Plucker is pleased to announce the launch of online food delivery services via their app

Stevenson Michael Joseph

Stevenson Michael Joseph

Plucker for Cabs

Plucker for iOS

Plucker takes immense pride in sharing that they are the first black-owned food delivery service in New York

NEW YORK, USA, August 1, 2021 / — Plucker started off as a food and grocery delivery service but now Plucker is the first black owed app to deliver anything customers need to their doorstep. Food, grocery, medicine, laundry, water, and much more. there is a section on the app that says The black market which is for black-owned businesses in the community. The founder and CEO Stevenson Michael Joseph wanted to make a difference across the nation. Plucker stands for People Love Unity Culture Kindness Embrace Relationships.

In 2019, Stevenson aspired to launch Plucker, planned and positioned himself properly to have the foundations for launching Dec 2020. After months of learning the codes, taking classes, and financial planning, Plucker LLC was launched in Dec 2020! Once launched, the heavy volume and orders caused the app to crash. This was one of the few obstacles Plucker faced. Pushing through the payment system crash, app crash, Stevenson learned a better coding system to withstand the increasing volume of plucker customers and team.

Just starting, over 30 restaurants and local businesses joined Plucker LLC, originally named Pluckershop. Although Plucker LLC had many orders, we had a lack of drivers. Because of the volume of stores and customer orders, Plucker is always hiring more drivers. During a slow drop in sales for a couple of months, Stevenson had to keep motivated by planning other ways to keep Plucker going. Figuring out the needs for the community and what we lacked, how Plucker can be here to make a difference. A few months went by and Stevenson expanded Plucker to deliver anything to customers' doorstep. Food, groceries, laundry, medicine, and more. Stevenson did all the planning, researching, funding, and goal setting for Plucker.

In June 2021 Plucker have launched their own social media platform called Pluck a black-owned social media platform that rivals Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

In July 2021 Stevenson Michael Joseph launched another app called Plucker Cab. Plucker cab gives cheap affordable rides to the black community, it offers different types of cab variations to choose from such as Plucker Green, Plucker Yellow, and Plucker Black.

What I stand for is something beyond Justice, I stand for those who were told no, I stand for those who were told they can’t make it anywhere because of the color of their skin. I stand for the impossible because I’m possible. I stand for those in the black community who think giving up is an option. I don’t care what people think or say about me or Plucker. I care about the difference Plucker makes in this world. Changing the lives of people across the world. My dreams will be realized and known throughout time and space.

PluckerApp is the new food delivery service on the block. The app can be downloaded via Google Play and App Store for Android and iOS devices respectively. The app allows users to find their favorite restaurant with just a click of a button and get their desired dish delivered in just a few minutes.

Plucker for Android –

Plucker for iOS –

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Stevenson Michael Joseph
Plucker LLC
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Michael Andrew Trained in an EZ Pool for Ten Years and Started Breaking National Swimming Records from the Beginning

Michael trained in his EZ Pool every morning.

Michael trained in his EZ Pool every morning.

Michael converted a dance club into a swim club.

Michael converted a dance club into a swim club.

Michael designed a customer EZ Training Pool

Michael designed a customer EZ Training Pool

When Michael Andrew was 10 Years Old he needed an easy and affordable lap pool. EZ Pools helped Michael train by giving him access to his own lap pool daily.

LAGUNA NIGUEL, CALIFORNIA, USA, July 31, 2021 / — On July 28 2021, the world was introduced to a USA Olympic swimmer by the name of Michael Andrew. Although present at the opening ceremony of the 2021 Olympics in Tokyo Japan, it wasn't until Wednesday night, July 28 2021, that the world saw this remarkably talented swimmer. We at EZ Pools have had the privilege to help Michael become the amazing swimmer he is ultimately destined to be.

In the winter of 2008, EZ Pools received a call from a desperate mother in Aberdeen South Dakota. "There are only two 25 meter indoor pools in this area." Tina Andrew explained to us over the phone. "One of them is controlled by a competiting team and the other is open to the public, but every time we try to practice, some one jumps in the lane." She continued to explain that her and her husband, Peter, quickly recognized their oldest son was a very gifted swimmer – but they had no way to support his talent. Tina in her own right, was a very successful athlete and was a fixture on the UK TV show "Gladiators." Peter, her husband, had been a successful swimmer in the South African Navy. So it was in Michael's blood.

