A new era of compassion

First look inside the platform

A world's first in the pets marketplace, Australian tech startup revolutionalizes the way pets are bought and sold online

MELBOURNE, VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA, August 14, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Shaping the future of the pets industry, myNewPet is an Australian based e-commerce platform that redefines the way users buy and sell pets. In a world’s first, they have built and online platform that combines cutting-edge identity verification technology, with the incorporation of an escrow service to ensure maximum security, efficiency, and transparency when purchasing and selling loved ones online.

The platform features three different account types; buyers, sellers and breeders. The seller and breeder accounts include an interactive analytical dashboard, which displays metrics on the ratings within listings, as well as view counts. There is a messaging component that allows users to contact each other and leave reviews, opening the door to a more reputation and responsibility focused pet community. The service offers a myriad of different payment solutions including credit card, debit card, direct bank transfers, and blockchain-based cryptocurrency payments.

Every feature is purpose-built and designed to create trust and transparency between users, with the goal of eliminating fraud and fighting against abusive practices.

● Confirming the identity of users through an Electronic Identity Verification process (GreenID)
● Collecting pet microchip numbers and breeder's licence numbers
● Offering a third party pet delivery service through Dogtainers
● Escrow account feature for payment processing
● Adhering to AML/CTF and KYC laws

myNewPet hopes to build a thriving marketplace where thousands of pets can find loving, caring new homes. The online service works constantly to detect, deter, and report scams, ensuring that breeders advertising on the site are treating pets with dignity and respect. The company does not support any sellers or buyers with a history of animal abuse or related criminal offenses. The company discourages time-wasters and fake enquiries by charging a small deposit fee for enquiries. In working as a mediator, it protects buyers, breeders, and pets.

myNewPet partnered with Australia’s oldest and most reliable pet logistics company, Dogtainers, to ensure every pet makes it to its new home in safety and comfort. All transportation is conducted under the care of licensed and trained professional pet transporters.

Eleanor Castellani
+614 08 218 138
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OBR Command Center, a modified 18-wheeler, donated by Prairie Fresh, rolls into action

More Than 20,000 Meals Served in Nine Days

When disaster strikes, our goal is to be there providing a helping hand and a hot meal. We're proud to put our passion for BBQ to work for the men and women fighting the fire and those impacted.”

— Stan Hays, co-founder and president/CEO of OBR

PLEASANT HILL, MO, USA, August 14, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Peculiar, Mo. (Aug. 14, 2018) – Operation BBQ Relief (OBR) deployed to northern California in early August, supporting local efforts to fight the Carr Fire outside of Redding. During nine days on the ground serving first responders and members of the community in need, the OBR team:
• Served 20,553 meals
• Coordinated with more than 150 volunteers
• Coordinated with 31 organizations/shelters to receive meals
• Traveled more than 4,000 miles round trip

“When disaster strikes, our goal is to be there providing a helping hand and a hot meal. During our California deployment, we were proud to put our passion for BBQ to work for so many of the men and women fighting the fire and those impacted by it,” said Stan Hays, co-founder and president/CEO of OBR. “We also saw an immense outpouring of support from our network of volunteers in California, as well as donors across the country and around the world. Individuals looking for a way to help, along with the support of our partners, enable us to promptly respond when faced with these disasters.”

Working alongside volunteers who included California native and celebrity chef Guy Fieri, and a team from chef Jose Andres’ World Central Kitchen, the OBR team prepared meals that were delivered by the Salvation Army to four main evacuation sites, as well as many other groups serving those in need and first responders.

Making its first major deployment of 2018, OBR sent its Command Center, a full-size tractor-trailer sponsored by Prairie Fresh, a Seaboard Foods brand. It serves as the epicenter of operations, where volunteers track cooking progress, total meals served and supply inventories. Also deployed to California was “Boss Hog,” which is a flatbed trailer equipped with five commercial smokers provided by Ole Hickory Pits and a 56,000 watt generator provided by Sunbelt Rentals. Capable of smoking up to 350 pork butts every 10 hours, Boss Hog is where OBR volunteers prepare meals.

The OBR team, along with the OBR Command Center and Boss Hog, will be at The American Royal World Series of Barbecue® in Kansas City, Kansas, this September 14-16. During the Royal, they will be preparing meals for a military appreciation event, while also providing BBQ samples to other attendees.

