2882Shop-Shop Your Style: Revolutionizing The Way to Shop. Curated Style Collections No Matter Your Trend Choice- For Ü

Two beautiful women dreased in long floral dresses reming us o the cottage-core trend.

Shop Curated Collections based off of Your Personal Style Trends Like this Cottage -Core Collection

Hip hop styledressed man holding his hat in front off his face showing the hop hip style fashipn clothing.

Do the 90s Make You Feel all Coolio Inside. Then You Will Wanna Creep Over to Check Out the Shop Your Style Hip Hop Collection anbd it mwill make you feel unpretty.

2882 Barcode Classic Lockup

2882 Barcode Classic Lockup

Online Retailer 2882Shop Announced The Launch of its New Website, Showcasing a Unique Experience where Shoppers Can Browse Items Curated in Their Personal Style

LOS ANGELES, CA, US, May 31, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — The new online store offers curated clothing collections based on current trends and styles to save customers time when shopping, while also giving them fresh ideas and inspiration to enhance their look.

Many clothing stores provide filters based on generic categories such as sex, color, and size when shopping online – however, this can often return an extensive selection of items. Due to the large inventory of clothes available from online retailers, this can still require time-consuming scrolling to search for the right items to fit a customer’s style. 2882 are revolutionizing the online clothes shopping experience with their new ‘Shop Your Style’ website design.

The clothing collections available through the new website are curated into trends and styles such as Business Casual, Boho Chic, Rocker, and Sporty, with more collections being added daily. Each collection includes items that match the selected trend and feature recognized brands such as Alexander McQueen, Givenchy, Michael Kors, Dolce & Gabbana, and Versace.

The Los Angeles-based company built its website focusing primarily on the customer’s shopping experience rather than a business or inventory perspective. This user-oriented design created an online store that is both smoother and more intuitive for customers, allowing them to quickly find the right products for their needs.

With the launch of their new website, customers are invited to sign up to receive exclusive deals and an introductory 20% promotional code. Additionally, 2882 are launching their ‘2882 Shopper Elite’ membership program that includes private shopping invites, birthday gifts, and early access to new collections.

The retailer is currently offering free shipping for all domestic orders over a qualifying amount within the US, and international shipping available throughout Europe, Asia, and South America.

The company’s founder and CEO said, “I set out to create a place based on you. To shop the way you like. To save you time and energy. To allow you to have a much more bespoke, personalized shopping experience every time you shop.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting https://www.2882Shop.com

2882 LLC
+1 213-910-1696
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Green Revolution Wildside Beverages are Selected as one of Ten Hottest THC Beverages in the Country by MJ Brand Insights

Blackberry Lemonade- a customer favorite!

Solace Wins Best Topical in Seattle Sun Cup 2021

Green Revolution showed significant growth & market adoption for its Wildside cannabis-infused hydration beverages, ranking in the Top 10 Hottest THC Beverages.

This result is a testament to the culture of innovation at Green Revolution and our commitment to use the finest natural ingredients and state of the art processes.”

— Leo Shlovsky, CEO, Green Revolution

SEATTLE, WA, USA, May 31, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Green Revolution Wildside Beverages are Selected as one of Ten Hottest THC Beverages in the Country by MJ Brand Insights.

THC Cannabis beverages are an increasingly popular and competitive category as new and existing cannabis consumers embrace edibles in growing numbers.

Leveraging consumer engagement data from earned media, websites, and social media, MJ Brand Insights ranked top cannabis beverage brands by how well they resonated with end users online.

The survey does not measure performance by units sold but rather through user engagement with the brands in their online channels.

Competing with established and respected brands like Dixie Elixirs and Cann, Green Revolution demonstrated significant growth and market adoption for its Wildside line of gluten-free, cannabis-infused hydrating beverages, made in popular flavors like Lemon Ginger Bliss, Blackberry Lemonade, and Mango Tropical Storm.

Formulated with antioxidants and electrolytes and powered by a proprietary UNET nano technology, WildSide is the fastest-acting, most hydrating beverage in the market.

Said CEO of Green Revolution, Leo Shlovsky, “This result is a testament to the culture of innovation at Green Revolution and our commitment to use the finest natural ingredients and state of the art processes to produce products that drive positive change in people’s lives.”

