluca, proudly presents the launch of her brand new website at and the release of her first product line, the Pausitivity Collection. Inspired by the idea of self care and the yearning for personal peace amidst the busy life of a modern woman, this new collection warmly combines handcrafted yarn accessories with the comforting benefits of aromatherapy.

“I'm a bit of a free spirit, myself, caught up in the corporate world which I am trying to escape by building my brand,” says Nadine Sueppmayer, owner/designer of Nina Laluca. “My brand and my new collection are all about self care, self pampering, and honoring oneself… all at the same time. I also thrive for the Hygge feel of life, taking time to appreciate the small things like a good book, a great cup of coffee, or a glowing bonfire in the crisp fall air.”

As exhaustion seems to have become a status symbol in modern society, women often need to give themselves permission to stop and actually live in the moment. The handcrafted yarn accessories in the Pausitivity Collection help busy women to stop, take a deep breath, and escape the stress of their busy lifestyles. The collection has been designed especially for stay-at-home moms, high profile professionals, and career women in all fields.

The Pausitivity Collection is a unique selection of exclusively designed AromaHats, as named by the designer. The collection consists of hand-crocheted slouchy hats and comfy ear warmer headbands made from a variety of yarns. Each soft yarn hat or headband features a removable wooden button to slowly diffuse the wearer’s favorite essential oil throughout the day.

The large wooden buttons on each hat or headband in the collection are handcrafted of birch veneer plywood by a local artisan in Edmonton, Canada. The untreated finish allows the wood to passively diffuse essential oils. Each round button has a feather engraved by laser into the wood. The feather represents the sense of calm, freedom, and peace that come when one practices self care, mindfulness, and personal time on one’s own.

The feather-engraved wooden buttons have an added feature of a snap attached securely to the back so they can easily be removed from the crocheted yarn hat or headband. The wearer can use the button on a different hat or headband the next day, or can use a separate button for each scent rather than using several oils on the same button, as it takes a while for the scented oil to fully dissipate into the air.

The comfortable yarn hats in the Pausitivity Collection are lovingly hand-crocheted from a variety of yarns including soft acrylic yarn, a blend of 20% wool and 80% acrylic, and 100% merino wool. Also in the collection are comfortable turban-style headbands and infinity loop scarves to be worn as matching sets with the slouchy hats.

This refreshing self-care collection also includes a limited amount of organic essential oils in 10 ml bottles. The scents in the collection are: Lavender, Bergamot, Frankincense, Peppermint, Sweet Orange and Lemon.

Nina Laluca fans will be able to collect several hats, headbands, and interchangeable wooden buttons to fit their personal needs, styles, and wants for each particular day and moment. The designer plans to expand her product lines in the future with more handcrafted items such as hat/button storage, add-on embellishments to the hats, more oil-diffusing button styles, etc.

The Pausitivity Collection by Nina Laluca includes:

• 4 Acrylic Yarn Headbands (Turban style with wooden button)
• 3 Merino Wool Slouchy Hats (Squirrel Heather, Marine Heather, Cranberry)
• 3 Chunky Slouchy Hats and Infinity Scarves (Coral, Succulent, Oatmeal)
• 4 Acrylic Yarn Slouchy Hats (Hunter Green, Brindle, Denim, Black)
• 6 Organic Essential Oil Scents
• 1 Feather Engraved Wooden Button with each Hat or Headband
• 1 Woodland Button Set consisting of 5 different buttons (1.25" in diameter)
• 1 Limited Edition Specialty Slouch Hat with 4 Faux Fur Pom Poms

The prices in the collection range from $10 for the essential oils to $180 for the limited edition specialty slouch hat, which comes as a deluxe set with a small bottle of essential oil in the customer’s choice of scent, 4 faux fur pom poms, and an additional laser-engraved wooden button for diffusing the essential oil gradually throughout the day.

The Pausitivity Collection by Nina Laluca launches on Sept. 20, 2019 in the designer’s brand new online shop at:

Nina Laluca can also be found on the following social media platforms:

TikTok: @ninalaluca

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