Limitless Epigenetics Launches to Remodel the Future of Wellness

Limitless Epigenetics launches to provide clients with precision wellness

Cee McDermott, owner of Limitless Epigenetics

A new epigenetics coaching practitioner, Limitless Epigenetics, looks to remodel the future of personalized, precision wellness.

NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, April 18, 2021 / — A new epigenetics coaching service based in Long Valley, NJ, Limitless Epigenetics looks to remodel the future of personalized wellness. They utilize bio-individual data of DNA to harness the personalized needs and desires of clients seeking precision wellness.

Founded as a means to assist people to incorporate the Whole Systems approach into their nutrition, movement, environment, mindset and lifestyle, Limitless Epigenetics has launched and is looking to remodel the future of wellness.

Individuals looking to lose weight, maintain cognition, enhance their physical performance, optimize their stress, nutrition, sleep, and relationships have often sought options on their own, wading through mountains of data readily available online and from well-meaning friends and family. Limitless Epigenetics cuts through all the noise to allow people to focus on what they need: with action items specifically for their DNA and for their lifestyle.

Led by founder Cee McDermott, clients will perform a simple DNA mouth swab and within a few weeks have a greater look at their overall genetic predisposition to their body’s response to outside factors such as nutrition, supplementation, athletic performance, cognition, environmental detoxification, hormones and sleep. By harnessing these important inputs, coaches guide clients using scientific research and clinical experience toward the best outcomes for an elevated life experience. Clients may choose to focus on a problem they are currently facing such as hormone imbalance, or an overall optimization toward greater wellness.

Limitless Epigenetics is at the forefront of epigenetics to allow clients to apply scientific research to the data that they receive. Coaches are able to review clients’ DNA, lab work and lifestyle factors that general practitioners often do not have the time or expertise to perform. By having an Epigenetic Coach, clients are better able to apply actionable knowledge rather than untranslated data and lab results and see their goals achieved and beyond with lifelong results.

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