Since its inception in May 2011, OBR has served more than 1.77 million meals with the help of 6,722 total daily volunteers. It’s been deployed for a total of 268 days in 50 communities in 25 different states around the U.S.

OBR depends on donations and volunteers to make a difference. Please visit operationbbqrelief.org to learn how to help.

# # #

About Operation BBQ Relief
Mission Statement – Operation BBQ Relief provides compassion and offers hope and friendship to those whose lives have been affected by disasters across the United States. We leverage our expertise in cooking and catering barbecue meals with our ability to quickly mobilize our teams into any area where disaster disrupts and tears apart the lives of Americans.

Values – We value honesty, compassion, friendship, hard work and respect for others and for resources with which we are provided. Decisions and actions of Operation BBQ Relief will always be made and carried out with these values in mind. We want the communities we serve to be able to state without reservation that Operation BBQ Relief upheld these values while making a positive impact in the lives of their citizens.

Vision – The vision of Operation BBQ Relief is that all people involved in relief efforts during natural disasters will understand the true meaning of compassion for those who have lost possessions and loved ones, and that they will further utilize all of their God-given skills and abilities to better the lives of those affected.

David Marks
Operation BBQ Relief, Chief Marketing Officer
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Belleair Coffee Company Celebrates Two Years of Craft Coffee Success

Specialty Coffee - Much like wine is rated on a 100 point scale, so is coffee.

Specialty Coffee – Much like wine is rated on a 100 point scale, so is coffee.

Having attained a dedicated following of coffee lovers over the past two years, Whalen finally achieved his ultimate dream of being able to personally roast his own high quality coffee beans when the company acquired their first roaster this past spring.

Having attained a dedicated following of coffee lovers over the past two years, Whalen finally achieved his ultimate dream of being able to personally roast his own high quality coffee beans when the company acquired their first roaster this past spring.

Belleair Coffee Company, owner Chris Whalen turned a love for craft coffee into a successful business that uses sustainable and organic ingredients.

Next to making happy customers, it’s the dialing in of the precise roast settings that has become the most enjoyable aspect of this whole endeavor.”

— Chris Whalen, Owner Belleair Coffee Company

BELLEAIR BLUFFS, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, August 14, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Celebrating the 2nd anniversary of their grand opening at 100 Indian Rocks Road North with an open house and live music on August 18th, the owner of Belleair Coffee Company, Chris Whalen, turned a love for craft coffee into a successful business that prides itself on using sustainable and organic ingredients whenever possible.

Chris Whalen’s personal coffee journey began in his early 20s when his father took a job in Rome, Italy and he was introduced to espresso and cappuccinos for the first time creating an infatuation with good, high quality coffee.

But it wasn’t until much later, when Whalen was first exposed to the third wave of coffee, a specialty movement, which treats coffee like a fine wine, that his personal hunt for the best craft coffee began.

“The light, flavorful roast blew my mind,” says owner Chris Whalen. “And they didn’t add any flavorings they just roasted super high quality beans in a specific manner to bring out the nutty flavors and floral notes.”

Unfortunately, Chris just couldn’t find what he was looking for in Belleair, Florida so after ditching his suit and tie in the high tech corporate world, he decided to pursue his coffee passion to the fullest and opened the Belleair Coffee Company in mid-2016.

Having attained a dedicated following of coffee lovers over the past two years, Whalen finally achieved his ultimate dream of being able to personally roast his own high quality coffee beans when the company acquired their first roaster this past spring.

“Now that we custom roast our own bean selection, we’ve been selling twice as much coffee and our customers love the new dimensions we can bring to the menu with our personal craft coffee,” said Whalen. “Next to making happy customers, it’s the dialing in of the precise roast settings that has become the most enjoyable aspect of this whole endeavor.”

Chris, his wife Cammie and the entire Belleair Coffee Company Crew invite everyone to their Anniversary Open House, with special tastings and live music on Saturday August 18th, 2018 at 100 Indian Rocks Road North in Belleair Bluffs, Florida.

About Belleair Coffee Company: Opened in 2016 by Chris Whalen, a die-hard craft coffee enthusiast, the Belleair Coffee Company offers delicious espresso drinks, coffee, homemade baked goods, organic yogurts, breakfast sandwiches, savory items and uses organic, sustainable products whenever possible. For more information please call 727-501-1010 or visit http://www.belleaircoffeecompany.com/index.html

Chris Whalen
Belleair Coffee Company
(727) 501-1010
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Latte and a Muffin

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Allentown Residents Can Find Affordable Dental Implants in Easton

ADS logo for dentists in Easton

ADS and its team of Easton dentists are offering Allentown dental implants and dentures at affordable prices.

