NSI Educator helps Female Owned Business to improve Economics and Customer Satisfaction

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Nail Technician Training Workspace

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Nail Technician Graduation

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Nail Technician Tools and Products

Caricom Nail Technicians must utilize better quality products, and new techniques to please their customers, to earn a living wage and grow their businesses.

When I teach students about nail structure and growth, or explain the reasons their clients got nail infections, they look at me in awe. My training delivers value on an international level.”

— Lexann McPhoy

GEORGETOWN , DEMERARA , GUYANA, March 2, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — NSI Educator, Lexann McPhoy of Lexann’s Nail Creations, completed another training class for Nail Technicians to help them improve customer satisfaction and recoup the true cost of their labour.

After identifying that many Nail Technicians are not earning enough to upkeep their business, McPhoy decided to focus on educating Nail Technicians on business operations management and best practices.

“It seems like there is a race to the bottom, and some Nail Technicians are using the cheapest quality products, that results in dissatisfied customers”, Ms. McPhoy stated.

In collaboration with NSI Nails Guyana, McPhoy has been teaching the NSI system, marketing education, and customer satisfaction techniques, to those nail technicians looking to improve or launch their business.

“Nail Technicians, and their clients who have experienced NSI products, have been very satisfied with durability of their nails when nail products are used. Clients with very soft nail beds that always experience burn and damaged because of the harsh acrylic, are delighted with the NSI experience, and the nails still look good weeks after having their nails done,” said Ms. McPhoy.

Nail Technicians who would like to improve their business can get more information on personalized training by WhatsApp messaging +592-622-2822 or visit the Facebook Page of Lexann’s Nail Creations.

About Lexann’s Nail Creations:
Lexann’s Nail Creations provides boutique nail salon services in Guyana, and Nail Technician education throughout the Caribbean. The salon focuses on providing excellence in services to clients and addressing the needs of small and medium-size technicians by introducing eco-friendlier quality products and exceptional service and training.

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Etrog Enterprises, Inc. through its Guyana agent, NSI Nails Guyana, distributes nail products that are manufactured in a best-practices environment so that your customers have the best experience with quality nails. Etrog Enterprises, Inc. is the exclusive distributor of NSI products to wholesale and retails customers within the 15 member Caricom nations, dependencies, associate, and observer countries, as well as the US Virgin Islands, British Virgin Islands, and the Cayman Islands. NSI products are professional-only high-quality premium USA-made products for discriminating clients. Clients love NSI products because it is low maintenance and always results in a natural look and feel.

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