TurboFlex® Eyewear Frames Recommended by Renowned Eye Health Expert

TurboFlex® technology eyewear was featured on the Doctor Eye Health show.

MONTREAL, CANADA, February 26, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — TurboFlex® Worldwide Patented Technology is pleased to announce that its revolutionary new eyewear frame has been recommended by one of the world’s leading eye care experts, Dr. Joseph J. Allen, O.D., FAAO. Turboflex eyewear frames were recently featured on Dr. Allen’s YouTube channel.

“We are proud of our significant contributions to technological advancement in the eyewear industry,” says company founder Nonu Ifergan. “We’re also delighted to see that our products are recommended by Dr. Allen, who is a well-respected name in the field.”

Founded with the mission of creating the world’s most durable pair of glasses, TurboFlex technology allows the hinges of the frame to rotate 360°. And with the TurboFlex Easy Twist, the bridge of the frame can be bent or twisted and then returned to its original shape.

Turboflex technology offers a number of advantages:

• The ‘360 Hinge,’ made with high quality stainless steel is extremely strong and durable, particularly suitable for those with active lifestyles or for children

• Frames are so flexible that they can move in any direction, allowing them to be worn in the most difficult circumstances

• The unparalleled flexibility of the frames allows for exceptional comfort.

“Our frames will last you a lifetime,” adds Ifergan. “We offer the world’s only 360 degree rotating hinge, incredible durability, and hundreds of beautiful styles and colors to choose from!”

For more information about Turboflex frames, visit https://www.TurboFlexEyewear.com.

About the Company

A division of Aspex Group, Turboflex Worldwide Patented Technology has made notable contributions to the technological advancement of the eyewear industry. The company is renowned as the original makers of the magnetic clip-on sunglasses, EasyClip, and is now gaining international recognition for its Turboflex eyewear frames, created to become the world’s most durable, flexible and comfortable.

Steve Jesiolowska
Aspex Eyewear Group
+1 (514) 938-2020

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DesiBasket.com, Indian Grocery Online Platform now launched Buy More Save More feature



Ready To Eat

Ready To Eat

Buy More Save More

Buy More Save More

Buying online grocery items and other specific products has just become more lucrative and simpler, as Desi Basket now offers you deals, saving your budget

EDISON, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, February 26, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Serving Indian expats in US has long been the forte of Desi Basket. The reliable online platform has gained a massive significance in the US market, serving customer efficiently all over United states.

Desibasket.com never leaves any stones unturned in providing best deals to its customers across the country. Now, the platform has launched an exciting new feature that lets the customers reduce the grocery expenses by buying more. The ‘Buy More Save More’ feature of Desi Basket has just been launched, specifically rendering customers more flexibility in accommodating their shopping budget with the product lists on the platform.

This great offer allows you to add more value to your shopping experience by availing huge discounts. For example, when you purchase two packets of Afshan Henna Powder, you would get 10% off on the online retail price of the second packet. Similarly, the attribute applies to assorted vegetarian Samosas – purchasing a couple of packets of Samosas (each packet having 60 units) would get you a 15% off on the second packet.

There are plenty of products on Desi Basket site that fall under this wonderful money-saving feature, which you can find exploring the link https://desibasket.com/buy-more-and-save-specials. Some of the products are Cold Wax cream from Ayur, Herbal oil from Baidyanath, Aloe vera from Ayurveda, Bournvita 500 gm jar, and many such incredibly useful items that bear an authentic Indian touch to their brand name.

As a customer on Desi Basket, you would be both satisfied and delighted to explore and avail these buyer-oriented deals and mouth-watering cheap offers.

Desibasket.com has also been a trusted name in the US as a seller of genuine ‘ready-to-eat’ Indian curries, offering loads of delectable varieties. The attractive ‘Buy More Save More’ feature now applies to Indian curry products, too, as you can dig through the link https://desibasket.com/ready-to-eat/curries.

For instance, when you buy 3 packets of Dal Makhani of Haldiram from the site, you receive a whopping discount of 25% on the third packet. Such top-notch offers are also available for other assorted curry products from Haldiram. The Alu Methi under MTR brand also has such an offer. Each packet contains 300 gm of high-quality fine curry powder. You pay less and get more quantities.