"How can we help?" We offered. Tina went on to explain that they were looking at an old warehouse that had been used as a dance club. "If we gut the whole building and give you the measurements, can you make a pool to fit?" She asked. The answer is always of course. Every EZ Pool is made to order, which is why we offer so many different options. So they got busy gutting, we got busy making and kept busy building. In the span of two months, in the dead of winter, The Andrew family opened their very own swim club – The Aberdeen Aquaholics. And boy did Michael make it worth the investment.

With an indoor, heated, 25 yard pool at his disposal, Michael got busy. A year later he set 12 national records in the 10-under age group. "He's a very gifted athlete, " Peter Andrew said. "Right away when we started, I could see he had talent. He's a real blessing." Even other coaches could quickly recognize true atheletic genius in the making. "He's a very gifted child," said Trevor Layden a coach for another team who later become one of Michael Adnrew's coaches. "He's got a great ethic. I saw him break a couple of national records…he's gotten just that much better as he's gone on." And EZ Pools was there to make it possible.

The Andrew family moved to Lawrence Kansas in mid 2012. The bought a rather large estate that had plenty of room for a new pool. Rather than build a pool to fit, they designed eactly the pool they needed and built the building around it. And once again, they turned to EZ Pools for the perfect training pool.

The most common question we get is about flip turns, "Can an EZ Pool support flip turns by professional athletes?" Yes of course, but the Andrew family discovered a unique advantage. Because an EZ Pool is soft-sided, the wall absorbs some of the kicking energy a swimmer exerts when pushing off. Michael discovered this early on and quickly went to work building up his leg muscles. As a result, he had a greater push off in hard-sided concrete competition pools than his competitors. Did this help him achieve early successes? Hard to say truly other than Michael has always proved to be a very gifted and determined athlete.

Tina and Peter spoke with us in length about the pool they needed. It was different than any other pool we had made at that time. Marked for both 25 yeard and 25 meter, with a little extar room on both ends to allow for rigid bulkheads to be installed. "Why?" We asked Peter. "We need more exact timing and the rigid surface more mimics concrete pools." Very true and at basically 1/10th the cost of a concrete pool.

Michael earned a scholarship in a University in California, so the family packed up a moved again. But rtaher than waste their investment, we helped broker a deal with a small non-profit swim club in Kansas that bought the pool and equipment from the Andrew Family. "We were on a very tight budget," said Melvin Nemechek, one the founders of the swim club. "This purchase saved us so much money, we could buy a smaller additional pool from EZ Pools for a smalelr kids to train in."
May the legacy of Michael's untiring dedication to the sport inspire their swimmers to excel, as well as others. Learn More About EZ Pools at

Simon LeCree
EZ Pool Products
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Aberdeen Aquaholics

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Announcing Hot Tub Removal in Puyallup, Washington

Hot Tub Removal by Rainier Junk Removal

Hot Tub Removal by Rainier Junk Removal

PUYALLUP, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, July 30, 2021 / — It's time to take those old hot tubs out of your backyard and replace them with something more useful. Hot tub removal is a part of the process when you are ready to start fresh. Hot tubs are made from metal, insulation foam, plastic, and water to be recycled or disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. Rainier Junk Removal has been helping homeowners in Puyallup, Washington remove their hot tub for years now! We will provide you with all the information you need about how we dispose of your spa cover and how to prep it for disposal.

If you're interested in recycling your spa cover instead of throwing it away, read on!

1. What is a hot tub made of?

Hot tubs are made of metal, insulation foam, plastic, and water. Spas are made of metal (typically steel) or fiberglass with a cover that is either polyester or vinyl, which contains PVC plastics. Hot tubs have an interior built-in pump to circulate the water while spas do not. Hot tubs also use electricity for heating, whereas spas use propane or natural gas. Hot tubs typically have seats and jets to massage your back, whereas spas do not, but they may be available as an optional add-on for a spa purchase.

2. How do you dispose of a hot tub?

Disposing of a hot tub is pretty straightforward. Make sure you take apart your hot tub by cutting it first to make to process easier. Once the hot tub is cut apart, remove any debris accumulated in the water and drain it. Hot tubs can be disposed of by taking them to a recycling center or hazardous waste facility for free.

3. How does Rainier Junk Removal dispose of your old hot tub?

Our team is professionally trained in removing old hot tubs. We make sure to take all precautions when taking apart your hot tub and taking it to the right place to be disposed of. This will save you, the homeowner, a great deal of time and money! Don't worry about renting a truck or saw to haul away your old tub when you can give Rainier Junk Removal a call!

4. What can I do with my old spa cover?

Your old spa cover can be recycled with your hot tub. If you're worried about water, don't sweat it! Hot tubs are drained of all their fluids before being disposed of, so there's nothing to worry about when recycling the covers.

