New Jersey Themed Collection of T-Shirts Just Released From the Etsy Shop, "I Don't Have a Niche."

Amy Jans wearing a t-shirt from the "Jestful Jersey" collection from the I Don't Have a Niche Etsy Shop.

Amy Jans wearing a t-shirt from the “Jestful Jersey” collection from the I Don’t Have a Niche Etsy Shop.

Jersey T-shirt collection only available in the Etsy shop, nowhere else!

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, June 11, 2021 / — Celebrate summer at the Shore, anywhere with a tee from the "Jestful Jersey" collection in the
I Don't Have a Niche– Etsy shop Available now!

Aside from the Jersey-themed collection, in the I Don't Have a Niche Etsy Shop, you can find quirky tees highlighting the absurdity of the digital world, like the "Not Famous, but I Have Heart" and "Stop Scrolling" tees.

Etsy shop owner Amy Jans, who grew up in NJ, came up with the idea to do a Jersey collection with her dad. "I asked my dad if he had any t-shirt ideas. He goes, "how about some shirts about Jersey- do one about pork-roll!" said Jans. "I was like, haha, OK. It turned out to be the best seller!"

These tees will make great gifts for that friend from Jersey! They'll be like, "you know me!" Or, for that person who moved out of Jersey, but it'll always be a part of them.

For more information and press inquiries, email: Tees available in the Etsy shop!

Amy Jans is a comedian who started to work on her t-shirt shop during the pandemic. She is based in NYC. She recently graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology, where she found her love for public relations, branding, and content development. You can follow her on Instagram. and

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Source: EIN Presswire