The CEO of Desi Basket, enthusiastically, has recently stated in a coveted conference that “Our ‘Buy More Save More’ feature provides more flexibility to customers in terms of lowering their shopping expenses, especially in grocery items, in a strategic way. When an individual purchases more quantities, we guarantee that per unit price of the product would significantly decrease. There would be more value at a lesser price.”

About Desi Basket: Desibasket.com is a reputable ecommerce platform selling a wide range of authentic Indian grocery products (and other items) at cheap rates to Indian living in US.

Contact details
Address: 518 Old Post Rd Edison, NJ 08817
Phone number: +1 (732) 835-7629
Email id: support@desibasket.com

Bala Elugoti
+1 732-835-7629
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Co-Sleeping Tips for Better Sleep for Your Newborn Baby

babybay, cosleeping tips, baby sleeping tips, baby sleeping bed

babybay offers tips to help you and your baby get a good nights sleep.

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, February 26, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Caring for a newborn baby can be a handful. If you’re a first-time mom or dad, then you might need all the help you can get. We understand that at babybay. That’s why we created these easy tips below for new parents to get their baby into a deeper sleep.

The more you can get your baby to sleep, the better rested the parents will be, and that makes for happy families all around. Here are a few of the tips that we recommend to get your baby to sleep well:

* Establish a routine for better sleep: Try to establish a regular sleep routine for your baby. This may include a pre-sleep time bath, soft music, a darkened room, all the things that would encourage deep sleep. If you’re working remotely from home, you might be able to get this done on a daily basis. Getting your baby into a routine of healthy sleep habits from birth is often found to be the foundation of better sleep habits later on.

* Let technology help your baby sleep better: You may want to invest in new technology to help your baby (and you) sleep better. There are now smart baby monitors on the market that provide you with both video and audio access to see and hear your baby sleeping. These tools can be ideal for the remote working parent. Watch your baby through a small monitor and listen to your baby’s breathing patterns.

* Give your baby time to self-soothe: Babies will often briefly wake up, make a noise or cry out inadvertently. If you’re nearby, try to resist the urge to run over the bassinet to pick up the baby. More medical practitioners recommend you give your baby a chance to self-soothe.

* Invest in a comfortable baby bed with a mattress protector: Getting the right bed can make a world of difference for a newborn. Simply putting your baby on a nearby couch while you work won’t cut it. But investing in a portable baby bassinet that you can move as needed around your living space can be a lifesaver. And don’t forget to invest in a mattress protector, as that helps to keep the bed free from any kinds of soiling accidents. Throughout the month of March, babybay customers can get a free mattress protector when you purchase up a Tranquility mattress pad. But hurry, as quantities are limited.

A babybay baby sleeping bed makes for happy babies and rested parents. Our unique curved bed design allows you to have your baby close to you, letting you draw your baby close for comfort touching, bonding, and breastfeeding, without getting out of bed.

Ease of Use

Our babybay baby beds are easy to use. The babybay newborn baby bed simply clips to the parent’s bed. It’s fully adjustable, which means you can adjust the height to fit snugly against your bed. And you can just as easily detach it and use it as a standalone bassinet.

Try the babybay bassinet for bed for your newborn and you’ll find that both the baby and the parents sleep comfortably and cozily. Nothing pleases new parents more than a sweet softly sleeping baby in the baby bedside sleeper. More than half a million satisfied babybay® parents already are sleeping better – and you and your baby will too!

Terrence Heaps
babybay USA
+1 925-639-7331
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With babybay Bedside Sleeper Baby is Always Next to You

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VARStreet Announces Integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365

VARStreet’s eCommerce & quoting software now integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics 365 to bring data, people & operations together for VARStreet users.

Customers who use both these applications can now get the advantage of complete sync between VARStreet and Dynamics 365 for a seamless flow of information and a comprehensive view of their customers”

— Shiv Agarwal

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS, USA, February 26, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — VARStreet Inc. is a leading provider of quoting, eCommerce, CRM and procurement software to value-added resellers (VARs) in the IT and office supply industries in the United States and Canada.

