Luxury Wellness Brand, Raw Botanics, Adds REST Supplements to Portfolio of Clean Hemp-Derived Supplements

Luxury Wellness Brand, Raw Botanics, Adds REST Supplements to Portfolio of Clean Hemp-Derived Supplements

SAN DIEGO, CA, USA, October 25, 2021 / —


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Luxury Wellness Brand, Raw Botanics, Adds REST Supplements to Portfolio of Clean Hemp-Derived Supplements
Relying solely on powerful health benefits from the minor cannabinoid, CBN, this revolutionary product is free of any artificial, cheap, misleading or ineffective additives.

SAN DIEGO – October 18, 2021- The Raw Botanics Co., a luxury wellness company that combines hemp-derived exotic cannabinoids, apoptogenic plants and functional mushrooms, announced today the launch of its “REST” supplements. Unlike other hemp-derived relaxation and sleep aid products on the market, Raw Botanics does not add any artificial additives such as melatonin, to support its product’s functionality. In addition to sleep support, the new REST supplement offers benefits for stress relief, anti-inflammatory and immunity.

Raw Botanics’ REST supplement features a sedative blend of terpenes, the essential oils found in cannabis plants that impart therapeutic effects, as well as botanical and mushroom adaptogens – the non-toxic plant formula that helps create life balance. Rather than relying on cheap artificial additives that may produce negative ‘hangover’ symptoms, this innovative product utilizes the naturally occurring health benefits from the cannabinoid, CBN in combination with natural terpenes to initiate the body’s natural sleep cycle.

“Allowing your body adequate rest and recovery is crucial for your overall wellbeing, but for many people achieving that is a constant struggle,” said co-founder Brendan Smith. “The combination of CBN and CDB in this product is a real game-changer. Unlike other sleep aid formulas on the market, we rely on this natural combination to provide real results without the addition of synthetic, artificial ingredients.”

Forecasted to be an upcoming major player in the industry, CBN is the cannabinoid BN, or Cannabinol, comes from the oxidation and decomposition from a hemp plant. While CBD is a broad cannabinoid, CBN is a specific compound that has shown to have a sedative effect that enhances one's natural sleep cycle. The benefits of CBN include:

● Improved sleep quality
● Pain relief
● Reduced inflammation
● Stimulated appetite

Raw Botanics’ REST products are available in 1,000 mg Tincture and 750mg Softgels and retail for $100.00 and $97.00 respectively. Additional product information includes:

● 1,000mg tincture
○ 1ml CBD/CBN per serving / 900mg active CBD and 100mg active CBN per bottle
○ 30+ servings Broad Spectrum Hemp-Extract (<0.0% THC)
○ Proprietary sedative-specific cannabinoids, terpenes, and adaptogen formula
○ Tasting notes of coconut, citrus, and ginger
● 750mg softgels
○ 750mg active CBN per bottle (25mg per Softgel)
○ 30 servings Broad Spectrum Hemp-Extract (<0.0% THC)
○ Proprietary sedative specific cannabinoid, terpenes, and adaptogen formula

“We’re excited to introduce people to our line of REST products and to continue to educate consumers on the healthy use of CBD, other effective cannabinoids and the importance of clean ingredients,” said co-founder, Les Kollegian. “We’re not afraid to be honest with our customers. We believe in education, transparency and aim to change the industry standard across the board.”

The company has partnered with a nationally recognized San Diego clinical research lab and an award-winning organic hemp farm in Kentucky to ensure the best raw materials, the cleanest extractions and the most advanced benefit-based formulas on the market. All Raw Botanics Products are ethically sourced, vegan, and cruelty-free, contain no additives, sugar, or preservatives and are always gluten-free, keto, and paleo-friendly.

About Raw Botanics

The Raw Botanics Co. is a wellness company that offers high-end supplements dedicated to reducing stress and improving vitality, energy and health with a commitment to consumer education and transparency. With custom formulated products utilizing minor Cannabinoids CBD, CBN, CBG, and CBC combined with adaptogens, mushrooms, and select terpene, all products are free of artificial additives and only use natural, organic ingredients.

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