Wildside Beverages is a next generation product that is designed from the ground up to serve the needs of a discerning modern cannabis consumer. With its focus on delivering precise user experiences and manufactured using our wholly organic nano technology, the Wildside line is redefining the cannabis beverages category.

This industry recognition is just the latest in a string of impressive wins for Green Revolution in 2021. Green Revolution won the Best Tincture award at the 2021 Farmers Cup in San Diego. And the Best THC Edible at the Weedcon Cup in Hollywood for their Peach Doozies 1:1 Elevate gummies.

Last Month, Green Revolution walked away with several milestone wins at the Seattle Sun Cup including Best Topical, Best CBD Edible, Best Tincture, and the Best Sweet Edible.

Lily Jablonski
Green Revolution
+1 360-900-3476
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Refreshing newsflash: The bevveg free app, dubbed “the ultimate vegan alcohol guide” can help you search and determine what is vegan safe before summer!

PALM BEACH, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, May 31, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Is your beverage a BevVeg? Summer is around the corner and we can all use a sip of a cold drink! But did you know beer, wine, and many alcoholic beverages are processed with animal parts (gelatin, casein, glycerin, isinglass amongst others) and that not all beers are vegan friendly?

Refreshing newsflash: The bevveg free consumer app, dubbed “the ultimate vegan alcohol guide” can help you search and determine what is vegan safe before summer! You can download the free app at google play and ios app store.

The BevVeg app easily lets you know you if your beverage is a BevVeg. All you have to do is download it! The searchable database let’s you make recommendations, submit edits to vegan status for BeVeg review, and it even lets you email companies for more information directly from the app. BeVeg International welcomes users to interact with the database by submitting reviews and product pictures to make the vegan alcohol experience more enjoyable. After all, who doesn’t want to enjoy their beverage?!

Check out the new vegan app, and give it 5 stars. If there’s any user experience issue, please submit the feedback to info@beveg.com so the app kink can be addressed. BeVeg is in the business of consumer transparency through the ISO accredited vegan certification program. This app compliments the certified vegan program by allowing the consumer to drive the demand for such vegan label transparency.

Download the app on google play and at the ios app store. Sip Sip hooray!

BeVeg Law Firm
BevVeg Int'l Vegan Cert
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Entreprenuer Maaz Rehman Explains How His E-commerce Business Has Impacted The Cleaning Equipment Industry & His Clients

It’s Maaz Rehman

E-commerce Logo

Entreprenuer Maaz Rehman Explains How His E-commerce Business Has Impacted The Cleaning Equipment Industry & His Clients

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, May 31, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Entreprenuer Maaz Rehman Explains How His E-commerce Business Has Impacted The Cleaning Equipment Industry & Clients

May 31, 2021 / Maaz Rehman has always been a very thoughtful entrepreneur. He has done various calculations when shifting his business to the e-commerce world. When he planned on executing this amazing fruitful thought of his, there very many glitches and hiccups during the process which kept coming up. These would usually be from the clients and the procurement side of the cleaning industry, mostly from the way they think when purchasing any equipment. But Maaz has always wanted to implement the e-commerce to his business model and that was exactly what this young millennial entrepreneur did.

Although Maaz knew the shift it would cause in his industry, he never changed his thought. This positive thought of his was absolutely remarkable and rewarding for his company. Going into e-commerce as an independent company in the cleaning equipment industry was a big achievement. There is no one is his industry that took this marvellous initiative in executing it and making it happen within a few weeks. However, the outcome of it all was a very positive one for Maaz. He made sure that all aspects of payment methods were available in order for any customer to make a payment comfortably. We are talking 6 to 8 figure equipment that is being purchased online.

“Determining the true aspects of buying expensive cleaning equipment online was always a very challenging part of the industry for many clients and procurements managers” says Maaz. But Maaz Rehman knew that e-commerce has become an absolute necessity for all industries. The idea was to give clients and the procurement department flexibility to analyse the prices online and take decisions while having an ariel view of understanding the figures, when getting a cleaning contract for any facility.

Shopping online for 6 to 8 figure cleaning equipment was never a very logical thought in Maaz’s industry, as time went by, he experienced the urge to shift the agenda. Now, the business caters to over 150 products online, ranging from cleaning equipment, janitorial products, hygiene products, and industrial batteries. This entrepreneur always knew what the industry needed in order to really give people the comfortability to take decisions at the comfort of their offices.