5. Why should I recycle my spa cover and not throw it in the trash?

Spa covers should be recycled instead of thrown away because they are made of a material that will take hundreds of years to decompose.

The disposal process for hot tubs is very long and pricey, so by recycling your spa cover, you're helping make the world a cleaner place! Recycling just one old spa cover can save up to three cubic yards of landfill space.

If you are looking for an experienced team to remove your old hot tub, Rainier Junk Removal is here! To learn more about our junk removal services, give us a call today at 253-345-JUNK or visit our website

Kellen Becker
Rainier Junk Removal
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Cubaocho Art Museum, Inc. recibe financiación de parte del programa SVOG

Cubaocho Art Museum

Cubaocho Art Museum

Cubaocho Art Museum

Cubaocho Art Museum

Roberto Ramos

Roberto Ramos

Roberto y Yeney

Roberto y Yeney

Dr. Rafael Marrero

Dr. Rafael Marrero

Gracias a este subsidio federal, otorgado a pequeños negocios afectados por la pandemia de COVID-19, la reconocida firma podrá recuperarse y seguir adelante.

Este dinero ha llegado en un momento crítico. Aparte de ayudarnos a sobrevivir a la pandemia, también nos permitirá mejorar el negocio, darles trabajo a más empleados y salvar a varias familias.”

— Roberto Ramos, fundador/presidente de Cubaocho.

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, July 30, 2021 / — Cubaocho Art Museum, Inc. ─firma que cobija al emblemático Cubaocho Museum & Performing Arts Center, de la Calle 8, en el famoso vecindario miamense de Little Havana─ acaba de obtener más de medio millón de dólares de parte del programa de Subvenciones para Operadores de Locales Cerrados (SVOG, por sus siglas en inglés).

«Este dinero ha llegado en un momento realmente crítico. Aparte de ayudarnos a sobrevivir a la pandemia, también nos permitirá mejorar el negocio, darles trabajo a más empleados ─principalmente, músicos, artistas─ y salvar a varias familias, ya que mucha gente depende de nosotros», dijo, entusiasmado, el presidente de la firma, Roberto Ramos.

Su esposa y vicepresidenta de la compañía, Yeney Fariñas-Ramos, por su parte, compartió el criterio de que la financiación «no pudo llegar en un mejor momento, justo cuando pensábamos que íbamos a perderlo todo. En realidad, no creímos que fuera a suceder, pero, evidentemente, hay un Dios mirando por nosotros y un team de expertos que son los mejores».

La ejecutiva se refiere a Rafael Marrero & Company, prestigiosa firma de gestión y consultoría empresarial, también afincada en la ciudad de Miami, que estuvo a cargo de tramitarles la financiación del SVOG de principio a fin.

«Estamos muy agradecidos con Marrero, y reconocemos la actitud tan linda y tan positiva de su equipo de especialistas. Es más: aunque no nos hubieran aprobado la ayuda, igual les hubiéramos agradecido por el excelente trabajo que han hecho con nosotros», recalcó Yeney.

En esa misma posición de gratitud se encuentra el fundador de Cubaocho, para quien Marrero es el salvador de la comunidad. «Realmente, Marrero salva a los negocios que más lo necesitan, a los empleados… En nuestro caso, ha ayudado a salvar a más de 20 familias, principalmente, familias de músicos, que son los que alivian el corazón», puntualizó.

Concedido por la Administración de Pequeñas Empresas (SBA, por sus siglas en inglés) a raíz del impacto del coronavirus, el SVOG brinda ayuda económica a los pequeños negocios del sector del entretenimiento en vivo que han resultado más perjudicados por la pandemia. Cubaocho, pilar del arte cubano del siglo XIX e inicios y mediados del siglo XX, fue uno de ellos.

Hasta la fecha, el programa ha otorgado $7,5 mil millones de dólares en subvenciones a más de 10,000 pequeñas empresas vinculadas con el mundo del espectáculo en directo. Según anunciara la SBA esta semana, más de dos tercios de los subsidios se han otorgado a negocios con menos de 10 empleados, cumpliendo así con el objetivo de darles prioridad a las firmas más pequeñas.

Acerca de Cubaocho Art Museum, Inc

Considerado por muchos como un sitio de obligada visita en la Pequeña Habana, este espacio de galería y reunión alberga una gran colección de arte cubano, una biblioteca de investigación y un bar-cafetería distinguido por su variada selección de rones. Asimismo, cuenta con una importante colección de revistas cubanas previas a 1959, entre ellas, “Carteles”, “Vanidades”, “Bohemia” y “El Fígaro”.