Affordable Dental Solutions is only minutes away from Allentown, PA.

Dental implants don’t only change a patient’s smile. They change their life.”

— Dr. Michelle Bernreuther

EASTON, PA, UNITED STATES, August 14, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Easton dentists at Affordable Dental Solutions (ADS) are welcoming new patients from nearby Allentown. Residents can escape the high cost of dentists in Allentown by visiting our ADS location in Easton where dental implants are only $2,000.

The low price of dental implants in Easton includes both the abutment and final restoration. Dental implants are among the most popular solutions for missing teeth because of their natural look and feel.

“Dental implants don’t only change a patient’s smile. They change their life,” says Dr. Michelle Bernreuther, dentist in Easton.

ADS also offers affordable dentures in Easton. Full dentures in Easton cost only $650/arch and partial dentures cost $750/arch. Implant-retained dentures are also available for $2,999 when two dental implants are added to a patient’s full lower dentures.

To learn more about the dentures and dental implants available to Allentown residents and to schedule an appointment with the Easton dentists at ADS, visit http://www.eastonimplants.com/appointment.html.

About Affordable Dental Solutions: Based in Eastern Pennsylvania, Affordable Dental Solutions is a provider of full dentistry services. For nearly a decade, Affordable Dental Solutions has offered patients procedures such as dental implants, crowns, and dentures at rates much lower than area competitors by utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and by negotiating discounts with implant manufacturing companies. Learn more at https://www.affordabledentalsolutions.com/.

Jamie Jaskolka
Affordable Dental Solutions
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About Affordable Dental Solutions

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Defiance Tools® Launches "Tools To Navigate Life" at 2018 ACE Hardware Fall Show

Defiance Tools 10  Piece  Precision Screwdriver Set

Defiance Tools 10 Piece Precision Screwdriver Set

Defiance Tools Sportsmen's Knife & Camo Multi-Tool Combo

Defiance Tools Sportsmen’s Knife & Camo Multi-Tool Combo

Defiance Tools Skull Design 8-in-1 Multi-Tool

Defiance Tools Skull Design 8-in-1 Multi-Tool

Defiance Tools, a trademarked brand of C Larboard, LLC officially opens to hardware retailers at the Fall 2018 ACE Hardware show.

We are very excited to have our worldwide launch at the Fall 2018 ACE Hardware Show and proud to announce our affiliation with Drop Ship Solutions.”

— Richard Coulcher, President of C Larboard, LLC.

ORLANDO , FLORIDA , UNITED STATES , August 14, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — When you think of Defiance Tools, an image of the local tool store or lumber yard, the small-town diner or the neighborhood bar comes to mind. These are the places that made America unlike anyplace else in the world and have always been a deep and trusted part of our roots. America may be known for big box retailers both offline and online, but the small hometown business is our bedrock. With the worldwide launch of Defiance Tools at the Fall 2018 ACE Show in Chicago August 13-15th, founders Zoé and Richard Coulcher are redefining the meaning of tools, leveling the playing field with Drop Ship Solutions and bringing the best tools and EDC gear to independent retailers.

Before founding Defiance Tools, Zoé and Richard Coulcher developed and supplied products to the "big guys" under some famous brand names. Their mission at Defiance Tools is to bring that quality of product to the independent retailer. Whether hardware stores, gift shops or general stores, Defiance Tools is there to provide Tools To Navigate Life to retail customers and their families. Partnering with Drop Ship Solutions during the ACE Show and after, means Defiance Tools can bring the best dropshipping solutions to retailers.

“We are very excited to have our worldwide launch at the Fall 2018 ACE Hardware Show and proud to announce our affiliation with Drop Ship Solutions,” said Richard Coulcher, President of C Larboard, LLC. “Both Zoé's and my small town American upbringing make a terrific match for the independent retail community, especially those members and customers of ACE Hardware.”

Rich Coulcher, Co-Founder of the Defiance Tools Brand, had a long and successful career within Stanley Black & Decker serviing in numerous product and business management roles. His plans for the Defiance Tools Brand started with a hand-written, long-term business plan jotted down on graph paper back in 2004. But his love of tool supply was firmly planted as a kid in a small town in Western New York called, Cassadaga.