Understanding the true aspects of e-commerce in the cleaning equipment industry is very challenging. It gets clients and procurement managers thinking and analysing many aspects of the equipment, but according to Maaz, “it’s just a matter of understanding the equipment, watching the videos online on our website and reading the technical data sheet at the comfort of your desk”. Doing so, such practise can really reduce costs and further overheads for the facility management company that has won a contract and is now looking to mobilize equipment for that specific project. “Instead of going and organizing in-person demos of the equipment at the site, the client can literally watch the videos and read online on our website and understand every aspect of the equipment and make an informed decision to purchase it online from our website” says Maaz.

However, Maaz knows exactly what the unique selling proposition for his company stands for and how it has absolutely leveraged on the way his clients can benefit from the e-commerce business. Maaz adds “there are many amazing positive benefits that we offer to all our clients, ranging from phone support, email support, and 24/7 online chat, where people can literally use any sort of support option, they like to enable them in learning more about the equipment and make an informed decision to purchase it online”. He goes on to explain that “this is the most rewarding aspect of their e-commerce in the cleaning equipment industry, and they strive to make the most suitable purchase for all their clients with this amazing support system”.

You can follow Maaz on his Instagram page to keep up with the latest updates from this courageous top performing millennial entrepreneur.

Company Name: Cleantech Gulf
Contact Person: Maaz Rehman
Email: maaz@cleantech-gulf.com

Personal & Company Website Links:
Instagram: www.instagram.com/maazdxb
Personal: www.maazrehman.com
E-commerce: www.dubaicleaningequipment.com

Maaz Rehman
Cleantech Gulf
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Non Profit Launches Business Pandemic Preparedness System

Press Conference June 1st, 2021, 11:00 am EST; the world needs pandemic preparedness, sustainability, and universal safe business practices.

We have to change the narrative. We need to take the politics out of our governance. We need to come together as a community if we are to be successful.”

— Steve Anderson

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, May 31, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Over the past year, SmALL businesses have felt helpless, hopeless, unsupported, and confused. Witnessing the pain and challenges felt and faced by honest, hardworking people in our communities, it became very clear we MUST take action. This sparked the inception of the organization called Social Distance Management (SDM).

Edward Henry Company (EHCO) has made the decision to give away all licensing rights and intellectual property of SDM, which includes Social Distance Advisory (SDA), Social Distance Compliance (SDC) systems, and research to SmALL Business is Essential (SBE).

SDM believes that all businesses need universal compliance measures to operate safely during a pandemic and other unprecedented times. By having access to these practical systems, SBE will have the resources it needs to develop the support for all businesses. ALL businesses are essential, and business continuity is the focus. Any opportunities managed from these systems will help all businesses secure and implement adequate steps to stay open, thrive, and have their voices heard.

The Journey of Social Distance Management

In March of 2020, EHCO started SDM with a mission to stand by businesses. Two months later, on May 11, 2020, with extensive research, collaboration and data collection, they released their first version of universal compliance standards.

Under SDM, sub-resources, including SDA and SDC systems, were established to display universal compliance guidelines and assess the threat levels in specific areas to protect the population. The idea to start SDM came from the utmost care about people and businesses, not from a political approach. Universal health measures and the life of our economy are not two isolated conversations. It is ONE conversation.

To contribute to the information gathered, in July of 2020, a Research Internship was formed to discover and outline details on various businesses in Canada and the United States. The outcome of the research included details which contributed to SDC, such as further development of safety protocols, requirements for operation, compliance measures, capacity limits, and PPE requirements. SDM used the data collection to create additional tools, such as self-assessment audits that provide a checklist for what businesses need to stay compliant and operate safely.

Taking its cue from other systems such as ISO, Homeland Security, The World Health Organization, and research from John Hopkins University, SDM developed its Advisory system. This system was developed with the intent to assist businesses and communities in preparing for crises and mitigating restrictions. “There needs to be accountability to the decisions that are being made that affect our small businesses,” said President of EHCO, Edward Henry.

The Advisory system narrows in on the WHO’s Pandemic Phases and the Homeland Security system and uses five levels of risk and threat: low, moderate, substantial, severe, and critical. The colors associated include green, blue, yellow, orange, and red. Each phase clearly defines which business practices, products, and services are considered essential and non-essential and the types of businesses permitted to open during each phase. The Advisory system is currently in the process of implementing data from John Hopkins University, along with data collected by other reputable models.

