Waphyto Named 2021 Good Design Award Winner for Cosmetic Product Packaging

TOKYO, JAPAN, October 27, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Japanese beauty brand Waphyto is proud to announce that they are the recent recipient of a Good Design Award for the brand’s cosmetic packaging.

The Good Design Award is a movement that began in Japan in 1957 as a comprehensive design evaluation and commendation system. Each year, the award’s founding organization recognizes excellence in the design of various products and services with an international competition.

About The 2021 Good Design Award
According to their website, the goal of the Good Design Award is “To provide support to those who have managed to identify the possibilities of design, explore what can be made happen with design, broaden the fields where design can play a role, and ultimately lead to the creation of the society where everyone can lead a rich and creative life.”

The theme for the 2021 Good Design Awards was “Aspiration and action with consideration.” In an online statement, Hiroyuki Fukano, President of Japan

“This is a wonderful theme that verbalizes how our wishes and hopes for a better world can be realized if we all worked together. I believe that the selected designs embody this spirit in various ways,” he said. “Interest in design has never been stronger. Designers envision an ideal future, give it a specific form, and forge a path to that future. This year, the number of entries, as well as winners, is significantly higher than last year. When society yearns for a better future, designers respond with excellent works of art that propose multiple paths forward.”

Waphyto’s Remarkable Product Packaging Design
In the category of cosmetics, Waphyto has received The Good Design Award for its unique and innovative product packaging in the category of packaging for the general public. Each of the line’s self care and wellness products features its own colorful, sleek, eco-friendly container. When developing the packaging the brand’s vision was one that promotes a harmonious existence between people and plants.

Waphtyo’s signature colors are nature-inspired and as a clean beauty brand, the company is exceptionally committed to environmentally sustainable practices. Key brand strategies for reducing waste include containers made from recycled plastic, boxes made from recycled paper from plant residue, and FSC-certified labels using vegetable inks for the printing of all packaging text. Customers can even return used containers for recycling via Waphyto’s partnership with Terracycle.

About Waphyto: The Power of Plants Meets Modern Cosmetic Science

Developed by award-winning plant scientist Atsuko Morita, based on her knowledge of traditional herbalism and modern beauty technology, Waphyto is a self care and wellness brand that combines the finest natural ingredients with the most sophisticated cosmetic innovations.

From skincare to body and hair care, Waphyto products embody an appreciation for Japanese Wa culture – promoting peace and harmony. With a passion for preserving the purity of nature, Waphyto works to ensure that all ingredients and formulas meet the highest standards of the company’s scientists and herbalists, as well as those of today’s socially responsible marketplace.

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Wakana Honami

Source: EIN Presswire