He tells the story of how his love of the tool store grew as he did in that small town where everyone knew his name AND the name of the local plumber (Wally), the electrician (Danny), the builder (Rick) and (Pete) the counter guy at Frederickson Builders Supply where everyone always ended up.

"From these shared experiences that many of us who love tool supply have, I learned pretty early how to defy difficulty and “dig in, fix it, design it, build it…and then deliver the answer,” says Coulcher.

That attitude is built into all of the Defiance Tools products that are available for sale today and those planned for the future. Defiance Tools is a brand driven by delivering excellence.

Defiance Tools Co-Founder, Zoe’ Coulcher has a passion and enthusiasm for delivering excellent customer service; deeply ingrained from her training in the Walt Disney college program to her career as a successful store manager at Dick’s Sporting Goods to her transition to a top performing real estate professional. She has a keen eye for customer trends and enthusiasm for life that was shaped from a childhood filled with Greek immigrant roots and a love for América.

Ms. Coulcher explains, "My family took the opportunities that America offered and combined them with the hard work and tools needed to win in business."

After growing up on a dairy farm in Circleville, New York, her mother owned and ran a successful diner in the nearby town of Chester. Her father owned his own business selling general wholesale and restaurant supplies to the hotels in the Catskills.

Zoe’ explains that she knows what hard work looks like and she knows that in every aspect of life, tools are needed to defy difficulty and navigate life. And she uses her expertise to tell that story and help retailers tell theirs.

Get the rest of the story and meet Zoé and Rich Coulcher at the Fall 2018 ACE Show. Help your customers defy difficult while increasing sales. Order Defiance Tools in the Impulse Aisle in Booth #2123, August 13th through the fifteenth.

About C Larboard:
C Larboard, LLC is a worldwide marketer of innovative gifts, cool gadgets and Defiance Tools branded products in the following categories: Transportation Tools, Mobile & Communication Tools, Food & Beverage Tools, Entertainment Tools, Fashion & Fun Tools, and EDC (every day carry) Tools. Many in the C Larboard community are also focused on bringing cool and innovative products to market. In addition to their online store, C Larboard also offers independent consulting & advisory services in all aspects of product development and product sourcing. Find more information at CLarboard.com.

About Defiance Tools:
Defiance Tools is redefining the meaning of tools with Tools To Navigate Life. Defiance Tools is a brand inspired by breaking out of the expected norm, thinking and living in your own unique way…to defy the difficulty of the day. Defiance Tools' products are designed to provide quality, productivity and value to end users and are sold and distributed direct to consumers via e-commerce and retail store shelves. Consumers and retailers can find more information at DefianceTools.com.

About Drop Ship Solutions – Drop Ship Solutions focuses on the Independent Retailer and offers a one-stop destination for a variety of products via drop ship from a central distribution point. They pride themselves in offering the Independent Retailer the ability to order smaller minimums at competitive prices.

Shane Shirley
Shane Shirley Media
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Defiance Tools Worldwide Launch to Retailers at Fall 2018 Ace Show

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KBC Registration 2018 – Kaun Banega Crorepati 2018 KBC Helpline Number


kbc helpline number

kbc helpline

kbc helpline

kbc helpline numbers

kbc helpline

July 4 of Republic of India.
The sixth season of the show was additionally hosted by amitabh bachan and it becomes the foremost viewed show of Republic

. One will participate during this show if somebody is age of eighteen.The guideline is obtained by career on helpline numbers.”

