As an Additional Gift, HearingLife To Mail a Second Round of Free Batteries to Patients;
$2 Million in Batteries Gifted in Canada Since the Pandemic Began

Fortunately, there are a variety of ways we can make the most of the holidays and make sure family members with hearing loss feel included and loved.”

— Jillian Price, HearingLife’s chief audiologist

TORONTO, CANADA, December 1, 2020 / — HearingLife, Canada’s leading local hearing care provider, wants Canadians to enjoy all of the sounds of the season. The HearingLife 2020 Holiday List includes tips for virtual family gatherings as well as gift guide inspiration for those with hearing loss.

“For most Canadians, the holidays will look very different from years past. But for those with hearing loss, it’s also going to sound very different, as traditional family gatherings go online or are limited to phone and/or video calls,” said Jillian Price, HearingLife’s chief audiologist. “Fortunately, there are a variety of ways we can make the most of the holidays and make sure family members with hearing loss feel included and loved.”

Tips for families celebrating the holidays with loved ones with hearing loss include:
• If celebrating with a virtual gathering on Zoom, turn on the closed captioning function.
• Use headphones or earbuds during video chats and phone calls. This improves sound quality and cancels out background noise, making it easier for your loved one to understand you.
• Make sure you have good lighting. Visual cues for lip reading are something we all use, and they are even more important for those with hearing loss.
• Speak slowly and clearly, but don’t shout, as that doesn’t help the hearing impaired hear better.
• Paraphrase if your loved one didn’t hear you correctly the first time.

Gift Ideas That Turn Up the Volume
With these great gift ideas, your loved ones CAN hear you now. Whether it’s shopping for a sports-loving grandpa who enjoys watching his favorite team on TV, or for the grandma who lives for her check-in phone calls with her grandkids, there’s a wide selection of gift ideas at HearingLife’s new online store, including:
• TV adapters and amplifying systems, so watching TV with loved ones can continue to be a great experience for everyone in the room.
• Phones and phone accessories, including Bluetooth and amplified phones allowing conversations with loved ones to go on and on like a happy song.
• Hearing aid supplies and other essentials to keep hearing aids in great shape, so that loved ones can hear better and live better.

HearingLife Listens – And Responds With $2 Million Battery Donation
Not only does HearingLife provide access to the most advanced hearing aid technology, clinical support and the most up-to-date diagnostic equipment, it is also always listening to the needs of its patients.

When the pandemic arrived and people were forced into quarantine, HearingLife anticipated its patients’ needs, particularly high-risk, elderly customers. HearingLife proactively mailed over 1 million free replacement batteries to patients to ensure they wouldn’t be left in silence.

In the spirit of the holidays, and with health concerns once again on the rise, HearingLife will conduct a second round of free replacement battery mailings, representing a total “gift” to patients of more than $2 million.

For patients with questions about the free battery mailing, or those just needing any kind of support, HearingLife is available through numerous convenient and safe options, including in-person clinic visits, phone support, online chat support, online ordering, and a variety of self-help videos and guides.

HearingLife offers several FREE resources to help patients utilise all the advanced features of new hearing technology from the comfort of their homes.

For assistance, or to book a free, no-obligation hearing test – no physician referral needed – call 1-855-785-3616 or find a HearingLife location near you online at

About HearingLife
HearingLife is Canada’s leading local hearing care provider, with more than 250 convenient locations near you. Nearly half of all Canadians over 60 suffer from hearing loss. As Canada’s largest hearing care provider with hundreds of convenient centres from coast to coast, HearingLife is actively working to raise awareness about this alarming and largely unaddressed health concern. Through its Campaign for Better Hearing, HearingLife has the simple but lofty goal of providing a free hearing test to every Canadian over the age of 60 and making hearing aids accessible to those who cannot otherwise afford them. HearingLife delivers hearing health and is part of Audika Group, an international hearing care provider and member of the global hearing health company Demant. HearingLife can be found online at, on Twitter at, on Instagram at, on Facebook at and LinkedIn at

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