Breakthrough Immunotherapy Treatment Offers Long-term Relief for Seasonal Allergy Sufferers

Revolutionary procedure alleviates allergy misery in about two months with three easy injections

AUSTIN, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, February 23, 2021 / — A unique state-of-the-art treatment called ExACT Immunoplasty is being referred to as a long-term solution for environmental, household, and seasonal allergies. Aspire Allergy & Sinus’ procedure is a form of intralymphatic immunotherapy which introduces tiny amounts of allergens to a patient’s immune system through a specific lymph node. Administering the treatment directly through a lymph node allows the immune system to immediately recognize the allergen as non-threatening. The result? A faster reduction of allergy symptoms. The innovative process is changing lives for allergy sufferers everywhere, especially those who live in areas where the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) recently deemed an allergy capital in their recently released 2021 list of “The Most Challenging Places to Live with Allergies.”

“Studies have shown that ExACT Immunoplasty is superior to three years of allergy shots,” says Dr. Chris Thompson, founder of Aspire Allergy & Sinus. “Trials were also performed with bee venom in humans, and ExACT proved to protect 87.5 percent of patients against subsequent bee stings.”

Other treatments, like allergy drops and shot therapies, are similar to ExACT but less efficient since large amounts of the allergens are administered through the mouth and skin only, which results in minimal impact to nearby lymph nodes.

“I am extremely allergic to something in every season, I suffer from seasonal allergies year-round,” says ExACT patient Ryan Cruz, before having the treatment. “Throughout the year I was constantly blowing my nose and sneezing. I even carried a stack of Kleenex to meetings at work. The difference now (after ExACT), is that I have no allergy symptoms most of the year. I didn’t even know that was possible.”

ExACT includes up to three allergens in each treatment series. After completion of the injections, allergy sufferers are able to repeat the treatment with three additional allergens. Some ExACT patients have reported positive results before the third and final treatment.

“We have patients who have suffered from a lifetime of allergies and after ExACT they’ve been able to exercise outdoors or even own a pet,” says Dr. Thompson. “ExACT is a quicker, easier option for allergy relief, and it’s giving people their lives back.”

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