— Kaun Banega Crorepati Game Show

MUMBAI CITY NORTH, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, August 14, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — The biggest broadcast of Republic of India is kaun banai ga crorepati that modified the lives of such a lot of individuals. the recognition of this show is increasing day by day KBC Helpline Number. though it's a replica of British show WHO needs to be a millionaire? From 2000- 2007, the primary 3 season of kaun banega crorepati is ventilated on Star and .Now this broadcast is ventilated on Sony TV. This show is hosted by living legend Amitabh Bachan. he's associate actor, producer and director. individuals like to watch him on tiny screen. huge natural process Company is that the producer of this show. currently a day’s each show has their own facilitateline range that help the participant of show. On its official web site the assistance line range of kbc is on the market. If you wish any reasonably data will|you'll|you'll be able to} turn those numbers otherwise you can sms. It helped the shoppers. issues of the participants is resolved through KBC helpline range. The team of KBC provides the most effective client care service. The team of KBC is usually there to assist you in determination your issues as a result of they don’t need to have an effect on the goodwill of kbc broadcast. If the goodwill of kbc gets affected than mechanically the viewership of this show decreases which ends up in lowering the rating of this show. individuals like to watch this show from all round the world. With the passage of your time the rating of this show is increasing day by day. it's most viewed family showed that you simply will watch together with your kids. One will participate within the show simply and it's for all age of individuals. One will participate during this show if somebody is age of eighteen.The guideline is obtained by career on helpline numbers. The helpline range of this broadcast is on the market on the web site. individuals will be at liberty to debate their queries. The season one show was hosted by Amitabh Bachan and also the winning quantity was one large integer Indian rupee. The second show was additionally hosted by Amitabh bachan and also the winning quantity is doubled to a pair of large integer Indian rupee. The third season is hosted by sharukh khan and during this season the rating of show born. On his 68th birthday Amitabh Bachan came to host this fourth season show. the quantity of queries reduced during this show from fifteen to thirteen. A life line was additionally introduced during this season show. there's additionally a jackpot question of five large integer. The fifth season of this show is ventilated in 2011 on the July 4 of Republic of India.
The sixth season of the show was additionally hosted by amitabh bachan and it becomes the foremost viewed show of Republic of India .The seventh season was additionally hosted by amitabh bachan and during this season the winning prize was redoubled to seven large integer and also the range of queries once more redoubled to fifteen.The eighth season was additionally hosted by amitabh bachan in 2014.In this season the quantity of question was fourteen.The ninth season was additionally hosted by amitabh bachan in 2017.The number of queries during this season is sixteen.various varieties of life lines square measure introduced during this season. Four varieties of life line in KBC square measure fifty fifty life line, friend life line, audience poll life line and flip life line. the primary life line is 50/50. . during this life line a pair of wrong possibility that's given is removed and you have got to alternative from the remaining a pair of choices.

Kaun Banega Crorepati
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KBC Helpline Number

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Fine jewelry from the estate of designer and retailer Claus Vollrath will be auctioned online Aug. 29th by Nye & Company

18kt yellow gold diamond and pearl starfish pin.

18kt yellow gold 100 carat amethyst pendant.

18kt yellow gold jade and diamond pendant necklace.

Pair of 18kt yellow gold lapis lazuli ear clips.

Twenty-strand coral beaded torsade necklace.

Vollrath is the German-born designer of handmade custom jewelry who cut his teeth at Cartier and operated several boutique retail jewelry stores in New York.

This collection is intentionally being offered with conservative estimates in August to give people plenty of time to prepare to shop for the upcoming holidays.”

— John Nye

BLOOMFIELD, N.J., UNITED STATES, August 14, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — BLOOMFIELD, N.J. – Fine jewelry items from the estate of Claus Vollrath – the German-born designer of handmade custom jewelry who cut his teeth at Cartier after immigrating to America and later operated several boutique retail jewelry stores in New York before passing away – will be sold in an online-only auction on Wednesday, August 29th, by Nye & Company Auctioneers.

About 125 lots will come up for bid starting at 10 am Eastern time. The estimates have been set very low, to encourage spirited bidding. All lots can be previewed at exhibitions that will be held weekdays, from 10 am-4 pm, in the Nye & Company Auctioneers gallery at 20 Beach Street in Bloomfield, from August 20-29.

Items will include an 18kt yellow gold pearl diamond starfish, an 18kt yellow and white gold U-link necklace, a platinum and pave diamond dome ring, a pair of 18kt yellow gold diamond earrings, a pair of mother-of-pearl flower form earrings, and an 18kt white gold U-link necklace.

Also offered will be a gray and black Tahitian pearl necklace, a white baroque freshwater pearl necklace, a 20-strand coral beaded necklace and a sapphire beaded 14-strand necklace. Internet bidding will be facilitated by LiveAuctioneers.com. There will be no live bidding for this sale.

“Having established a previous relationship with the Vollrath family, it was nice that they chose to entrust us to sell this important jewelry collection,” said John Nye, president of Nye & Company Auctioneers. “This collection is intentionally being offered with conservative estimates in August to give people plenty of time to prepare to shop for the upcoming holidays.”

The name Claus Vollrath has always stood for unique handcrafted jewelry. For years he delighted his faithful and longstanding clients with premium white and fancy colored diamonds, radiant precious colored stones, freshwater and South Sea pearls, imported 18-karat gold and platinum chains from Germany and Italy and many other treasured items.

