EMTeLINK announces the eAlert 4G SOS Mobile Medical Alert System

EMTeLINK  (Help Saving Lives Through Technology)


SOS 4G device that connects to Global Medical Response EMT or EMD Triage call Center

When time is of the essence in your health care needs, we are dedicated to being your voice and advocate.”

— Dr. Jose Santana Chief Medical Officer EMTeLINK

TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, August 5, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Today: We released our newest feature to our Control Your Health Record by EMTeLINK. The eAlert device is paired with the Control Your Health app.
• This app securely stores your medical history helping to ensure that in any medical emergency, your medical information can be accessed immediately by first responders and medical professionals.

EMTeLINK partnership with Global Medical Response guarantees access to a certified triage call center when an emergency call is placed. This ensures the right help is dispatched immediately.
• Triage center staff will have immediate access to your medical information eliminating any delay in emergency care.
• 4G wireless coverage
• One-touch call for assistance
• Fall detection with text message alerts to medical staff, including links to medical records and GPS location
• 2-way conversation capability with GMR Triage Call Center
• Dispatch GMR or 911 EMT to your location
• On-demand location detection
• Waterproof
• Wellness Check initiation for caregivers
• Lightweight and fits in the palm of your hand

The EMTeLINK® mission from day one has been To Save Lives by preventing medical errors. It began with tackling the complex challenge of assuring an individual could have their most critical health information available at a moment’s notice. Since 2010, EMTeLINK® has secured ten patents, is HIPAA-certified and incorporates Military Grade FBI encryption. EMTeLINK® revolutionary product, CONTROL Your Health Record®, provides a simple, secure way to store and share medical information, including medications, allergies, health history, surgical procedures, test results, x-rays, shows proof of COVID TEST AND VACCINE and more with doctors, hospitals and emergency personnel.

The mission of our partner, Global Medical Response/American Medical, is to provide care to those in need at a moment's notice. They have more than 38,000 employees that provide quality medical care, primarily in emergency and patient relocation service. Plus, have a network of Triage Call Centers across the United States. GMR/AMR will Triage the call and, if necessary, dispatch one of their highly trained EMTs or send the nearest 911.

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Source: EIN Presswire