UnderGents Introduces What Might Possibly Be The Most Comfortable Pair of Men’s Underwear Ever Made

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The Most Comfortable Men’s Underwear available

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UnderGents Launches a full line of Eco-Friendly, Comfort Driven Men's Underwear and Work From Home Gear

So many brands have devoted time working on briefs to keep men comfortable when they are working out. We wanted to focus on the other 22 hours and develop the perfect solution for comfort.”

— Bill Barber, CEO UnderGents

SCOTTSDALE, AZ, USA, June 30, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — UnderGents has introduced what it believes may very well be the most comfortable men’s underwear collection ever developed offering a new solution for all day comfort.

UnderGents has developed an exclusive ultra-soft fabric called CloudSoft™ Fabric, featuring Lenzing’s eco-friendly Micro Modal, which combined with other UnderGents design features, work together to deliver the perfect solution for men on the go.

Whether you are up and out of the house early for a long day on the job, or looking for something to help you rejuvenate after a long day working out, UnderGents has been constructed with a wide range of thoughtful features that help it stand apart.

“So many companies have devoted so much time working on briefs/underwear to keep men comfortable when they are working out, and there are a lot of really great high performing options out there,” said Bill Barba, CEO of UnderGents. “We wanted to focus on the other 22-23 hours in a man’s life and develop the perfect solution for comfort.”

Key features that separate UnderGents from others include:

● Unique Material Selection: UnderGents are made with CloudSoft® Fabric. This material has a cooling silk-like feel on the skin, is multiple times softer and cooler than cotton or polyester, has incredible air permeability to keep you cool and dry all day long, and is sourced from nature. CloudSoft® fabric doesn’t retain heat or have the harsh chemical elements of many petroleum based micro-fibers and synthetic materials. With UnderGents CloudSoft, men can be cool as a cucumber all day long.
● Multi-Panel Construction Follows Male Geometry: UnderGents’ multi-panel design follows the geometry of male anatomy and movement. The designs provide the space men need in certain areas, unbelievable flexibility of movement, and support that lasts all day and night.

● Comfort Without Compression: UnderGents are designed to gently hug while never compressing. Men don’t want to feel like they have a cycling short on all day (whether they are at work or relaxing on the couch). UnderGents’ Boxer Briefs are a perfected blend of a boxer and brief in that you get the slim fit and feel of a brief with the comfort and freedom of a boxer short without the loose bulky fit.
If wearing the most comfortable underwear isn’t enough to make you feel good all day long you can also take comfort in the fact that UnderGents may also be the most eco-friendly underwear you’ll find on the market as they are made with nature sourced materials. UnderGents men’s underwear feel natural because they come from nature.
Lenzing Micro Modal, the company that makes the fabric used in UnderGents has a long history of being dedicated to sustainability and the environment. They adhere to a strict compliance program and utilize trees that are sourced from sustainably grown forests. All of the Lenzing Micro Modal fibers are certified as biodegradable and compostable under home, industrial, soil and marine conditions and return to nature. During production over 95% of any chemicals used are recycled. This results in UnderGents products being sustainable and feeling great no matter what your worldview is.

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Source: EIN Presswire