Their comprehensive business management solutions ensure that VARs can run their businesses effortlessly and have a holistic view of business processes, transactions and customer data.

Shiv Agarwal, Vice-President, VARStreet Inc. said, “Many VARStreet customers use Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP, and this integration will streamline and accelerate workflows for their businesses. Customers who use both these applications can now get the advantage of complete sync between VARStreet and Dynamics 365 for a seamless flow of information and a comprehensive view of their customers.”

The bi-directional integration between VARStreet and Microsoft Dynamics 365 will synchronize information like new customer or contact information, product updates, transactions, sales orders, purchase orders, tracking details, etc. This will remove data duplication and inconsistencies, minimize errors, boost productivity and performance, and accelerate turnaround times for quotes, orders, invoicing, etc. resulting in the efficient running of the business and improved customer satisfaction.

VARStreet also integrates with Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains and Microsoft Dynamics Nav as well as other popular ERP and CRM software like Netsuite, e-Automate, Salesforce, HubSpot and more.

Have a look at all VARStreet integrations

About VARStreet

VARStreet Inc is a premier provider of a hosted B2B, B2G and B2C advanced sales quoting and eCommerce solution for IT and office supplies VARs, system integrators and solution providers. VARStreet can also be leveraged by IT manufacturers, distributors and other channel partners.

Fueled by more than $20 million capital investment, VARStreet is headquartered in Boston, MA and has a subsidiary in Pune, India. VARStreet XC has been available in the market since 1999 and has undergone continual upgrades to adapt to the changing needs of the market and its customers.

VARStreet also integrates with many other popular and widely used ERP, CRM and accounting applications. They have a team of highly experienced engineers to carry out custom integrations with any home-grown software businesses may use.

Shiv Agarwal
VARStreet Inc
+1 781-262-0610
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Technical mouthwash helps prevent oral diseases

Lumoral technical mouthwash activation

Lumoral technical mouthwash activation

treptococcus mutans bacteria on hydroxyapatite disc (tooth surface model).

Streptococcus mutans bacteria on hydroxyapatite disc (tooth surface model).

Applying Technical Mouthwash

Applying Technical Mouthwash

Light-activated technical mouthwash combats pathogenic dental bacteria and prevents dental diseases without negatively affecting the oral microbiome.

ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA, February 26, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Dental plaque is the root cause of many oral health problems. It is a sticky, colourless to light yellow film that forms on your teeth daily. The buildup of plaque leads to the formation of minerals called tartar. Tartar usually builds up above the gum line and eventually irritates the gum, causing inflammation leading to gum diseases.

More often, Chlorhexidine is the over-the-counter (OTC) antiseptic mouthwash prescribed by dentists to treat bleeding and inflammation caused by gingivitis. However, Chlorhexidine is not suitable for prolonged use as it comes with side effects like taste alteration, teeth staining, and tartar formation. It also has an antibacterial effect that affects the whole mouth. This disturbs the oral microbiome. Chlorhexidine can only be used for a maximum of two weeks at a time.

The good news is that scientists have a new method for combating oral pathogens in dental plaque. The new technical mouthwash is based on light activation of oral rinse, also known as photodynamic therapy. The technical mouthwash is intended for local treatment of oral pathogens and preventing oral diseases such as periodontitis and cavity formation.

Technical mouthwash differentiates from other mouthwashes with its light activation. The antibacterial effect is stronger than with other antimicrobial mouthwashes and is directed towards the dental plaque. The plaque-specific antibacterial does not affect the normal oral microbiome which is a common problem with regular antimicrobial mouthwashes.

Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) in Dentistry
The use of PDT in dentistry is increasing rapidly in treating oral diseases like bacterial infections, gum diseases, and oral mucositis — an inflammation of oral mucosal tissue which is a painful side effect of cancer treatments. Phototherapy uses an agent (photosensitiser) and light to destroy bacteria at their cellular level.

