Small Batch Clothing Manufacturer in Downtown L.A. Sheds Light on Starting A Clothing Line

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The Evans Group (TEG), in Downtown Los Angeles have helped build some of the most memorable clothing lines of the past two decades.

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, August 5, 2021 / — A Los Angeles clothing manufacturer is in the business of propping up emerging designers to help start clothing lines. Started in 2005, Jennifer Evans and her fashion production house, The Evans Group (TEG), in Downtown Los Angeles have helped build some of the most memorable clothing lines of the past two decades.

Through small batch manufacturing, where clothing manufacturers focus on around 30 to 500 samples of clothing. As TEG simply states, "small batch production gives you a way to control the costs and batch numbers." This is where TEG shines, putting time and effort into perfecting clothing lines with the attention to detail that they deserve.

Although TEG parcels out important tips to choosing the best clothing manufacturer, Evans and her team are confident that fashion designers looking to start a clothing line will choose them every time. And after delving deep into the business's process, philosophy, and products, it's easy to see why.
Through research, raw experience, and comprehensive business plans, TEG dishes out the facts and knowledge established and emerging designers need to know to start a clothing line.

The Devil's In the Details: Designing A Clothing Line

Regardless of whether you're an established or emerging designer in Los Angeles, TEG allows creators to design couture to help a business grow. With a litany of past clients (now numbering over 2,000), The Evans Group (TEG) knows how to get to the essence of designing clothing lines.

For example, the forward-thinking brand specializing in womenswear, Hiraeth, formed a close bond with the TEG team. The Hiraeth team, focusing on creating fashion free of all animal products, had one resource they knew they could count on: guidance from Jennifer Evans and her team. TEG oversaw the planning and production of Hiraeth's clothing line, ensuring that the client's goals were always the first thing.

Through various examples and case studies, TEG displays how it sets itself apart from other apparel manufacturing factories in Los Angeles.

5 Steps to Create Couture

Along with design services for any level of clothing business, TEG offers expert advice for the up-and-coming designer. In a recent article, 'Custom Clothing Orders: Follow These Steps for Catchy Couture,' the TEG team lays out the definitive steps to bring a designer's clothing business to the fore of the fashion industry.

One of those steps? Forging a bond with the clothing manufacturer you choose. As TEG states, "Both client and clothing manufacturer can be talented, but if there’s no meaningful communication between the two parties, all of that artistic vision can come up short."

Oh, and TEG also easily settles the difference between couture and haute couture.

Choosing a Good Clothing Manufacturer to Launch a Clothing Line

Since TEG is a name that carries weight in the Downtown L.A. fashion scene, helping independent fashion designers is the name of the game. How does TEG do it?

TEG spends a lot of time hashing out essential details of a future clothing line. For example, in TEG's new piece, 'Find a Clothing Manufacturer Near You: A Guide for Creatives,' a large part of the clothing line design process includes a lot of planning, like finding price points and establishing budgets. Maybe not the most glamorous aspect of starting your own clothing line, but it's crucial to become the next big thing in the L.A. fashion scene.

Jennifer Evans also employs the talent of several nearby Los Angeles garment factories, creating jobs in the process.

Why You Need to Avoid Fast Fashion

Along with focusing on small-time clothing businesses and emerging fashion designers, TEG believes in sustainable fashion. Where other manufacturers may cut corners, TEG doubles down and commits to meticulous detail, depending on a team of seamstresses, pattern makers, and other designers.

This includes avoiding the pitfalls of the environmentally disastrous practice of fast fashion. Like fast food, fast fashion is extremely convenient. The problem? It ruins the environment and creates tons of waste. Aside from poor quality materials, the textile workers in factories are more often than not underpaid and overworked. As The Evans Groups points out in their article:

"These pieces of clothing are made cheap, with lower-quality fabric and materials, often exposing textile workers to inhumane working conditions. Garment workers involved in the mass production of these pieces often work long hours for meager pay."

TEG, on the other hand, commits to doing the complete opposite. Jennifer Evans goes out of her way to employ local workers and factories. She brings them into the fold to help emerging fashion designers start clothing lines and launch fashion businesses from the heart of her Downtown L.A. clothing manufacturing studio.

Evans herself recognizes the massive toll that the fashion industry can have on the environment. She and her team effectively tailor her business practices minimizing the negative impact clothing lines can have.

What Does This Mean for New Fashion Designers?

With resources ranging from articles on couture to a top-of-the-line design and production team, The Evans Group provides new designers with the tools they need to start a clothing line of their own. With a small batch clothing manufacturer, independent clothing designers can now start a clothing line, even if they don't have a huge budget.

Launching a business in the fashion industry, no less, is a challenging pursuit.

But Jennifer Evans and her team are here to take any unrealistic goals and make them not only possible but likely to succeed.

About The Evans Group

The Evans Group, founded in 2005, is a full-service fashion development and production house based in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Since its inception, The Evans Group has worked with over 2,000 clothing brands and designers. The Evans Group prides itself on being one of the few fashion houses in the United States with raw experience and talent. And primarily for independent fashion designers to benefit from.

With talented seamstresses, pattern makers, and fashion pattern drafters, TEG allows emerging designers the chance to start a clothing line.

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