KIWISAT Expands its Presence in the Satellite TV Industry

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Satellite TV is a popular entertainment option for users around the world, especially those in remote areas.

SAN JUAN, PR, USA, November 15, 2021 / — Satellite TV is a popular entertainment option for users around the world, especially those in remote areas. While there are several Satellite TV service providers, KIWISAT seems to have affordable rates with no hidden charges. They have Satellite TV, currently providing quality services to thousands of customers in Puerto Rico every month.

KIWISAT’s network is expanding quickly as it made its mark the satellite TV industry in a short time period, which is why It is important that customers know about their services. Therefore, we are going to discuss how KIWISAT has made a difference in the industry with the best features and pricing.

Business Mode
most satellite TV options that they find is that they have contract-based services. These subscription policies compel customers to pay penalties in case of early termination so they cannot quit their services. Additionally, their services also have a cancellation fee that subscribers need to pay every month until the contract ends.

With KIWISAT, on the other hand, customers get a prepaid model with no contract for its customers. They have a no agreement policy and let customers pay as they go or on a monthly basis. Their customers can also unsubscribe from the services whenever they want without worrying about cancellation charges.

For example, DIRECT TV charges $10.24 as a cancellation penalty for every month left before the contract ends. Similarly, DISH charges $20 dollars/month as an early termination fee.

Simple Pricing Plans
KIWISAT does not have payment plans, hidden charges, and add-on prices. So, they have the simplest tier-based pricing for their customers. The 3 tiers are KP-2, KP-3, KP-4, which provide 53 channels (44 in HD), 116 channels (116 in HD), 142channels (131 in HD), respectively. There are no add-ons for sports, entertainment, movies.

Customers only need to pay $30/mo ($28 with auto-pay), $50/mo ($45 with auto-pay), and $65/mo ($50 with auto-pay) for the KP-2, 3, and 4 packages, respectively. This keeps things simple for the customers, as the other satellite TV providers have hidden charges and add-on costs. For example, customers may need to pay a $5 extra fee every month if they want HD channels on DIRECTV.

DISH also charges a $5 equipment fee for each add-on that customers want on their satellite TV system. Therefore, people are now switching to KIWISAT for their simple and pocket-friendly packages.

No Hidden Charges
We have already discussed how KIWISAT focuses on transparency. But let us take a deeper look at how this can help them. KIWISAT has absolutely no hidden charges for add-ons, HD channels, and several other perks that improve their satellite TV experience. KIWISAT helps facilitate its customers without charging anything extra.

However, if they are a DIRECTV subscriber, be ready to pay extra fees every month. Customers can choose from the following packages of DIRECTV:

While these packages provide a different number of channels, they have different charges. Customers need to pay around $35.99, $45.99, $63.99, and $70.99, respectively, for the above-mentioned packages. It is best to should add another $5 if they want to add HD channels to their subscription.

Similarly, DISH PR has different prices for its packages –for example, subscribers get the DishLATINO Classic for $ 54.99, DishLATINO Plus for $ 56.99, DishLATINO Two for $ 76.99, and DishLATINO Max for a price of $ 91.99. Each of these packages has a different number of channels but their cost keeps increasing accordingly.

Moreover, DISH customers need to pay $5 every month if they need DISH Joey, DISH 4K Joey, and DISH Hopper 3 DVR Fee or a DISH Wireless Joey. All of this adds to the total charges every month, which is not the case with KIWISAT.

Not only is KIWISAT’s sign-up method easy, but it is also highly affordable. KIWISAT has a free sign-up policy that lets customers join directly without worrying about any extra installation fee. They also charge nothing extra for their programming (HD/DVR), but we will get to that later.

Other satellite TV service providers like DIRECTTV charge around $19.95 as an activation fee. Additionally, their online sign-up process involves a lot of steps that may be confusing for many users. Similarly, DISHPR has a $19 installation fee for first-time customers. Customers also have to pay for unreturned equipment (when subscribers cancel a plan) and additional receivers if they want to upgrade their set-top box.

Best Streaming
KIWISAT provides quality services to its customers, especially if they are into online streaming. With high-speed streaming, they do not have to wait for long buffering and loading times. They do not have any extra charges, which makes them the best option for people who are new to satellite TV services.

Customers can subscribe to their services even if they do not have an internet connection. They can enjoy their favorite shows, sports events, music, and much more no matter where they are. KIWISAT covers several regions. They are most popular in regions like St. Martin, with over 5,000 users on average. People in Puerto Rico and Jamaica, and the Virgin Islands also enjoy their quality services. KIWISAT has more than 100,000 loyal customers. Plus, KIWISAT prepaid does not require a credit check.

Their services also eliminate the need for internet connection, unlike other services like DISHPR and DIRECTV, which have separate charges for their services and require internet for using their services.

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