Highschool Start-Up Launches Virtual Reality System to Help Mitigate Autistic Meltdowns

virtual reality smartphone application for people with autism

Cognality’s virtual reality application will soon be accessible for the public

Cognality VR LLC creates calming virtual reality scenes that helps individuals with autism manage the effect of meltdowns

We hope these children feel able to try new social situations and ultimately enjoy life to the fullest.”

— Espen Garner

LAGUNA HILLS, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, January 18, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Three high schoolers made a first-of-its-kind virtual reality platform that helps individuals with autism calm down during meltdowns. Cognality is currently in the beta-testing phase and has received very promising feedback.

People with autism are usually highly sensitive to their sensory environment. This means they can easily be overwhelmed by elements such as bright lights and certain sounds. It is extremely challenging for people with autism to simply ignore unwanted sensory information and this usually leads to meltdowns. Meltdowns cause people to temporarily lose behavioral control. One of the best ways to help calm down before and/or during a meltdown is to go to a safe space like a bedroom or bathroom. When in public this can become a problem since it is harder to find a safe space in an unknown area. Fortunately, Cognality allows people to access these safe spaces anywhere and at any time. Their users can access the semi-personalized virtual reality scenes through their phone and a complimentary portable virtual reality headset. Some of the scenes include a bedroom, bathroom, car, train, and nature experiences.

“We have a big vision for Cognality: that it both helps its customers during the actual meltdown, and that it provides a lasting feeling of empowerment to autistic children and their caregivers. We hope these children feel able to try new social situations and ultimately enjoy life to the fullest,” states Espen Garner, Cognality’s Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer.

The founders have partnered with Dr. LouAnne Boyd, a professor at Chapman University’s Fowler School of Engineering with expertise in human-computer interaction, assistive technology, and augmented and virtual reality, to research the effectiveness of their product. Cognality is currently looking for additional beta-testers. Beta-testing sessions occur at the comfort of home with zero outside contact. Once signed up, beta-testers receive access to all of Cognality's scenes and are sent a complimentary cardboard virtual reality headset to their doorstep. If you would like to participate and learn more please reach out to lboyd@chapman.edu.

Testimonials From a Current Beta Tester

“My child was happy and wanted to explore more…It helps the child to block out any visual or auditory stressors and redirect their attention,” states Leanne, mother of six-year-old child with autism

About Cognality
Cognality creates calming virtual reality scenes for people diagnosed with autism who struggle with meltdowns. Cognality provides its users with a complimentary portable virtual reality headset and access to their scenes through a mobile device. Their scenes act as a safe space that can be accessed anywhere and at any time in order to help people manage meltdowns. Visit www.cognalityvr.com for more information.

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