Quienes aman la cultura, en general, y el arte cubano, en particular, llegan allí para apreciar las obras expuestas, asistir a espectáculos en vivo y cubanísimas descargas, así como también para degustar los famosos puros y mojitos del lugar.

Acerca de Rafael Marrero & Company

Rafael Marrero & Company es una consultoría de gestión que asesora a emprendedores sobre cómo hacer negocios con el Gobierno de los Estados Unidos. Con el Dr. Rafael Marrero a la cabeza, la firma ha sido reconocida en dos ocasiones por la revista Inc. como una de las 500 empresas privadas de mayor crecimiento del país y como una de las 50 mejores compañías en términos de cultura empresarial.

En 2016, el Dr. Marrero recibió el máximo galardón otorgado a negocios minoritarios del país por parte del Concilio Nacional del Desarrollo para Empresas Minoritarias. En 2019, ganó el Premio Sunshine en la categoría de Small Business del año, que otorga la Cámara de Comercio Hispana del Sur de la Florida, y en ese mismo año, publicó el bestseller de Amazon La salsa secreta del Tío Sam, primer libro sobre contratación federal especialmente dedicado a la comunidad hispana.

Migdalis Pérez
Rafael Marrero & Company
+1 888-595-6221
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“El Dr. Marrero cumplió con su promesa de ayudarnos con el grant”

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PaceTrail About to Hit the Market as the World’s First Ultrathin Card-sized GPS Tracker

Coming soon to crowdfunding platforms, the discreet tracker has implications for safety, security, and convenience with its 3-month battery life


The PaceTrail Global Card, a new personal GPS tracking device with features for individual safety and security, is soon to hit the market. The device will be offered with limited availability through Kickstarter in Late August 2021, according to its creators.

The device is the size of a credit card (and it looks like one), however it picks up GPS satellites and 4G LTE cellular connection with worldwide coverage and network roaming capabilities. The fact that the Global Card comes with Bluetooth, NFC, SOS Emergency Services and 3 Month Battery life which is rechargeable is what makes it unbelievable.

“This clever device was designed to be the world's thinnest GPS tracker, and fit easily into wallets, laptop bags, luggage, placard holders and more. Though the unit is small and discreet, it packs a surprising number of features.” The founders said. “You might see similar devices used in popular spy movies like James Bond or Mission Impossible, but with PaceTrail, it’s a real working product that has seen demand in aged-care tracking, medical, security and safety industry. We are hoping to produce en masse through our upcoming crowdfunding campaigns.”

The PaceTrail includes features that go beyond location tracking. The card can be used as a digital business card to send and receive professional details or exchange LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram handles with a tap of the phone.

In addition to helping users expand their networks through NFC-powered information exchanges, enterprise customers have requested that the development team leverage the card’s ability to change the encryption key every hour through cellular connections as a way for companies and tradeshows to manage employee and attendee building access and whereabouts.

The PaceTrail Global Card is scheduled to launch on KickStarter in late August 2021. To sign up for device discounts and free promotional items, visit the website or register with PaceTrail Card PreLaunch Signup

PaceTrail Inc
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Equator’s innovative Laundry Combo features fast and easy Winterize

Equator Combo

Equator Combo

HOUSTON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, July 30, 2021 / — Small space leader Equator Advanced Appliances has introduced a new home laundry innovation, the All-in-one Combo Washer-Dryer EZ 4400N CV as the solution to your winter laundry appliance problems.

The Combo features a Quick Winterize option to help prepare the appliance for tough cold weather conditions. It has a quick 2 minute winterize cycle that lets you get back to your life while the combo takes care of itself. Just pour the antifreeze, select winterize and press start and the combo is winter ready.

The model EZ 4400N also incorporates the latest features including the Quiet function which has a noise level below 60 db for both wash and dry functions. It also features a redesigned easy to operate intuitive control panel. Its unique dual fans contribute to faster drying in the vented cycle. Along with a one- button, convertible venting/condensing drying system, it boasts the features of full size washers and dryers—merged into a single unit design. The Equator EZ 4400N also thrives at cleaning and drying clothes with features like an automatic water level sensor, delay start time, a sensor dry feature, automatic heat and dry levels, a 12-minute hot dry refresh cycle, and a wrinkle guard feature. When you go to unload the machine, the 180-degree door swing and angled door handle reduce back strain. The machine is also easy to install, has built-in diagnostics, and you can make it portable.