Despite the aforementioned systems, resources, and extensive research to support our findings, ambiguous guidelines still remain. Therefore, businesses are left without genuine reasons as to why they cannot safely reopen and recover.

A Multi-faceted Problem Requires Innovative Solutions

Stand By SmALL Businesses and Our Communities

SmALL Business is Essential

After spending some time in the development phase, SDM ventured out and sought support from government officials and local politicians. After COUNTLESS meetings and constantly being redirected elsewhere, it was time to take drastic action. Edward Henry states, “Limited power is not an excuse for not doing the right thing.” This year has been about a lot of the wrong things, and in the beginning, SDM was seen as a profit-making opportunity, and taking advantage of a terrible situation. The lack of change cannot continue. Coming together as a collective unit is essential.

For sustainable change to happen, SDM’s resources need to be placed in the right hands. They need to be placed with an organization that isn’t narrow minded, but bilateral with its thinking so sectors, such as health and business can come together. SBE is a not-for-profit association that operates based on three core pillars: pandemic preparedness, sustainability, and safe business practices. SBE aims to collectively arm small businesses with the support, protection, and resources needed to operate safely while envisioning economic recovery and stability through business unity.

This pandemic is not just a small business problem; it’s a world problem. The government’s attempt to segregate businesses into non-essential and essential classifications created ambiguity. This ambiguity initiated the thought that, not some, but ALL businesses are essential. As EHCO releases all of its SDM systems, traffic, assessment, and auditing models to SBE, a new leadership position begins. SBE’s goals encompass the severity of the issue at hand, which is why there is no better person for the job than Steve Anderson. As a Social Entrepreneur, Olympic Gold Medal Coach, and Community Champion, Anderson takes over as President of the not-for-profit association SBE. Edward Henry states, “My choice to recruit Steve Anderson was because of his character, coaching background, competitive nature to overcome challenges, and his experience with a multi-faceted range of individuals.” Speaking to Anderson’s character, he doesn’t make excuses. Steve is a good man, and SBE needs his character to bring everyone together.

Along with Anderson’s motivating character, he is the first African American to coach an Olympic team in indoor or beach volleyball and the first to win an Olympic Gold Medal in either practice. Anderson is highly committed to being the driving force behind SBE to support ALL businesses. He, along with the efforts of SBE, will pave the way towards a better normal.

Our current actions reflect our future results. If we don’t continue putting in effort and showing our care for our businesses, we will continue losing pieces of our community and, in turn, our economy. Small businesses have experienced unfair measures and restrictions, putting them at risk for permanent closure. Continuous lockdowns are not a solution. “This current pandemic has cost over $20 trillion because we were not prepared,” said Edward Henry. The definition of insanity is to perform the same actions and expect different results. “We will do this over again if we don’t start changing the way we do things,” he added. The focus needs to be on Social Distance Compliance and universal protocols to preserve business continuity. If we want an improved normal, we need to stand by SmALL businesses and our communities. There is no better time than now to help businesses transition from lockdowns and longer than expected restrictions.

Register for Zoom Press Conference

Location 10 Sunray Street, Suite 23
Whitby, Ontario L1N 9B5
Limited Space for TV Media only, call contacts below to confirm or email info@edwardhenry.com

Edward Henry
Edward Henry Company
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PanzerGlass Launches Limited Artist Edition ClearCase by Mikael B

PanzerGlass Limited Artist Edition ClearCase by artist and philanthropist Mikael B

The clear case features the work of artist and philanthropist Mikael B, and for each unit sold worldwide, PanzerGlass will plant a tree.

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, May 31, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — PanzerGlass, one of the leading screen protection brands in the world, announces the launch of its Limited Artist Edition ClearCase™. The company has partnered with Los Angeles-based Danish artist and philanthropist Mikael Brandrup (a.k.a. Mikael B), an ambassador for the Perfect World Foundation, a non-profit organization that raises awareness and supports efforts to prevent the global ecological crisis.