Vollrath was trained in his native Germany and his fine craftsmanship earned him a place at Cartier in America. Ten years later, he began creating his own original designs and opened a wholesale workshop in midtown Manhattan. Later on, he opened jewelry boutiques on Madison and Lexington Avenues, and lastly in Mt. Kisco, in tony Westchester County, N.Y.

When Claus passed away, his wife Irma continued his legacy of providing clients with only the finest jewelry and personalized customer service. She contacted Henry Larrieu, an apprentice jeweler trained by Pierre Cartier. Together with his son and grandson, they continued the long tradition of custom making Claus and Irma Vollrath's jewelry designs.
With the passing of Irma Vollrath in 2017, the remaining inventory of Claus Vollrath, Inc. will now be sold to customers and friends. This is a rare and golden opportunity to buy and own pieces from one of the finest goldsmiths and designers.
John Nye had a long and fruitful career at Sotheby’s before he and his wife, Kathleen, acquired Dawson’s in 2003 and started Dawson & Nye. With the move to Bloomfield seven years later, they renamed the business to Nye & Company (Auctioneers, Appraisers, Antiques). The firm is nationwide, but the vast bulk of the business comes from trusts and estates in the tri-state area.
For more information about Nye & Company Auctioneers and the jewelry auction scheduled for Wednesday, Aug. 29th, visit www.nyeandcompany.com. Updates are posted often. The full color catalog is available for viewing at www.nyeandcompany.com and www.LiveAuctioneers.com.

# # # #

John Nye
Nye & Company Auctioneers
(973) 984-6900
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California Court Rules Against Monsanto in RoundUp Case

Mike Brandner Injury Attorneys

Mike Brandner Injury Attorneys is now accepting claims for review to represent you if you’ve been a victim of Monsanto and RoundUp.

Too often, massive companies tend to operate like their actions do not have consequences. Anyone who has been hurt at the hands of this product should receive their due justice and compensation.”

— Mike Brandner

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA, US, August 14, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — On Friday, August 10, 2018, a California jury ruled against agriculture business giant Monsanto and their weed-killer product RoundUp. They decided that the product led to the development of terminal cancer in Dewayne Johnson, a former school groundskeeper that used RoundUp as a regular part of his job. As a result, Johnson was awarded $39 million in compensatory and $250 million for punitive damages. Mike Brandner Injury Attorneys is now accepting claims for review to represent you if you’ve been a victim of Monsanto and RoundUp.

A Huge Wake Up Call
For years, users of RoundUp have claimed that ingredients present in the product, especially glyphosate, has led to them developing cancer, specifically non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. Monsanto has feverently denied these claims. However, a California court disagreed with Monsanto and decided that the company should have placed a warning label on the product to warn potential users of the health risks. According to Robert F. Kennedy Jr., "This jury found Monsanto acted with malice and oppression because they knew what they were doing was wrong and doing it with reckless disregard for human life. This should send a strong message to the boardroom of Monsanto."

This is the first lawsuit concerning RoundUp that has made it to trial. Many lawyers believe this case has established a massive precedent for the remaining thousands of cases still pending against Monsanto and RoundUp. According to CNN, more than 800 patients were in the process of suing Monsanto last year, claiming Roundup caused them to develop cancer.

Still, Monsanto stands by the safety RoundUp and is not going down without a fight. Monsanto Vice President Scott Partridge said, “We will appeal this decision and continue to vigorously defend this product, which has a 40-year history of safe use and continues to be a vital, effective and safe tool for farmers and others."

If you or a loved one developed non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, or other cancers, after using RoundUp, you should not have to go to trial alone. Now is the time to discuss your case and make a plan for your pursuit of the compensation you so rightfully deserve.

Personal injury attorney Mike Brandner says, “Too often, massive companies tend to operate like their actions do not have consequences. My team and I want to assure that anyone who has been hurt or suffered loss at the hands of this product will receive their due justice and compensation. We want aid your fight against this giant corporation.”

More About Mike Brandner Injury Attorneys
Mike Brandner Injury Attorneys has successfully represented victims from a variety of backgrounds with lawsuits against large insurance companies, Fortune 500 companies, large corporations, condominium associations, labor unions, and more involving injuries related to traffic accidents, defective products, workplace accidents, maritime accidents, railroad accidents (FELA), and other accidents. Find out more about Mike Brander and his team of Louisiana personal injury attorneys online at branderlawfirm.com or by calling (504) 345-1111. You can also interact with the law firm by connecting with them on Twitter and Facebook.