“This energy-efficient machine may be small, but don’t let its size fool you. It’s loaded with hi-tech features. In addition to its intelligent engineering, It feels like the only thing this machine can’t do are fold your clothes and put them away for you.” says Atul Vir, President of Equator Advanced Appliances

At just 33.5-inches high x 23.5-inches wide x 22-inches deep and boasts energy- and time-saving features that have earned numerous design and industry awards. The combo comes with a 1 year warranty and is available in white, silver, black and merlot. It can be ordered today from Amazon, Home Depot, Lowes, Wayfair, Bestbuy, Walmart apart from others.

Equator’s Combo comes with a one-year parts and labor warranty. It is compact and environmentally-friendly and perfect for apartments, condos, lakefront cottages, RVs, boats, garages and tiny homes.

About Equator Advanced Appliances
Equator Advanced Appliances was founded in 1991. Its product line includes laundry machines, dishwashers, refrigerators, wine coolers and other essential home appliances. Equator’s groundbreaking eco-friendly products have been featured over 1,000 times in the media including Fortune, Popular Mechanics, better Homes and Gardens, the Wall Street Journal and Oprah. Now commencing its 31st year in business, Equator remains committed to creating ingenious products that solve real problems in its customers’ lives.
For more on Equator Appliances and its products, visit

Nick Mathews
Equator Advanced Appliances
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Poster Auctions International's Rare Posters Auction LXXXIV, held July 20th, totals $1.9 million; Mucha steals the show

Alphonse Mucha, The Stars. 1902. $120,000.

Alphonse Mucha, The Stars. 1902. $120,000.

Leonetto Cappiello, Chocolat Klaus. 1903. $20,400.

Leonetto Cappiello, Chocolat Klaus. 1903. $20,400.

A. M. Cassandre, L’Atlantique. 1931. $48,000.

A. M. Cassandre, L’Atlantique. 1931. $48,000.

Charles Loupot, St. Raphaël. 1938. $43,200.

Charles Loupot, St. Raphaël. 1938. $43,200.

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, La Goulue et sa Sœur. 1892. $78,000.

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, La Goulue et sa Sœur. 1892. $78,000.

The sale demonstrated a continued passion for the masters of the poster — namely, Alphonse Mucha — but many other superstar artists were represented as well.

This auction, collectors proved the enduring charm of Art Nouveau masters, particularly that of Alphonse Mucha, whose Belle Époque works have a timeless appeal for seasoned and new collectors alike. ”

— Jack Rennert

NEW YORK CITY, NY, UNITED STATES, July 30, 2021 / — Poster Auctions International’s (PAI) second sale of the year, on July 20th, finished at $1.9 million in sales. Rare Posters Auction LXXXIV demonstrated a continued passion for the masters of the poster—namely, Alphonse Mucha.

Jack Rennert, President of PAI, said, “This auction, collectors proved the enduring charm of Art Nouveau masters, and particularly that of Alphonse Mucha, whose Belle Époque works have a timeless appeal for seasoned and new collectors alike. There’s no question that Mucha was the star of this sale. But the strength of Art Nouveau works did not diminish the enthusiasm for Art Deco designs, as witnessed by our strong sales of works by Broders, Cassandre, and Loupot. As always, early designs for the circus continue to excite poster lovers, as evidenced by Pal’s billboard for Lord John Sanger.”

Indeed, collectors clamored for works from the master of Belle Époque beauty, Alphonse Mucha. His lush and evocative designs encouraged fierce bidding and record-breaking sales. His ethereal 1902 series of four decorative panels, The Stars, was the auction’s top lot, at $120,000 (est. $60,000-$70,000). His first-ever poster, Gismonda / Théâtre de la Renaissance, from 1894, beat all previous results for a winning bid of $50,400 (est. $20,000-$25,000). And his luminous Cycles Perfecta, from 1902, received a winning bid of $40,800 (est. $25,000-$30,000). Even a Lefèvre-Utile tin bucket designed by Mucha caused passionate bidding, earning a win of $9,000 (est. $1,700-$2,000).

All prices quoted include the buyer’s premium.

Another master of the Art Nouveau era, Toulouse-Lautrec’s works sold reliably well at auction. His top sale was for the 1892 limited edition print, La Goulue et sa Sœur, which sold for $78,000. His serpentine 1899 Jane Avril was sold for $72,000; the 1892 Reine de Joie was won for $66,000; his 1896 The Ault & Wiborg Co. / Au Concert went for $60,000.