"We are thrilled to have partnered with street artist Mikael B. for our first-ever limited artist edition clear case. For each unit sold, we will plant a tree in the Sir David Attenborough Forest. This collaboration bridges smartphone protection, abstract street style art, and forest restoration to create small changes for a better world," announces Head of Global Marketing Michael Broend.

The Limited Artist Edition ClearCase™ available for iPhone 11 and 12 models features Mikael B's original artwork, adapted from a mural he painted in Sta. Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles, California specifically for the initiative. It has a signature antibacterial coating proven to kill up to 99.99% of most common surface bacteria, a 100% recycled TPU frame, and an extra-strong honeycomb pattern to enhance shock absorption providing 25% improved scratch resistance.

Limited Artist Edition ClearCase™ will appeal to customers who wish to express art and color while protecting their investment and those looking to make a difference in the world in their small way. Buying the unit allows device users to make the world a better place.

Mikael B is an urban contemporary artist who developed his own identity and unique signature, deeply rooted in his early years as a graffiti artist. He has always had a desire to give back and use his art to make a difference. For this reason, the artist founded the Mikael B Foundation in 2017, where all charity projects come together. It started with a school in Cambodia but has since spread to projects to save the world seas, planting trees to reduce CO2 in collaboration with The Perfect World Foundation.

On this collaboration, Mikael B commented: "The collaboration has been built on a shared passion for changing the world for the better. To kick off the collaboration, I created a mural called "Moment of Clarity" in Los Angeles (Santa Monica Blvd and Orange Grove Ave). I used the composition of the mural to design a ClearCase to protect your phone that bridges the PanzerGlass heritage and my art style."

"PanzerGlass is in business to protect both screens and the planet. As a global business, we believe we have a responsibility to find sustainable solutions in everything we do. The fewer devices we throw away due to broken screens, the fewer resources are needed to make new ones. Thus, the negative environmental impact is limited. So, by adding screen protection to your devices, you are also taking responsibility for our planet. Our journey for a greener planet started years ago – Let's continue this journey and take responsibility together," adds Michael Broend.

The Limited Artist Edition ClearCase will be made available for purchase at the leading Smartphone Electronics Accessories Retailers soon.

For more information about PanzerGlass™, visit https://panzerglass.com/.

About PanzerGlass™
In 2013, the Danish start-up launched its new and exclusive line of products for mobile devices. Today, a leader in its category, PanzerGlass™, has 130 employees, is present in 70 different countries.

PanzerGlass™ is part of the Juhl Bach Holding Group, one of Denmark's largest family-owned holding companies. JB Holding specializes in venture operations and has an impressive portfolio of companies ranging from start-ups to mature companies.

Illustrado FZ-LLC
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Recruiting for Good Sponsors NJ Dining Review By 9-Year-Old Girl on Foodie Gig

Mom and Me Lunch NJ Foodie Review By InaMinute #inaminute #momandmelunch #sweetgig www.MomandMeLunch.com

Mom and Me Lunch NJ Foodie Review By InaMinute #inaminute #momandmelunch #sweetgig www.MomandMeLunch.com

Recruiting for Good sponsors meaningful mom and me lunches #momandmelunch #beautyfoodienews #recruitingforgood www.MomandMeLunch.com

Recruiting for Good sponsors meaningful mom and me lunches #momandmelunch #beautyfoodienews #recruitingforgood www.MomandMeLunch.com

We Help Companies Find Talented Professionals and Generate Proceeds to Make a Positive Impact #funforgood #hirethebest #gigsforkids www.RecruitingforGood.com

We Help Companies Find Talented Professionals and Generate Proceeds to Make a Positive Impact #funforgood #hirethebest #gigsforkids www.RecruitingforGood.com

Recruiting for Good Represents  Talented Professionals #talentedprofessionals #landsweetjobs #makepositiveimpact www.talentedcandidates.com

Recruiting for Good Represents Talented Professionals #talentedprofessionals #landsweetjobs #makepositiveimpact www.talentedcandidates.com

The Sweetest Kid Community Gig use your creative dancing talent to help support local cause #talentforgood #gigforkids #wedanceforgood www.WeDanceforGood.org

The Sweetest Kid Community Gig use your creative dancing talent to help support local cause #talentforgood #gigforkids #wedanceforgood www.WeDanceforGood.org

Recruiting for Good sponsors a monthly Mom and Me Lunch to create fun fulfilling experiences for InaMinute (girl) to discover the best dining in New Jersey.

