Project Boon Recaps Wins Amidst Challenges of 2020

Project Boon's upcoming Easter event at The Hitch Burger Grill on March 28th at 4:00 PM

Project Boon’s upcoming Easter event at The Hitch Burger Grill on March 28th at 4:00 PM

Two volunteers from Project Boon's last Easter event in 2020

Two volunteers from Project Boon’s last Easter event in 2020

Project Boon recounts challenges faced during 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic and discusses the organization’s wins and outlook.

It was amazing to see what we were capable of and what we accomplished—doing more with less. The challenges of 2020 made us set the bar higher when goal setting for 2021.”

— Chris Suchánek, Executive Director

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, CA, UNITED STATES, March 2, 2021 / — The past year presented unprecedented challenges to individuals, businesses, and communities the world over. With the onset of COVID-19, which entered public consciousness in March 2020, Southern California found itself especially hard hit, becoming one of the virus’s epicenters in the U.S. While people were finding themselves out of work as businesses closed, Project Boon saw in-need communities and insecurity growing as the ability to help others face-to-face shrunk. No matter, Project Boon rose to the occasion, strategized, and pivoted to extend a helping hand.

“Despite the 2020 pandemic, we remained committed to our purpose of giving back,” stated Chris Suchánek, Executive Director. “We worked together, pivoted, and ended up serving more people with fewer volunteers than in past years.”

Indeed, the organization’s 2020 results speak for themselves. Project Boon organized five total events, and the organization took advantage of its partnership with The Hitch Burger Grill to enable deployment.

“Since Hitch Burger was deemed essential because of its drive-thru, we realized that all of the year’s big plans didn’t need to be scrapped…just re-imagined,” stated Board of Director Chair Joel Clelland. “Four of five events centered on providing groceries to families. And it’s a humbling sight to see a line of 300 cars spanning a mile long, waiting for assistance. It was proof just how important it was for Project Boon to continue operations during the pandemic.”

The organization served 20K meals in 2020. Furthermore, the group distributed thousands of cases of water, pairs of socks, backpacks filled with school supplies, Christmas toys, health resource packets, and even red roses to appreciative moms on Mother’s Day.

“It was amazing to see what we were capable of and what we accomplished—doing more with less,” reflected Suchánek. “The challenges of 2020 made us set the bar higher when goal setting for 2021.”

The organization aims to serve at least 30K meals in 2021 while bringing additional valuable resources to underserved and in-need communities, including health resources that could be hard to access as the pandemic rages on. Organizations, businesses, and individuals who are interested in learning more about how they can assist in Project Boon’s mission are encouraged to visit for more information.

Upcoming Events
Project Boon is pleased to announce an Easter event that will feature drive-thru service to families who are food insecure on March 28, 2021 at 4:00 PM. Held at Hitch Burger in Rancho Cucamonga, the event will provide groceries for Easter dinner preparation as well as festive Easter baskets for children.
The organization asks that any individual or business that is interested in partnering or donating to enable the success of this event reach out by signing up for Project Boon’s newsletter. You can subscribe by visiting As the event draws nearer, organizers will be in touch to communicate needs in the form of food and monetary donations, supplies for Easter baskets, as well as in-person volunteer requirements.
Project Boon looks forward to making this event a success and to helping in-need community members realize a pleasant and peaceful Easter celebration.


Project Boon, based in Rancho Cucamonga, California, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that seeks to make an impact in building connections and providing assistance to underserved communities. The organization executes community holiday-based events to help the underserved community members access food, resources, school supplies, and much more. The organization aims to partner with businesses and individuals who believe in Project Boon’s mission, which is centered on the idea that we live in an interconnected world and possess the innate power to offer a helping hand to others. More information is available at

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