David R. Musser Reveals Riveting New Horror Novel, WHISPERS OF GRAY

David R. Musser

David R. Musser

Whispers of Gray

Whispers of Gray

Part of the KEEP IN THE LIGHT series, David R. Musser’s WHISPERS OF GRAY gives an ordinary childhood fear a terrifyingly fresh feel.

HIGH POINT, NORTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, June 10, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Celebrated indie author David R. Musser recently launched WHISPERS OF GRAY, the second book in his supernatural thriller series, KEEP IN THE LIGHT. The newest offering introduces readers to a familiar fictional realm embellished with ambiguity, angst, and, most notably, evil.

The story’s protagonist, Jeff, is a relatable man living a quiet and complacent life with his wife, Sarah. The two are seemingly plagued with normalcy until a near-fatal accident reveals debilitating, sinister force that becomes near-impossible to shake.

Musser’s storyline is practical and well thought out. All levels of readers will find it easy to follow, but even the most advanced mystery-enthusiasts will be stimulated with anticipation from cover to cover. He artfully transforms a common childhood fear, the darkness, into an unfathomable monster that continually leaves the reader wanting more.

WHISPERS OF GRAY features an innovative take on the most sought-after elements of a classic thriller. Throughout the KEEP IN THE LIGHT series, Musser demonstrates the unprecedented ways in which a family can courageously overcome the most powerful and frightening threats of evil.

“For my latest book, my goal was to demonstrate how evil can hide in the form of possession, tearing lives apart. I am humbled by the reviews on the first part of the series, and can only hope that I do justice to those other writers before me that I’ve learned from and worked to emulate.” – David R. Musser

WHISPERS OF GRAY is now available on Amazon Kindle for $2.99 or for free reading with Kindle Unlimited.

For more information on the KEEP IN THE LIGHT series, please visit https://keepinthelight.com/.

About the Author

Currently residing in High Point, North Carolina, David R. Musser is an independent author boasting a long-standing fascination with the horror genre. Despite his ongoing struggle with dyslexia, Musser began to seriously pursue writing in an effort to escape the creative confines of the COVID-19 pandemic. A Scorpio born in 1967, Musser is a self-proclaimed technology guru who loves to stay active on Twitter.

David R. Musser
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