I am grateful for InaMinutes' lovely review of Wok n Roll in New Jersey!”

— Carlos Cymerman, Fun Advocate+Founder, Recruiting for Good

SANTA MONICA, CA, UNITED STATES, May 30, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Recruiting for Good (R4G) is a staffing agency helping companies find talented professionals and generating proceeds to make a positive impact.

Recruiting for Good sponsors a monthly Mom and Me Lunch to create fun fulfilling experiences and to discover the best dining in your community together. Girls get to choose their own nicknames.

InaMinute, a nine year old girl, reviewed Wok n Roll, a local restaurant in Jackson, New Jersey.

According to InaMinute, "I was too full to finish my whole meal but I have a little special compartment in my stomach that is saved for dessert, so we got coconut ice cream. Mom said she would only have one bite but we split it evenly! The flavor was very sweet and milky and I got brain freeze because it was so cold!"


Mom and Me Lunch is the ultimate sweet foodie gig for girls to taste and review the best local dining. Recruiting for Good sponsors the monthly gig to reward fun fulfilling experiences. Parrish Walsh from www.WeUseOurVoiceforGood.com mentors the girls. When girls do a great job, they get hired for another gig just like in the real world. www.MomandMeLunch.com (Created by Carlos Cymerman, Recruiting for Good Founder)

Since 1998, Recruiting for Good has been a purpose driven staffing company. Companies retain our recruiting agency to find talented and value driven professionals who love to use their talent for good in Accounting/Finance, Engineering, Information Technology, Marketing, Operations, and Sales. We're generating proceeds to make a positive impact. www.RecruitingforGood.com

Recruiting for Good is helping soccer girls fund trips to the 2023 Women's World Cup. Recruiting for Good generates proceeds from staffing placements. Teams earn travel savings by successfully participating in the referral program. To learn more visit www.2023WomenSoccer.com

Carlos Cymerman
Recruiting for Good
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Scandinavian Wallpaper Demand Surges In 2021

Hoppet Black Folk Scandinavian

Hoppet Black Folk Scandinavian

Bright & colorful wallpaper known as "Scandinavian" have become hot in 2021. People are moving away from earthy neutrals and desiring patterns with more flair.

ODESSA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, May 30, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Wallpaper Boulevard is reporting a surge in the demand for Scandinavian wallpaper (also known as Boråstapeter wallpaper to many industry purists).

It seems like the American public is finally moving away from plain solid neutrals or textured earthy tones to bright florals that really make a room stand out.

“It started in 2019 but now we are really seeing an uptick,” says Erin Shanks, co-founder of Wallpaper Boulevard." "People talk and dream about big and bold wallpaper patterns but the actual buying habits of US, at least when it comes to wallpaper, reflect a very conservative decorating mindset. We see most people buying samples of loud patterns but settling on something toned down when they’re actually ready to buy full rolls. But the last two years we have been our customers become bolder and take bigger risks. Maybe it was due to Covid or maybe it was due to the fact that Millennials are becoming a bigger percentage of our customers instead of Boomers and Generation X."

Scandinavian patterns tend to be very colorful and loud. In the US, we would normally refer to these patterns are toiles. They typically incorporate folksy multi-colored animals, block florals (i.e., Block tulips), and abstract tree and forest scenes.

It’s definitely not the type of wallpaper you would say “matches with everything.” And yet, that is precisely what more people are wanting.

These types of patterns hail from Sweden, Norway, Denmark and The Netherlands. While the quality of life in those countries always rank very high on any list, the fact remains that those countries also have cold, rainy and dreary weather during most of the year.

From that environment, Scandinavian design was born to bring life into the area’s home décor.

How ironic that the people who created Law of Jante (basically stating that no one is better than anyone else) also created Scandinavian wallpaper!

Wallpaper Boulevard carries all types of Scandinavian wallpaper for any room in the house, including unique Boråstapeter designs from Hanna Werning. They feature the 17 major Scandinavian collections from Brewster, York, Wallquest and Patton.

Alexis Colba
Wallpaper Boulebard
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Millon Auction of Important Russian Art Will Be Held on June 1, 2021

The Theotokos of Tolga

The Theotokos of Tolga

Russian Icon Collection is pleased to share the news that Millon Auction House will hold an auction of important Russian art on June 1, 2021.

