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The Online Logo Makers has just launched their upgraded version of the popular 3D Logo Maker. The most innovative tool to create amazing 3D logos online.

Part of our ethos is that we want to give small businesses a kick start, to get them up and running in an easy way. And to do that with minimum cost, so they can achieve the success they deserve.”

— Ms. Keren Shavit, CEO

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, October 7, 2021 / — As a result of the last few years, the world and the job market have changed dramatically, and this has motivated many to take some initiative, find their entrepreneurial spirit, and start their own side-hustles and businesses. This has grown from a need for job security and worry about the future. People around the world are lifting themselves up and creating their own micro-enterprises.

In response to this, the Online Logo Makers, an international design firm has just launched their upgraded version of the popular 3D Logo Maker. It is the most innovative tool already used by tens of thousands to empower themselves, allowing them to create a logo online easily.

The tool has led the way for many to succeed quickly, with a powerful way to present themselves to the outside world. Statistics show that there is a need for this, with more businesses than ever before, being created.

Online Logo Makers CEO, Keren Shavit, and her development team have always recognized the needs of new entrepreneurs and known how they struggle to brand themselves. The team has always tried to help give these new ventures the right start, and they wanted to further support these new business owners. It was this thinking that led them to develop the newest version of their amazing 3D Logo Maker.

The original Free Logo Maker Online tool was designed specially to offer a simple, streamlined, no registration, free-to-try tool that anyone can use. It is made to be accessible in many languages, in countries ranging from the US to Canada to Europe and all the way to Japan.

From the comfort of your laptop, you can use the intuitive Logo Maker and with a few simple steps, the custom, a modern logo is ready – tailored specifically to the needs. Simply choose your colors, favorite fonts and it’s ready to go.

This great tool also allows the users to try as many designs as they want with no credit card details and no pressure. Also, a user can download free samples.

With the launch of the newest version, the process is even smoother, more streamlined, and intuitive. It quickly allows a user to create a stunning 3D logo and enables the new entrepreneur to immediately start drawing attention, gaining visibility, and looking professional everywhere.

The packages on offer have also been specially priced low, as the team knows that small businesses have tight budgets.
It is the team’s hope that this 3D logo maker tool will help launch these start-up companies into their future, motivating them to reach great success. is a leading free logo maker platform with thousands of users worldwide. We make it simple for everyone to make a logo for their business.

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