Dangbei Smart Box Z1 ProTurns TV Into Smart Screen with Innovative AI Interaction

Dangbei Smart Box Z1 Pro

Dangbei Smart Box Z1 Pro-Red Dot winner

Dangbei Smart Box Z1 Pro has an innovative AI interaction function that helps turn the TV into a smart screen and opens a new mode of family entertainment.

THE UNITED STATES, August 5, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Dangbei Smart Box Z1 Pro, released in 2021, has a built-in Amlogic A311D artificial intelligence chip and is equipped with 2K ultra clear beauty camera. It supports  many innovative functions such as multi-player video calls, home motion sensing games, far-field voice control and full scene gesture interaction. Currently, Dangbei Smart Box Z1 Pro is on sale on the official website: https://mall.dangbei.com/

Dangbei Smart Box Z1 Pro is an brand new product form in AI area. It extends the functions of TV box and builds a new set of AI interactive logic. Through the comprehensive upgrade of AI perception, AI application and AI system, Dangbei Z1 Pro makes the TV becomes a smart screen in seconds which brings a trans-generational future experience for traditional large-screen users.  

AI Perception  

Dangbei Smart box Z1 Pro has a 2K ultra clear beauty camera, which supports 120-degree ultra wide angle. The beauty effect is outstanding through visual optimization algorithm. And a customized large-screen night vision algorithm enables video chat even in dim ambient light.  

Thanks to the powerful Amlogic A311D artificial intelligence chip, Dangbei Smart Box Z1 Pro supports 8k video decoding which can easily deal with complex scenes such as 3D games and ultra high-definition blockbusters. Besides, it can also achieve a variety of interactive activities such as motion sensing games, sports and fitness by combining the AI camera to capture body movements.

Dangbei Smart Box Z1 Pro also launched the facial recognition recommendation function, which can recognize facial features through AI and automatically match movies for users, completely solving the problem of film selection for users.  In addition, with the addition of global gesture interaction function, users can realize common functions such as page turning, selection, confirmation and return as long as they use gestures.
AI Application

Dangbei Z1 Pro is equipped with the Xtensa HiFI-3 DSP processing unit of the same model of Apple. It can handle all kinds of environmental noise easily with full environmental echo cancellation processing. And it has a built-in far-field interactive acoustic algorithm and supports high-fidelity sound pickup at a distance of 5 meters.  Dangbei Z1 Pro video call function supports interconnection with phones, iPads and other devices. Even with an old TV, Dangbei Z1 Pro enables seamless large-screen video calls with distant family and friends.

Dangbei Z1 Pro has built-in physical interactive games such as "Hot Dance" and “Happy Running”. One key to open the sports mode, effective relieve sofa sedentary fatigue,and there is a real-time leaderboard for global players.

For different scenarios, Dangbei Z1 Pro has also developed different functions. In the home scenario, the magic camera function supports a variety of expressions DIY, and users can share photos with friends and friends circle with one click. In the work scenario, the large-screen conference function supports multi-screen cloud conference and easy sharing of screen content.

In addition, Dangbei Smart Box Z1 Pro also brings the "watch together" function, you can invite friends to watch movies together, one person to buy membership, unlimited friends to watch together.

AI system

Dangbei Smart Box Z1 Pro is equipped with the newly upgraded Dangbei OS with no ads to start up. And many functions are updated nonstop, such as floating window picture-in-picture, wonderful movie preview, desktop DIY, customized ball game, multi-task switching, remote viewing home message, dynamic video wallpaper, and magic screen.

In terms of content, Dangbei Z1 Pro integrates the full amount of resources from many famous video platforms. Through AI big data algorithm and independent learning, Dangbei Z1 Pro recommends your favorite movies from over 7 million hours of movie resources for the big screen. The longer you use, the more Dangbei Z1 Pro understands you.

Dangbei Z1 Pro also has an exclusive children's mode with a large amount of children's animation resources, rich educational content, to meet the needs of early learning. In this mode, the content, time are all controllable to protect children in the family.

Powerful configuration

In addition to the innovation of AI, Dangbei Smart BoxZ1 Pro also continues the cross-era hardware configuration.It has equipped with Amlogic A311D artificial intelligence chip, and supports 8K decoding, with BT2020 super wide color gamut support, compatible with HDR 10, HDR 10+, HLG, and other dynamic decoding standards, the picture details are clear, rich and delicate levels of light and dark. What’s more, 4GB + 64GB of large storage ensures smooth operation while also providing users with large-capacity storage space, no more worry about downloading and installing APP.

Besied, Dangbei Smart Box Z1 Pro has a built-in HIFI decoding chip with Viper sound support. AI video adaptive, DAC dynamic optimization decoding, can be based on the scene acoustic tuning, supports 7.1 channel home theater audio output. Dangbei Smart Box Z1 Pro is also equipped with a variety of external interfaces, such as Gigabit optical fiber, HDMI 2.1, USB3.0, SPDIF optical interface, etc., to embrace the expansion of multi-channel in the era of AI in all aspects.

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