Dangbei X3 Laser Projector, Leads The Projection Industry Into The Laser Era

Dangbei X3 Laser Projector

Dangbei X3 Laser Projector

Dangbei Laser Projector X3 was released, which provides more choice for consumers in the projection market.

THE UNITED STATES, August 5, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — The annual blockbuster new laser projector Dangbei X3 has released in 2021. It adopts the new and upgraded ALPD® fluorescent laser technology, with stunning 3200 ANSI brightness and almost cinematic colors, it opens the door to new horizons for users and leads the industry into a new "laser era." Selling on the official website: https://mall.dangbei.com/

The new ALPD® display technology opens the door to laser display popularization

Dangbei Laser Projector X3 adopts the ALPD® fluorescent laser display technology "from the same door" as high-end digital cinema, and the unique laser + full color wheel technology system, which not only improves the color effect, but also greatly upgrades the brightness efficiency of the product. Its color gamut range is far beyond the Rec.709 color gamut standard, close to the theater color, the original contrast is more than 3 times that of ordinary LED projection, the light efficiency of the whole machine is far higher than other light sources, the actual power consumption is only 135W. At 3200 ANSI lumens, Dangbei Laser Projection X3 is the first home projector product in the industry to exceed 3000 ANSI. The high brightness results in a purer picture, higher contrast, sharpness, and more vivid saturation

Dangbei is committed to creating excellent movie-watching experience for consumers, and constantly meet consumers' pursuit of high-quality audio-visual experience in different fields. Dangbei X3 is equipped with a new and upgraded AI color painting quality engine Pro, which can carry out real-time intelligent reshaping of the picture, automatically optimize the picture saturation, brightness and clarity, reduce noise and make dynamic motion compensation, and achieve a breakthrough upgrade of picture quality.

The MEMC dynamic compensation technology of up to 120Hz can predict the motion trajectory of the object through intelligent algorithm, insert new motion compensation frames into the original picture sequence, and greatly improve the smoothness of the moving picture. The addition of HLG and HDR 10+ dynamic video decoding technology also makes the overall picture light and shade orderly, and the details are real and rich. In addition, Dangbei Laser Projector X3 also supports intelligent scene picture optimization, providing different color modes for different playback pictures, comprehensively improving the image expression, and ensuring that every frame is colorful enough.

At the same time, Dangbei Laser Projector X3 also pays great attention to the safety of users' eyes. The product has passed the certification of low visual fatigue by Ceci Laboratory and FDA class 1 laser equipment certification. Dangbei Laser Projector X3 also specially add eye look protection function and automatic brightness adjustment function, when close to the lens, a human host automatically perceive and close the screen in time, avoid injury to the human eye, and when the environment too light or too dark, Dangbei Laser Projector X3 will automatically adjust the screen brightness, protect security with its eyes.

Pleasing to the eye also pleasing to the ear, big sound cavity awakens surging sound quality.

With Japanese silk double passive diaphragm, 680ml large cavity and 2*10W wide caliber speaker, Dangbei X3 is carefully tuned by acoustic engineers and combined with the magical Viper sound, which perfectly restores the high school bass, allowing you to enjoy the cinematic sound experience at home. Dangbei Laser Projector X3 supports DTS-HD and Dolby Audio dual decoding to provide immersive surround sound.

Hardware configuration has always been a strong point for Dangbei Projectors. Dangbei Laser Projector X3 uses all-metal optical engine, equipped with masterclass MTK 9669 flagship TV chip, 4*A73 flagship quad-core CPU architecture and Mali-G52 super quad-core GPU. The 1.0T AI computing power brings powerful performance, supplemented by 3GB DDR4 + 64GB eMMC super-large storage combination. It can easily control a variety of complex scenes, with the main "light, fast, free" Dangbei OS, to achieve fast response, fast processing, fast feedback, to provide users with a flowing experience.

Nowadays, intelligent voice interaction is changing our lives. As a full ecological platform integrating software, hardware and system, Dangbei took the lead in introducing the remote field voice function in its first generation of products. This time, Dangbei Laser Projector X3 adopts the brand new and upgraded 4 silicon mic pickup matrix scheme, echo cancellation technology, noise reduction algorithm, and callbing. Users can easily wake up the device without remote control and complete operations such as finding content, inquiring weather, downloading software and so on, completely freeing hands.

The release of Dangbei Laser Projector X3 will provide more choices for the consumer projection market.

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