Mike Brandner
Mike Brandner Injury Attorneys
(504) 345-1111
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Choosing the best LED lighting

avoid disappointment

Rush to market-why cheap is rarely best when choosing LED lighting”

— Ian Bibby

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, August 14, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — When Light Emitting Diodes, or LEDs, became the main form of lighting, many architects and interior designers thought that the future of lighting was not just bright, it was infinitely variable. So why does it so often happen that the LED lighting they choose for their clients is a disappointment?

There are a number of reasons. Rush to market, design weakness and poor manufacture are just three of them.

Rush to market – why cheap is rarely best when choosing LED lighting

Governments around the world have legislated to outlaw incandescent light bulbs. As a result, many manufacturers retro-fitted their workshops to handle LED systems. But that doesn’t mean they have the capacity, understanding or skills to create really great LED light. To ensure that your lighting meets the highest standards, look out for innovative approaches to LED structures, created by specialist designers who understand both lighting technology and interior design.

As an example: the BB LED floor standing LED micro spot has been designed from the ground up to be a perfect example of how LED lighting can work at its best. From the best use of LED (more than 500 lumens at colour temperature 2700K for just three watts consumption) to create an ideal reading lamp that combines slimline style with excellent light efficiency through to the purpose-designed spherical push switch that makes turning the lamp on and off a dream, this is a design-led approach to adjustable lighting which is a world away from your average angle-poise.

How design weakness lets down your average LED lighting

Colour, character and lumen maintenance all influence the effect of LED. Sourcing well-balanced, consistent and reliable LEDs is essential to getting the perfect effect. The colour and character of the light is delivering by layers of semi-conducting material. Tiny variations in these layers can alter the colour of the LED’s output. Phosphor – an ingredient used to create white balance – must be laid equally on all the diodes or some will look more blue than others, creating an uneven light source. LEDs convert half the energy they use into light – compared to between five and 10 per cent for incandescent bulbs. That’s good news for electricity bills and the planet! But where incandescent bulbs get rid of the rest of their energy through dissipating it into the environment as heat, LEDs need a heat sink to move the heat away from the LED. If the heat sink is not carefully designed to move the heat away and disperse it, the LEDs will begin to break down rapidly.

If you’ve ever bought or installed LED lighting that deteriorated way too quickly, you’ll know how disappointing this can be. Always work with designers and manufacturers who focus as much on effective heat dispersal as they do on physical appearance – this guarantees a long lifetime for your LEDs.

Why craftsman built LEDs are the best investment

We’ve already talked about the multi-component nature of good LED lighting, and it’s vital that for LED lighting to work well in the long term, it has a perfect balance between diodes, heat sink and the circuits that convert electricity to the voltage the LED can use. This requires trained personnel, with a craftsman’s focus on construction. The lifetime of a good LED installation can be many tens of thousands of hours, and every element in that installation needs to be designed and constructed with longevity in mind.

So, in conclusion, not all LED lights are made equal! To ensure your complete satisfaction, make sure you’re working with a designer led, craftsman constructed, supplier and your lighting will thrill for years to come.


Ian Bibby
BB Light Ltd
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Tienda Marinette Store – moda infantil online

Vestido Trolls

Camiseta para niño Cat Noir

Mochila Escolar Ladybug

Tienda Marinette Store presenta su colección 2018. 2000+ articulos oficiales de ropa, zapatos, camisetas, vetidos, mochilas escolares, pijamas infantiles y mas.

VALENCIA, VALENCIA, SPAIN, August 14, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Tienda online Marinette Store presenta su colección 2018, inspirada en la mezcla de Marvel, Disney, Ladybug y Cat Noir (ZAG Heroez), Frozen, Trolls, Spiderman, Shimmer y Shina, Vengadores, Paw Patrol, My Little Pony y mas.

Presentamos nuestras propuestas para esta temporada bajo un concepto que despierte en ti y tu niños, grandes emociones.
Emociones que te inspiren a vivir la moda día a día. Encontrarás prendas con Prodigiosa Ladybug, Cars, Shimmer&Shine, Soy Luna, Mickey Mouse que destacan la belleza de niños y niñas. A partir de Junio de 2018 encontrarás nuestras propuestas disponibles entiendas.
Ven y conoce – https://marinette.store – su tienda de moda infantil online!

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Source: EIN Presswire