Other gems of the Art Nouveau era delighted collectors. Ferdinand Lunel’s celestial Rouxel & Dubois bicycle poster, from ca. 1894, was sold for $6,600. The never-before-seen ca. 1900 Terrot / Bicyclettes de Tourisme, by Francisco Tamagno, was swept up for $2,880. A rare ca. 1898 circus billboard by Pal, Lord John Sanger / Troupeau d’Éléphants, surpassed its estimate of $7,000-$9,000 for a winning bid of $12,000. Eugène Grasset’s unsettling ca. 1894 La Morphinomane inspired energetic bidding, leading to a win of $14,400 (est. $7,000-$9,000). Privat Livemont’s iconic 1896 Absinthe Robette continued to enthrall bidders; it was won for $18,000 (est. $10,000-$12,000). And Henri Meunier’s evocative Rajah, from 1897, sold for $5,520.

For Théophile-Alexandre Steinlen, two of his most famous designs continued to make poster lovers swoon. His 1896 Chat Noir / Prochainement captured a winning bid of $26,400; his charming 1894 Lait pur Stérilisé warmed collectors’ hearts, earning a win of $18,000.

There were also several notable wins for works from the Art Deco period. Roger Broders’ wanderlust-inducing travel designs were highly desired. His ca. 1930 Monte-Carlo sold for $13,200; the colorful ca. 1930 Corne d’Or was won for $5,280; the sumptuous 1928 Agay inspired a win of $6,600; his beachy 1930 Antibes was claimed for $8,400; and his famous 1929 Dunkerque sailed away for $16,800.

Of course, Leonetto Cappiello held sway over collectors. His charmingly exaggerated 1906 Zeste was carried away for $10,200. An extremely rare 2-sheet format of his famous 1903 Chocolat Klaus, without text, was won for $20,400. Two original maquettes sold very favorably: his Picon Chaud was won for $10,800, and his Vin de France captured a win of $19,200.

Another powerful force of the era, A. M. Cassandre captured enthused wins. His powerful 1927 Nord Express was sold for $21,600; his 1931 L’Atlantique was won for $48,000; the 1930 Vinay was claimed for $7,200; the same amount was awarded to the 1932 Unic.

Other notable Jazz Age sales include Jean-Gabriel Domergue’s flirtatious 1937 L’Hiver à Monte-Carlo, which sold for $11,400. Charles Loupot’s iconic 1938 St. Raphaël was secured for $43,200, and an original 1929 maquette for the paint brand Valentin earned a winning bid of $21,600. René Vincent’s romantic ca. 1925 La Voisin sold for $4,320; Arthur C. Michael’s stately 1935 Harrogate was swept up for $11,400; Fritz C. Rumpf’s decadent ca. 1914 Söhnlein Rheingold earned a winning bid of $5,280.

Poster Auctions International’s next Rare Posters Auction will be held in New York on Sunday, November 14th. Consignments are accepted until August 16th. Poster Auctions International is located at 26 W. 17th Street, New York, NY 10011. PAI may be reached by phone at 212-787-4000, or via email at To learn more about PAI, visit

# # # #

Jessica Adams
Poster Auctions International, Inc.
+1 212-787-4000
email us here

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Waddington's Fine Art Auctions Fall 2021

Emily Carr oil painting of Pemberton

M. EMILY CARR, ‘PEMBERTON’, 1933, oil on paper, laid down on canvas signed, titled and dated, 23.5 in x 35.5 in; 59.7 cm x 90.2 cm, Estimate: $150,000–250,000

Jessie Oonark Wallhanging

Jessie Oonark, ‘UNTITLED’, Stroud, Thread, Embroidery Floss; 47 1⁄4 in x 53 3⁄4 in; 120 cm x 136 cm, signed in syllabics, Estimate: $80,000–120,000

Maurice Denis oil painting

Maurice Denis (1870-1943), FRENCH, ‘FEMMES SUR LE BALCON,’ Circa 1913′ Oil on panel; signed with initials ‘MAV’ lower right, 14.5 in x 10.25 in; 36.8 cm x 26 cm, CR. No. 912.0002, Estimate: $50,000—80,000

Announcing Our Major Fine Art Auctions and Inviting Consignments

We live in a time that is more global than ever. I am delighted to present auctions rich in quality, of impeccable provenance and that appeal to emerging and established collectors around the world.”

— Yvonne Monestier, Director of Fine Art, Waddington's

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, July 30, 2021 / — Following an extraordinary seven months of auctions, we are delighted to announce our Fall 2021 major fine art auction season and invite consignments of exceptional works.

