New View Through the Looking Glass: Tako Glass is Revolutionizing the Glass Blown Pipe Industry


Tako Glass

SEQUIM, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, October 11, 2021 / — Tako Glass of Sequim, Washington leads a new era of glassblowers whose focus lies in creating glass pipes for tobacco use. Using traditional glass blowing to create these functional works of art, Tako has revolutionized the industry both in terms of quality and design. Having built a reputation over the past several decades, Tako Glass carries on the tradition by exploring new techniques and infusing innovative mediums to create some of the most groundbreaking work in glass blowing.

Glass-blown pipes date back to 1977 when glassblower Bob Snodgrass developed and patented the earliest prototypes of glass pipes while he sold them as he toured with the Grateful Dead. Over the decades, the craft has evolved tremendously, and today, artists like Tako Glass are taking the art form to new heights. Beginning his venture into the world of glass blowing in 1998, the passion for creating using this time-honored method lit a fire within Tako, and he has never looked back. Fast-forward to the present, he continues to innovate as he produces some of the finest glass blown pipes found anywhere. Using details on his pipes such as opal glass marbles, dichroic glass features with the most intense, brilliant colors, and elegant sculptural effects, he brings added artistry to every one-of-a-kind piece.

Tako worked diligently to perfect his product, starting with very basic knowledge, and through much trial and error, exacted the process and began selling his work. “We were the first to sell pipes at the Santa Cruz swap meet (to my knowledge). No one else was doing it. We killed it and made a fat wad of cash!” stated Tako. Slowly, the business grew, and he was able to dedicate all of his time to selling his work. His continued perseverance enabled him to reach new markets, gain widespread attention, and get his pieces carried and sold throughout the United States.

Tako furthered with: “If you bought a pipe from a headshop in the Seattle area from 2007-2015 there was a good chance it was one of mine. Really, I was selling glass all over the country and there is a good chance you have smoked outta one of my pieces.” All the while, Tako has maintained a continuously dedicated approach to creativity and quality, creating glasswork like nothing else out there.

Glass blowing as an art dates back to ancient times, and it has captivated the human gaze ever since. Over centuries, the methods and styles have changed, but through its evolution, we are no less mesmerized by the way light and shadow are captured by the brilliance of glass. Tako Glass continues this legacy with ground-breaking styles, fusing form with function, enabling people to own collectible, functional art.

Tako pieces are never cheap or mass-produced items, and they are truly remarkable Tako takes pride in offering stunning, thick glass, and his designs are ergonomic for comfort and beauty. Simply, these are the best quality glass pipes available from anyone globally. Every piece is one-of-a-kind, unique, signed and dated, for authenticity. Tako customers are often long-time collectors and followers, delivering rave reviews year after year. Tako Glass pipes are not just pieces for smoking; they are truly functional art you can display as well as use.

Tako Glass is a leading artist, designer, and retailer of fine blown glass pipes and tobacco accessories. All Tako pipes, bongs, rigs, and bangers are handmade in the USA by Tako Glass and his wife and partner, BeezyGlass in their Sequim, WA glass blowing studio. The difference found when purchasing from Tako is true, artist-quality glass and products. To learn more, visit

Tako Glass
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