Water Treatment Aerators Market 2019 Global Trends, Share, Growth, Analysis, Opportunities and Forecast To 2026

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Water Treatment Aerators Market
The Global water treatment aerators market is expected to boost in the upcoming years due to the rise in water scarcity problem across nations. With the rise in population, there has been an upsurge in the development of new residential areas and private houses. This urges for the need of undisturbed supply of water. But due to the lack of awareness regarding stoppage of the water wastage, the supply of fresh water is depleting fast. A large number of developing economies are facing the problem of water shortage. This leads to the demand of water treatment services which is expected to create an ascension in the Global water treatment aerators market during the forecast period. Water Aerators are used in wastewater treatment plants and help in diffusing oxygen with water. This is required during the activated sludge process in the secondary treatment of industrial or municipal wastewater. The air is pumped into the tank to induce growth of microbes which decomposes the organic material and the flocks thus formed are settled out. The reliability of this process is considered a prime factor to make the sales grow. There are many variables of the aerators available in the market which are enabling more efficiency in the process. One of these is the fine bubble diffuser comprising of a polymer membrane. It is a lightweight device characterised by cost effectiveness, more efficiency, and lowest retention time. The rising installation of these diffusers in the plant will positively affect the Global water treatment aerators market in the years to come.
The aeration process finds widespread use in the industries like paper and pulp, manufacturing, textile, chemicals and more. It is used to treat industrial and municipal wastewater plants. The wastewater output is constantly increasing in industries and households due to rapid urbanisation, rise in construction activities, and low coverage of wastewater. These factors are foreseen to propel the Global water treatment aerators market in the upcoming years. Furthermore, there is a surge in demand of the secondary treatment of wastewater in developing nations. This is due to the rising industrialization, and increasing awareness towards saving the precious water resource. Besides, the government initiatives towards making strict regulations to prevent harmful impact of sewage/industrial wastewater treatment plants is also fuelling the sales of the water aeration equipment. This is anticipated to embellish the revenue share of the Global water treatment aerators over the next few years.
There are a few factors which are likely to lower the sales of the aeration products for industrial water treatment. One of these is the high usage of energy to operate the equipment. The energy intensiveness of aerators for industrial treatment of wastewater will downgrade the product sales due to the rising energy prices all over the world. Another factor is the high cost of aeration equipment and the slow return on investment. This will hamper the rising Global water treatment aerators market in forthcoming years.

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Key Players of Global Water Treatment Aerators Market =>
GE Water, Tonka Water, RWL Water, Lenntech, and Aqua-Aerobic Systems. Other key players in the market include Enfound Enterprise co., Environmental Dynamics, Zenit, Tsurumi Pump, NORRES Schlauchtechnik, Newterra Ltd. and Faggiolati Pumps.

Market Segmentation
The market is segmented into two parts : product type and application type. The product type includes surface aerators, diffused aerators, and hybrid aerators. The applications type includes paper and pulp, textile, manufacturing, chemical, and pharmaceutical industry.

Detailed Regional Analysis
The report studies the geographies of following regions to understand the key factors of the market growth : North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle-East and Africa, and South America. Asia Pacific region is expected to hold a greater share of the water aeration product sales attributed to the factors like rise in growth of industries, population blast, and rapid urbanisation. Europe will stick to the second spot due to the stringent laws imposed on the wastewater treatment plants.

Industry News
June 2019 : The companies are constantly engaging in mergers and acquisitions to stay ahead in the competition and improve the productivity. The latest leap in this was made by Newterra group limited who have joined hands with StormwateRx LLC based in Poland. This merger will access the consumers to experience a new range of water treatment technologies. The sales of the company also expected to boom.

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