NEW YORK, NY, US, May 30, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — The online gallery Russian Icon Collection is pleased to share the amazing news that Millon Auction House will hold an auction of important Russian art on June 1, 2021. The auction will feature 311 lots, including an outstanding collection of fine art, antique icons, jewelry, enamels, bronzes, decorative art, militaria, historical souvenirs, and many more. It will be held at the Hôtel Drouot in Paris, starting at 2 pm. Public viewing is available through May 31, from 11 am to 6 pm.

Millon is a European auction house with locations in France and Belgium. It has long been known for its exclusive auctions of art and antiques, featuring rare and unique collectible items. The upcoming Millon Russian art auction is no exception, as it will offer a truly magnificent selection of valuable lots. The expert of the auction is Maxime Charron, a reputable specialist in the field of Russian art and antiques and founder of the Paris-based Royal Provenance Gallery.

The highlight of Millon Russian art auction is a collection of Maria Kuznetsova, a prominent 20th-century Russian opera singer and dancer, featuring her stage dress for the opera Eugene Onegin, Salon paintings by her father and uncle, and Ruckert napkin rings for Fabergé, among other lots. The upcoming auction is also distinguished by a selection of fine art paintings by such notable artists as Ivan Aivazovsky, Jacques Chapiro, Felix Varla, Richard Zommer, Natela Iankoshvili, and Konstantin Yuon.

Special attention will be paid to antique Russian icons. Among the highlights is the Theotokos of Tolga (pictured), a gorgeous icon of the Mother of God with the Christ Child, covered by a gilded silver oklad with gems and embossed and engraved decor. Other notable lots include Our Lady of the Sign in a gilded silver oklad richly decorated with colored gems and pearls, a rare icon of Christ Emmanuel from the collection of Countess Maria de Donici, a precious icon of the Three Holy Hierarchs in a beautiful gilded silver oklad with champlevé and cloisonné enamel, and an exquisite icon of Saint Princess Olga of Kiev covered by a silver oklad, among others.

The upcoming Millon Russian art auction also features a magnificent Cartier frame for the Romanov family, a bowenite vase by Rappoport for Fabergé, a rare example of the New Testament Bible decorated with a painted icon of Christ the Almighty on the cover, a Fabergé silver-mounted crystal goblet, and many other rare and unique collectibles related to Russian art and culture. The full catalog can be viewed at millon.com.

Ilya Kushnirskiy
Russian Icon
+1 9176585075
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Sir Hemp Company Memorial Day 2021 Sale

Sir Hemp Co. CBD Oil Memorial Day Weekend Sale

Sir Hemp Co. CBD Oil Memorial Day Weekend Sale

CBD for Cats and Dogs

CBD for Cats and Dogs

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Florida based wellness company Sir Hemp Co. announces major Memorial Day Sale. The all-natural hemp extracts company will be offering a deep discount.

We want everyone to take advantage of our Memorial Day Sale, while remembering and honoring those who served our great country”

— Alfredo Cernuda

WEST PALM BEACH, FL, USA, May 30, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Florida based wellness company Sir Hemp Co. announces major Memorial Day Sale. In an unprecedented move by the all-natural hemp extracts company, they will be offering a deep discount across their entire product line. “We want everyone to take advantage of our Memorial Day Sale, while remembering and honoring those who served our great country”, said Sir Hemp Co., President & Founder, Alfredo Cernuda.

Sir Hemp Co. products range from Full Spectrum CBD Oil containing all the cannabinoids naturally found in the industrial hemp plant to CBD Isolate, which only contains CBD. They offer a highly concentrated version of CBD called CBD RSO as well. For those not wanting to carry around a tincture bottle, Sir Hemp Co. offers CBD Candy. The company also offers a human-grade CBD oil for pets. This is CBD for cats & dogs made from premium U.S.A. grown hemp.

Sir Hemp Company offers a CBD Oil subscription as well as a-la-cart selection of premium high potency hemp oils. While CBD subscription customers receive a monthly discount, their single purchase items are rarely discounted. This Memorial Day Weekend sale will be 30 % (thirty percent) automatically added to the customers cart at checkout. This marks the first time in company’s history that a broad discount is being offered.

Stacy Jones
Sir Hemp Co.
+1 800-836-5820
email us here
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