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Premier Diamond Group

Premier Diamond Group

The 20.08-carat blue diamond

The 20.08-carat blue diamond

ONTARIO, CANADA, October 19, 2021 / — In 2014, the Petra Diamonds recovered a 29.6 carat blue diamond at the Cullinan mine. This natural colored diamond was deemed to be an outstanding blue with extraordinary saturation, tone and clarity. In February of the same year, the diamond was sold for US$25.6 million (US$862,80 per carat) to Cora International NY through the South African company Golden Yellow Diamonds. The diamond was later cut, polished and unveiled as the ‘Blue Moon’, a 12 carat cushion-cut diamond of the highest quality, according to Petra Diamonds. In 2015, Blue Moon was sold for $50 million at a Geneva auction.

Another recovery by Petra Diamonds, in the same year, was the exceptional 122.52 carat blue diamond called “The Cullinan Dream”. This stone was sold for US$27.52 million.

In 2019, Petra Diamonds also recovered a 20.8 carat blue gem quality type IIb diamond at its Cullinan mine in South Africa. The mining firm reacted to the recovery by saying “Today’s discovery not only demonstrates the quality of Petra’s asset base, as the Cullinan diamond mine remains a significant source of rare blue diamonds, but it again confirms the prevalence of exceptional stones in the Cullinan orebody as well as the ability of the mine’s plant to recover the full spectrum of diamonds.” When the mining firm was to hold a special tender, for the recovered stone, analysts speculated that the gem will fetch as much as $15 million.

While there are recoveries of blue diamonds, Astteria magazine explains that “Natural Blue Diamonds are among the rarest and most expensive fancy colored diamonds in dwindling supply and increasing demand.” As these diamonds become rare with high demand, the more valuable they become. To this regard, Astteria goes on to explain that “blue diamond prices rise every year in record-breaking increments and in the last decade, in addition to being mysterious and beautiful gems, blue diamonds have become popular among investors and collectors who want to own these natural wonders as well as capitalize on them.”

As these blue gems have become popular, investors consider them as hard assets that are private in nature and can be carried and moved around. The portability of these tangible assets allows investors to take them anywhere in the world and trade in any currency.

The convenience and freedom to buy and sell across geographical boundaries is a plus. However, when tenders are held, they take place in strict confidentiality – not many people have access to information. If they do, most do not get expert advice.

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