PDT and Plaque
There is a lot of evidence of PDT antibacterial approach being highly effective against dental pathogens in dental plaque. Dentists have used PDT method for the treatment of gum disease and root canal treatment sterilisation.
Lumoral® technical mouthwash is the first device to utilise PDT method for the management of dental plaque. Using Lumoral prevents biofilm formation and oral infection. It is intended particularly for individuals who suffer from gum disease or cavity formation despite having a good oral hygiene routine.

Indocyanine Green (ICG)
ICG acts as a photosensitizer used in PDT. It is a green negatively charged colouring agent that produces a photothermal and photodynamic effect when activated with a specific light. Photothermal means that it releases heat energy when exposed to light and photodynamic means that part of the absorbed energy is released as singlet oxygen.

Photosensitizers are inactive preparations that need to be exposed to light to trigger their antibacterial property. ICG primarily attaches to bacteria and bacterial biofilms; it is activated by exposure to light, creating a bacteria-killing effect.

ICG Photo Thermal Therapy with Scaling and Root Planing (SRP)
Scaling and root planing are widely used in treating periodontal diseases by manually removing the infected tooth's bacterial biofilm.

SRP is not an effective treatment when the infection reaches the soft tissues. Local administration of antibiotics is used to disinfect pockets and fully eradicate these pathogens. However, frequent use of antibiotics is a primary concern nowadays due to the development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Antibiotic-resistant pathogens become immune to the drug leaving it ineffective in future use.

Modern dentistry uses ICG photoactivated method to replace antibiotics together with SRP. PDT antibacterial effect acts according to the multi-target mode and does not rely on the key to hole-principle like antibiotics and there is no antibiotic resistance formation associated with PDT despite multiple studies published trying to generate it.

Why Choose Lumoral?
Most dental diseases are caused by infectious bacteria and can be prevented. Cleaning the teeth and removing bacteria biofilm from teeth surface is most important for the prevention of dental diseases as teeth are our body’s only non-shedding surfaces where bacteria can build chronic pathogenic biofilm (dental plaque) leading to dental diseases.

Lumoral is the first home-use method with PDT technology that allows the removal of the microscopic dental plaque and elimination of dental pathogens in teeth surface and gum line without affecting the oral microbiome. Lumoral is suitable for continuous home use as part of a normal oral hygiene routine and is intended to boost oral self-care for those who suffer from cavity formation or gum disease or who are at risk of developing oral diseases.

Many dentists are recommending Lumoral for their patients to improve oral home care, as a dedication to home care is key for successful treatments.

For more information please visit: www.Lumoral.com.au
Or contact us directly at customerservice@lumoral.com.au

Sakari Nikinmaa
Koite Health
+358 40 8222034
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Governments and Corporations are Responsible for the Death of Small Business

No More Excuses: Small Business Needs Support, Not Lockdowns and Unfair Restrictions

When we complain about a problem and do nothing, we are worst than the problem itself. Canada has always been a country that defined itself on social responsibility. That is what Canadians do!”

— Edward Henry

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, February 26, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — How many small businesses throughout Canada have struggled and closed while many large corporations have flourished and taken bonuses for themselves? Bonuses they have been able to afford because they are subsidizing employee wages and expenses with government contribution.

How many small businesses have been shut down due to health concerns without any data that suggests these same businesses are a greater risk than the large box stores? Why is small business on lockdown while other large essential corporations have been able to operate with almost no restrictions?

When will all business have equal rights?

When will a small business that can operate safely have the same privileged rights of the large corporations and be permitted to stay open?

The bottom line on this entire argument is that classifications of essential and non-essential are discriminatory to small businesses. Most small businesses have made greater efforts to protect their customers than many of the “essential” companies that have been allowed to operate freely with minimal restrictions. Big box stores that often violate capacity and social distancing limits and have only recently been investigated for violations.

The government has made health determinations with little logic, data, or explanation on why retail businesses outside of box stores are unfairly restricted to less capacity.

