Lin Honeycutt on a Hobby Gone Wild: The Origins of a Family Business

Lin Honeycutt Talks About How the Holiday Light Store Got Its Start

RALEIGH , NORTH CAROLINA , UNITED STATES , October 26, 2021 / — When the days get darker, Lin Honeycutt and Cindy Honeycutt have long lit up the night with their colorful holiday light displays in Raleigh, NC. It wasn’t until Lin was ready to retire though that it became more than just a hobby.

The origin story of the Holiday Light Store in Raleigh begins with a husband and wife who loved to decorate their yard. Cindy and Lin Honeycutt didn’t rig up an ordinary display though, opting instead for more than 800,000 lights to create a true masterpiece. See how their quest to share the spirit of the holidays with their neighbors turned into a much bigger operation.

A Passion in the Making

From the very first year, the Honeycutts were delighted by the reactions to their efforts. Children and adults alike wouldn’t just pass by and smile, they would stop to better appreciate the ornate details and vivid colors. Peaceful and bright, these electric miracles had a way of helping people slow down and savor a season that has a tendency to fly by in a haze of credit cards and shopping bags.

Of course, with that many lights over the course of three decades, it was inevitable that some would need to be repaired. When Lin Honeycutt couldn’t find endless technicians ready to help, he learned to take on the tasks himself. All that specialty knowledge he picked up overtime proved to be helpful to more than just his family though. He’s not the only one that wants to make the holiday special.

Lin Honeycutt: A Place for Hobbyists

It’s not always easy to start new, but these two entrepreneurs knew that there was a market for what they did — one with very little competition to be found (both in Raleigh and beyond).

After 30 years in the auto industry, Cindy and Lin decided to parlay their hobby into a new business, eventually opening their own storefront and specializing in everything from basic rewiring to custom light displays. After more than 15 years, they’ve earned business from as far as Hawaii, Canada, and Alaska, appealing to dedicated decorators who will settle for nothing but the best in show.

Lin Honeycutt might sell an animated Santa one day and fix lights on a run-of-the-mill ornament the next. The staff fulfills orders for large-scale displays at golf courses and helps party throwers get their home ready for their big gathering.

His and his wife’s journey might have taken some time, but it was a natural progression that stemmed from an innate love of Christmas. With deep respect for their beliefs and genuine goodwill to all, this store represents far more than a source of income.

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