Our fine art auctions will feature Canadian Fine Art, Inuit Art and International Art. Our full schedule of auctions includes Asian Art, Decorative Arts & Design, Jewellery, and Fine Wine & Spirits. Waddington’s auctions are all offered on our enhanced digital auction platform and reach collectors around the world. Visit our website to view all upcoming auctions.

NOVEMBER 13-18, 2021 (Consignment Deadline: September 17)

Our major fall 2021 auction of Canadian Fine Art will feature outstanding examples by Canadian artists from coast to coast. This auction will provide rare opportunities to acquire exceptional works from private collections with impeccable provenance, ranging from historical to contemporary, early Modernist to abstraction, and works by the Group of Seven.

NOVEMBER 13-18, 2021 (Consignment Deadline: September 17)

Well into our fourth decade in the Inuit art market, we have assembled yet another superb selection of important works from the classic through to the contemporary period of Inuit art for discerning collectors. Waddington’s is internationally recognized as having helped establish Inuit Art as an integral part of the art market, influencing the rise of investor confidence, and attracting new global audiences.

This auction features exceptional artworks from private collections and estates, including a vibrant textile by Baker Lake artist Jessie Oonark from the Estate of W.A. Ross MacFadden.

NOVEMBER 20-25, 2021 (Consignment Deadline: September 13)

As Canada’s leading auction house showcasing international art from collections in Canada and around the world, we are pleased to offer a diverse selection of original artworks from the Old Master period to the 21st century, including rare and important paintings, drawings, and sculpture.

Artworks in this auction were sourced from a number of significant estates and collections, including deaccessioned works from the Art Gallery of Ontario, the Beaverbrook Art Gallery, the Estate of W.A. Ross MacFadden, and numerous works from prestigious private collections that have not been on the market for decades.


While the pandemic continued to play havoc with many aspects of our lives, world markets were eager to embrace the convenience of online auctions. As a fifteen-year veteran of online auctions, Waddington’s was already focused on leveraging our digital platforms to provide even higher levels of service for our clients. From January to July 2021 alone, we offered 51 online auctions and achieved the following success resulting from the exponential growth:

– An average 93% sell-through rate
– Participation of 8,500 bidders with an average increase of 15% new bidders per auction
– Increased global presence with bidders from 49 countries


Here are just a few highlights that represent the quality and range of items in our recent fine art auctions.


Price Realised: $390,000

Price Realised: $324,000

Price Realised: $90,000

Price Realised: $78,000

Price Realised: $72,000

Record Price Realised: $26,400


KAROO ASHEVAK, Spence Bay / Taloyoak, 'SHAMAN WITH MITTENS', C. 1970
Price Realised: $31,200

Price Realised: $31,200

Price Realised $26,400

Price realised $20,400

Price Realised: $16,800

Price Realised: $10,800


Price Realised: $36,000

Pablo Picasso (1881-1973), Spanish, 'VALLAURIS TOROS,' 1956 [BLOCH, 1270]
Price Realised: $13,200

ANDREAS ACHENBACH (1815-1910), German, 'SHIPS IN A STORM,' 1864
Price Realised: $10,200

Price Realised: $12,000

ALEXANDER CALDER (1898-1976), American, 'SOLEIL NOIR (BLACK SUN),' 1969
Price Realised: $10,800

ALEXANDER POPE (1849-1924), American, 'HERON,' 1876
Price Realized: $6,600

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Waddington's is Canada's most diversified provider of auction and appraisal services, specializing in Asian, Canadian, Inuit and Indigenous, International and Contemporary Art, as well as Decorative Arts & Design, Fine Jewellery, and Fine Wine & Spirits.

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Equator’s Outdoor Refrigerator Becoming a Backyard Staple

OR230 Outdoor Refrigerator

OR230 Outdoor Refrigerator

Homeowners continue to invest in backyards and patio spaces in the post-Covid era, the demand for Equator’s outdoor mini refrigerator has been on the rise.

HOUSTON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, July 30, 2021 / — Equator Advanced Appliances has been experiencing an uptick in the demand for its stainless steel OR230 Outdoor Refrigerator and beverage cooler, a trend the company attributes to homeowners making increasing investments in their backyard and outdoor spaces after experiencing the Covid lockdown.

“For months, the demand for our mini refrigerator and other outdoor appliances have been surging.” Said company representatives. “We definitely see a correlation between people staying home more and wanting to make their outdoor spaces more resort-like and relaxing. One of the main uses of this refrigerator is to keep marinated foods prepped and ready for barbeque. Our team is really proud to be able to contribute to more comfortable spaces as it is ultimately our goal to make appliances that make life better.”