After two lockdowns and still no plan, there has been no discussion regarding fair treatment for small business. Everyone knows that small businesses are working from an unfair position. Many small business owners have had to take government loans to survive. Current data released by CFIB states that small business owes more than $135 billion. This amount requires repayment to the very government that is locking them down after adjustments they have made to their businesses to become compliant to guidelines that are ambiguous. The data from various departments are conflicting and inaccurate.

It is time for the government to balance the scale. Large corporations should be in partnership with small business, not sending business out of Canada. Businesses that have been unfairly treated deserve greater tax breaks and loan forgiveness based on the financial struggles that have been exacerbated by the continued mismanagement of poorly thought-out restrictions.

SmAll Business is Essential is an initiative created by Edward Henry Company and Social Distance Management. Our goal and function is to advocate on behalf of suffering small business due to the lack of support and unfair treatment from various government restrictions. The interest expressed by many small businesses throughout Canada, and even the United States for SmAll Business is Essential to help struggling small businesses has evolved to becoming more than a cause. It is now become an organization that will be on the front lines to fight for the rights of small businesses.

It is time for Canadians to be socially responsible and ensure that fairness is included in the metrics that we are using when governing through these difficult times. It is time to give small business support, and allow them the same rights that have been allotted to large corporations for over a year.

The restrictions put on businesses should reflect the health and safety threat, the business’ ability to manage their space and people, and the quantified rate/metric of spread in a specific region.

We are currently raising finances for businesses that are complying with health and safety recommendations and guidelines to stay open. We are advocating to keep business in Canada and to support small business. Edward Henry Company will be donating 50% of the proceeds from it’s recent new book release Cut The Bullsh*T to SmAll Business is Essential of Canada. Small businesses across Canada are done paying the price. Small businesses are going to unite and stand up to government and big business, because SmAll Business is Essential.

Edward Henry
Edward Henry Company
+1 647-725-7575
email us here
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Fresh Folds Laundromat Opens Top-of-the-Line Laundromat in Tacoma

Fresh Folds Laundromat Now Open

The Freshest Laundromat in Tacoma is Now Open!

Tacoma, WA – Taking a new spin on laundromats, Fresh Folds Laundry proudly opens in the Tacoma area with ultra high-tech coinless machines.

TACOMA, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, February 26, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Tacoma, WA – Taking a new spin on laundromats, Fresh Folds Laundry proudly opens in the Tacoma area with ultra high-tech coinless machines.

Top-of-the-line Electrolux 450 G-Force high-speed washing machines are not only eco-friendly but minimize drying time, helping to preserve the integrity of garments when in the dryers. While patrons wait for their laundry, they can enjoy all of the amenities of Fresh Folds including free wifi, entertainment, charging stations, and more.

Customers easily load funds onto a reusable, reloadable card and simply scan the card on the machines to wash and dry, providing a more sanitary and coin-free experience.

In addition to self-service washing and drying machines, Fresh Folds Laundry offers drop off service for customers wishing to have Fresh Folds staff do their laundry for them and starts at just $1.50 per lb.

In Tacoma, the Fresh Folds Laundromat is located on 72nd & Portland Ave. and open from 8 am – 9 pm 7 days a week.

Robert Carrell
Fresh Folds Laundry
+1 253-507-4633
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RollsPack – Award Winning Packaging Company brings Returnable Mailer Bag to the Australian market for 2021

RollsPack Australia Logo - Wholesale and Retail Packaging Supplier

RollsPack Australia Logo

RollsPack introduces the Boomerang Bag  a new returnable mailer bag - White Poly bag with a twice use seal.

RollsPack introduces the Boomerang Bag a new returnable mailer bag

RollsPack Office in Braeside Victoria

RollsPack Office in Braeside Victoria

A remarkable 96% of customers won't shop with you again – if they can't return a product easily

One study featured in the Journal of Marketing found that customers who received free shipping on returns increased their purchases over the next two years by 58% to 357% .”

— bigcommerce dot com

PORT MELBOURNE, VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA, February 26, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — RollsPack (Australia's favourite wholesale and retail packaging supplier https://rollspack.com.au/ ) is proud to release our new 'Boomerang Bag' – a returnable, reusable & recyclable mailer bag which makes it simple for shoppers to return unwanted items and which can be sustainably recycled at local supermarkets.

