Drinjk EEZY To Offer Multiple-Sized 2021 Luxury Wine Advent Calendars

Drinjk EZZY recently announced that their best-selling Wine Advent Calendars will now come in 12 or 24 sized options.

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 14, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Drinjk EZZY co-founders Brett and Alexa Bayda recently announced an upcoming change to their best-selling Luxury Wine Advent Calander. Featured last year in both Costco and online at Drinjk.com, The Advent Calander proved to be a hit that sold out in only three weeks.

The product's success earned it a reputation among some wine enthusiasts as the best Wine Advent Calander currently available in the United States. This year, the co-founders have decided to make it available in multiple sizes.

“This year we are giving our customers the choice of how much they want to drink. They can countdown with our mini 12 bottle Wine Advent Calendar or participate in the traditional advent with 24 wines, one for each day leading up to Christmas,” says co-founder Brett Bayda.

Bayda emphasized that his company prides itself on offering only artisan wines, each of which comes in a chic glass bottle. “We’re proud to offer our customers wines that aren’t mass-produced. All our wines are curated from small to medium-sized family-run wineries growing grapes in the world’s top wine regions,” Bayda explained.

Since founding Drinjk, the co-founders have developed relationships with wineries all over the world.

“We love working with small wineries,” says co-founder Alexa Bayda. “The wine industry needs to support these small farmers and help them get their incredible wines to market. This year we added Argentina to the list of new countries we are sourcing from.”

Each of Drinjk's single-serve wine bottles contains 6.3 oz of wine, providing a generous portion for one or enough for two people to share.

You can pre-order a Drinjk EEZY Luxury Wine Advent Calendar at drinjk.com. Customers on the waiting list will receive updates throughout Oct and November. The Wine Advent Calendar starts at $74.99 + Free Shipping.

For questions about Drinjk EEZY or the Wine Advent Calendar, contact Brett@drinjk.com

About Drinjk EEZY: The #1 leader in premium single-serve wines, Drinjk’s mission is to make wine fun again. Make it more convenient for busy wine lovers. To allow wine lovers to enjoy a glass of wine without the commitment of always having to open a full-sized bottle.


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