The OR230 Outdoor Refrigerator features a sleek stainless steel, waterproof design and has a 2.3 cu.ft. capacity. It’s designed with a powerful compressor cooling system that keeps beverages cool in the range of 34° to 50°F no matter how high the temperature rises outside.

OR230 doubles as both a mini refrigerator and works as a beverage cooler when the included wire shelving is used. To achieve an optimal cooling setting, users can set the perfect temperature with the electronic temperature control panel, touchpad controls, and accessible LED display.

Owners of Equator’s outdoor refrigerator report that one of their favorite features is the smart airflow design which allows air to pass freely through the wire shelving. This design implementation coupled with the auto defrost feature eliminates the need for scraping off frost.

Equator’s product designers tested the product in real backyard environments to identify additional features to include in the appliance. As a result of their real-world research, they decided to add four unlocking casters that allow the mini fridge to be moved when needed. The unit also comes equipped with a door lock and key to protect food and beverages so that the door does not open by wind or animals and is Energy Star rated for optimal power efficiency.

With an IPX4 waterproof rating, the mini outdoor refrigerator can withstand the elements all year long. The OR230 measures H27.2 x W17 x D20 inches. It can be ordered today from Amazon, Home Depot, Lowes, Overstock apart from others at an MSRP of $659

About Equator Advanced Appliances
Equator Advanced Appliances was founded in 1991. Its product line includes laundry machines, dishwashers, refrigerators, wine coolers, and other essential home appliances. Equator's groundbreaking eco-friendly products have been featured over 1,000 times in the media, including Fortune, Popular Mechanics, Better Homes and Gardens, the Wall Street Journal, and Oprah. Now commencing its 31st year in business, Equator remains committed to creating innovative products that solve real problems in its customers' lives.

Nick Mathews
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Crescent Womb™ – The World’s Only Safety Bed that Enables Parents and Newborns to Both Get Some Sleep

The Crescent Womb™ is the most remarkable game-changing product for newborns to hit the market in years.

CLEARWATER, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, July 30, 2021 / — Developers of the most innovative product for infants are pleased to announce the launch of the Crescent Womb™.

The Crescent Womb™ is the world’s first and only infant safety bed that provides a secure alternative for co-sleeping and bed-sharing. Ideal for babies aged 0-6 months, the Crescent Womb™ offers a safe and comfy newborn sleep alternative that enables baby to rest or lounge safely – outside of a parent’s arms. The product is lightweight and portable, making it the ultimate resource for easy travel.

The developers’ journey to create the Crescent came from a belief that all baby brands have a shared responsibility to educate the world on the importance of sleep safety. As such, this is exactly the reason why Crescent was created, and the company’s mission is to always give consumers the knowledge and resources they need to properly care for their little humans in the safest way possible.

“While difficult to hear, parents must understand the critical importance of ensuring their child has a safe place to sleep at all times,” says James W. Spencer, founder and CEO of Crescent Womb™. “Every year, for example, over 3,500 sleep-related infant deaths occur in the United States alone. As a solution-based company, we recognized the desperate need for an infant sleep product that could safely ease a baby’s transition from the womb to the world. That’s what led us to create Crescent Womb™ — a completely breathable, CPSC compliant infant safety bed that promotes safe sleep for your baby and peace of mind for you.”

The Crescent Womb™ boasts many convenient and thoughtful features and benefits to provide the ultimate safety and enjoyment for co-sleeping and bed-sharing, including:

• Bassinet-style, patented ergonomic design that mimics the womb
• 100% breathable to maintain temperature and prevent suffocation
• Made from non-toxic materials
• Suitable for all crib makes and models
• CPSC compliant and 100% safe to use
• Eco-friendly, machine washable, and flame resistant
• Holds up to 50lbs
• Easy set up
• 30-day money-back guarantee
• Available in Midnight Black color
• Approved by a comprehensive medical advisory board
• And much more!

The Crescent Womb™ can be purchased on the company’s website or on Amazon.

For more information about Crescent Womb™, please visit

About Crescent Womb™

Designed with love in St. Petersburg, Florida, the Crescent Womb™ is an ergonomic sleep system which comfortably supports babies, enabling them to self-soothe while outside of a parent’s arms. With a laundry list of family benefits and the highest level of safety certifications, Crescent is truly the only sleep system of its kind.

James W. Spencer
Crescent Womb™
+1 727-667-2229

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