During lockdown multiple studies have show that people 'impulse buy', shopping therapy is at an all time high – however this has created a bit of a problem. Often when items are in high demand and shoppers impulse buy, this may result in them needing to return the product.

About 35 % of people claim that they have made impulse transactions to deal with the burden of the coronavirus pandemic, according to a new study commissioned by Credit Karma, a personal finance platform where customers can review their credit score. Interestingly only 3% of respondents said that they 'never impulse buy' – These statistics may be even more prevalent in the Australian market, as we have faced more severe lock downs. Meaning our exposure to isolation based shopping decisions has been greater, as has our general reliance on e-commerce retail infrastructure.

RollsPack (an Australian company) have been in the packaging game for over 30 years, offering solutions in the market including; food packaging, retail packaging, tamper-evident packaging, and e-commerce packaging. In fact, the twice-use satchel is a concept that RollsPack pioneered. With the boom of e-commerce and with fashion-based brands needing a 'returnable' solution, we felt it was time to introduce the new and improved returnable mailer… the Boomerang Bag.

Named after a cultural item of its country of origin, the Boomerang Bag aims to reduce waste and pollution, our partnership with REDcycle means that these mailers can be taken to a local supermarket and disposed of sustainably. The program is a partnership between manufacturers, retailers and consumers. The REDcycle team place specially marked bins at Coles & Woolworths supermarkets which consumers can drop their soft plastics into. The collected products are returned to RED Group’s facility for processing then delivered to Australian manufacturer Replas where it is transformed. The resulting recycled-plastic products are extremely robust, as well as water and termite resistant. They won’t crack, splinter or rot and will never need painting.

We are always searching for new and creative ways to add value through innovation, and having pioneered the now popular 'twice use' mailer, it seemed a great fit for our next initiative. If you are looking to take your brand to the next level, offering a pleasant packaging experience at one of the last touchpoint opportunities in the modern buying process, talk to us about the Boomerang Bag.

Call us today to discuss the Boomerang Bag. (03 9588 0055)

Will Paton
RollsPack Pty Ltd
+61 3 9588 0055
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Wynonna Judd Launches WYNONNA CBD Product Line





Custom formulated to the specifications of the Country music queen herself, WYNONNA CBD is a luxurious new line of herbal-infused hemp-derived products.

We finally found something that works for me and I want my fans to benefit as well.”

— Wynonna Judd

NASHVILLE, TN, USA, February 25, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Grammy-winning Country music icon, Wynonna Judd, has partnered with Nashville-based CeleBriDy Brands to develop WYNONNA CBD. Custom formulated to the specifications of the Country music queen herself, WYNONNA CBD is a luxurious new line of herbal-infused hemp-derived products designed to help bring harmony to your everyday life.

WYNONNA CBD offers a premium hemp extract oil, topical balm and luxourious bath bombs, all made using organic extracts from hemp grown in the USA and responsibly sourced, all-natural ingredients. Manufactured in Nashville, Tennessee, WYNONNA CBD’s hemp extract is infused with a soothing and harmonious blend of vanilla and lavender to promote balance and relaxation. The balm features a blend of essential oils, hemp extract, and Vitamin E, designed to provide topical relief day or night.

“We need to relax, we need balance," says Wynonna. "Everybody’s just processing a lot of stuff. I’m constantly talking about my own healing and recovery process. I was famous at 18, I’m an introvert, and I’ve battled anxiety since the beginning of the Judds. We finally found something that works for me and I want my fans to benefit as well."

“We are thrilled to partner with Wynonna Judd,” says CeleBriDy Brands founder Brian Mayes. “Wynonna is not just a legendary artist, but a trusted friend to fans worldwide. She has shared her life with them for nearly four decades, and they trust her. And that is why it was imperative that we create a premium product that is worthy of her name. Wynonna put her personal touch on WYNONNA CBD products from start to finish, and we know they will help people tune in to themselves and the things that really matter.”

WYNONNA CBD is available exclusively at www.WynonnaCBD.com.

