Graphene-X® Launches the Hoodie-X: Pushing the limits of impossible – on Kickstarter

The Hoodie-X by Graphene-X

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The Hoodie-X by Graphene-X just launched on Kickstarter. Reversible, thermal management, and protection against the elements in a whole new level.

The Hoodie-X is the hoodie reinvented. We have developed a state-of-the-art product that takes a classic garment to a whole new dimension thanks to the integration of wonder material Graphene.”

— Jorge Barros, founder & CEO of Graphene-X

HONG KONG, October 15, 2021 / — GRAPHENE-X® – makers of the first graphene-integrated 3L jacket (the Alpha Series jacket) and Kickstarter titans, just launched their newest and most ambitious product on Kickstarter – The Hoodie-X.

The Hoodie-X pushes the limits of impossible to become the most advanced zip-up hoodie ever made. It's reversible with thermal management properties and protects you against the elements like no other hoodie thanks to a three-layered graphene-integrated fabric with a futuristic membrane.

**Unparalleled thermal management:**

The Hoodie-X is a reversible hoodie that if used on one side can keep you warm in the coldest settings while if used on the other side will keep you fresh when it's baking hot.

On one side they integrated wonder material, Graphene. Graphene excels at radiating heat, and its Far Infrared (FIR) radiation profile is almost identical to that of the human body. That means it is exceptionally efficient at accumulating and retaining heat. Also, due to the bacteriostatic properties of Graphene, the Hoodie-X will never smell.

On the other face, they integrated a state-of-the-art Nylon-based Ruco-therm fabric developed by the German manufacturer Rudolf. This fabric boosts long-term evaporative cooling with a depot effect. The fabric is incredibly soft to the touch and feels like nothing you have ever touched before.

**Protection against the elements:**

The Hoodie-X has a 3-layer fabrics construction that integrates an ultra-high performance membrane (which is sandwiched in between the other 2 fabrics). To achieve this, the fabrics undergo a heat process so they feel like one heavy-duty fabric. This membrane is not only hydrophobic (so rain and wind stay out) but also incredibly breathable as it allows moisture vapor to escape flawlessly.

**Built to last for the rest of your life with a lifetime guarantee:**

Less stuff, but better stuff. That is part of their mission. They offer a lifetime guarantee and asses that the best way to be a sustainable brand is to manufacture clothing that is built to last.


– It will keep you warm when cold and fresh when hot as it's reversible and both sides work as independent pieces of gear.
– It will protect you against the elements (come rain, wind, or snow). Check the campaign to see how it humiliated a Super Soaker Hydra water-gun.
– It stretches like no other 3-layer fabric product you've ever seen making it incredibly comfortable.
– It's empowered with the world's toughest and lightest material, Graphene.
– It's built to last a lifetime. Hail #slowfashion!
– Graphene-X is Climate Neutral Certified and a Corporate member of the Graphene Council (the biggest consortium of companies shaping the future with Graphene).

**Pricing and Availability**

Graphene-X® Launches the Hoodie-X: The most advanced hoodie ever built on Kickstarter. Super Early Bird backers can get the Hoodie-X for USD $174, 30% off MSRP of $249. The Hoodie-X is expected to start shipping in April 2022.

**About Graphene-X**

Graphene-X engineers some of the most advanced clothing in the world. They develop graphene-integrated proprietary fabrics to produce some of the most advanced clothing in the world. With over 10.000 clients coming from more than 100 countries, Graphene-X has a rating of 4.95 out of 5 in their product reviews.

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The most advanced hoodie ever built

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