SmALL Business is Essential – We Are Staying Open

A Notice to All Ontario Businesses

The Ontario Conservative Government's NDP style of governing has crippled small business. They have had two lockdowns to develop a plan of sustainability. Small business is done paying the price.”

— Edward Henry

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, February 22, 2021 / — After a second lockdown, the Ontario government has started a staged reopening process in various regions. As the reopening of businesses continues, so do more challenging restrictions. With the discussions of a possible third wave or some areas going back into lockdown measures, businesses and communities are extremely concerned about even further restrictions and a continued lack of planning for closures and vaccine rollouts. Businesses need to focus on consistent compliance measures, and if they do, there is no reason they should keep their doors locked or close them for the third time. Social Distance Management believes that all businesses that comply with safe practices have the right to stay operating regardless of the discriminated essential and non-essential classifications.

About 27 regions in Ontario have moved out of the Stay-at-Home order and into the color-coded framework. With most areas in the strict stages of the reopening process, it still does not allow businesses to rebuild their company and revenue to a profitable state. For example, if a restaurant is put in the “red-control” zone, there are ten guests allowed indoors, and in a “grey-lockdown” zone, indoor and outdoor dining is prohibited; even if there is a 120 seating capacity, they are limited to the number of customers they can serve. Places of worship with large indoor spaces and follow compliance measures must still restrict their capacity to five people indoors and ten guests for events in most color-coded zones. Social Distance Management is challenging restrictions that are unlawful and unjustified. We believe that a business should not be open to the public if they cannot provide a safe environment for their customers, guests, and employees. If all compliance measures are followed and maintained, they should be allowed to operate and feel comfortable knowing that they won’t be forced to close again because of zoned restrictions.

The Ontario government has had two lockdowns to formulate a plan and has done nothing to address the community’s concerns as we advance through the pandemic. Their strategy consists of poorly designed stages and processes for lockdowns and vaccinations. The lack of action and focus on small businesses combined with insufficient activity has led to record job losses and permanent closures. Small businesses drive our communities. Organizations already have to get their clients back, ensure they are social distance compliant, and regain what they have lost. Possibilities of having to lock their doors again come with added stress and tension for business owners and employees, which then damages their presence in the community.

So, what is the solution to prevent another lockdown in regions or province-wide? Vaccination distribution has been emphasized as the answer to end closures and stop the spread. As vaccines are ongoing, we must affirm businesses being compliant with the standards for safe practices; that is our answer. Social distancing, face masks, and arrow signs can be up near the entrances, exits, and around stores, but if employees and customers are not practicing what is on those indicators, they become ineffective. Regular checks of all businesses and clear announcements should also be consistent to ensure they are compliant.

Social Distance Management is taking responsibility for their space and is committed to ensuring that all businesses stay open and are compliant with all safety protocols and regulations. Our goal is to focus on a framework of continuity and sustainability. The Ontario government has had its chance to build a plan that makes sense for every business. SmALL Business is Essential, and it is going to stay that way. All businesses that register with Social Distance Management and agree to comply with safe business practices will receive the assistance and effective support they need. Let’s turn on our “Staying Open” signs.

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Source: EIN Presswire