About Wynonna Judd: Five-time Grammy winner and New York Times best-selling author, Wynonna has always revolved her career around telling stories. Whether performing alongside her mother as one half of the legendary duo The Judds, or pushing the boundaries on her own mega-successful solo path, Wynonna’s ability to reach the heart of the human spirit through her bold and unflinching honesty, is the entertainer’s true gift. Once dubbed by Rolling Stone as “the greatest female country singer since Patsy Cline,” Wynonna’s rich and commanding voice has sold over 30 million albums worldwide spanning her remarkable 36-year career. Wynonna has received over 60 industry awards, with countless charting singles, including 20 No.1 hits such as “Mama He’s Crazy,” “Why Not me,” and “Grandpa (Tell Me ‘Bout The Good Ole Days).”

About CeleBriDy Brands: CeleBriDy Brands LLC is a Nashville-based company that creates and markets celebrity-branded CBD products, with numerous products currently in development. The company’s flagship product line, John Schneider’s CBoD ("C-Bo-D”), launched in January 2020 on Fox & Friends and Fox Business. It was an immediate success with explosive sales, making CeleBriDy Brands a significant sales leader in the fast-growing American CBD market.

Brian Mayes
Nashville Publicity Group
+1 615-771-2040
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Luke Battiloro, Founder and CEO of Vavoom, Discusses Building an E-commerce Business with Tekrati

Luke Battiloro, Founder and CEO of Vavoom

Luke Battiloro, Founder and CEO of Vavoom

Luke Battiloro

Luke Battiloro

Battiloro was recently featured in an exclusive interview with Tekrati to discuss building a successful e-commerce business in 2021

MILAN, ITALY, February 25, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Founder and CEO of Vavoom Luke Battiloro knows how to build a successful e-commerce business, having built several successful companies before he launched the Vavoom brand. Battiloro started his career as an entrepreneur with health supplements before investing in CBD. In a recent interview with Tekrati, a prominent news source for business and technology news, Battiloro discussed strategies for building a successful e-commerce business in 2021.

Vavoom has seen extensive growth over the last few years. In his exclusive interview with Tekrati, Battiloro discussed the challenges of growing an e-commerce business during a pandemic.

"Last year, with COVID and all the repercussions that came along with it, being able to ship goods was one of the biggest challenges that many companies in our industry dealt with. Suffice to say, it had almost everyone struggling," Battiloro said.

But, with experience in growing several successful businesses, Battiloro offered some sound advice for e-commerce entrepreneurs. "When it comes to e-commerce businesses, one of the more important things is definitely marketing," Battiloro added. "This is one of the things that I've always prioritized, especially as someone who used to work strictly as a marketing producer — creating leads for other businesses."

Battiloro goes on to discuss creating urgency with sales. Vavoom has employed quick flash sales to increase sales with customers who may be hesitant to purchase. He also discusses the importance of excellent customer service in building a brand reputation.
For those just getting started, Battiloro recommends using Shopify. "Shopify is undeniably one of the best software for building up an e-commerce business on your own, after all. It's highly intuitive and highly effective," Battiloro said.

Vavoom has overcome the challenges of building a successful business and rising to the top of the brand’s $30 billion industry.
"We don't want to be just another brand, we thrive on exclusivity and instant brand awareness at the most exciting places around the world," says Battiloro. "Our product is instantly recognizable, and people will know they're in the right place for an incredible night when they find us on the top shelf."

About Luke Battiloro
Luke Battiloro is the founder and CEO of Vavoom, whose signature glass packaging is handcrafted in Milan, Italy, and evokes the figure of a beautiful, young woman stretching skyward. Vavoom aims to bring its Italian influences and benchmark values of beauty and art to life at each step in the design and production process. Additionally, through doing so, Vavoom hopes this product can do more than satisfy, empowering women around the world to live their lives to their fullest. Battiloro is passionate about every side of the business, from production to engineering, software, technology, design, creativity, and philanthropy. He is involved every step of the way.

Visit Battiloro's Instagram page at www.instagram.com/lukebattiloro
# # #

Hugh Taylor
HB Publications, LLC
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