WVCS Mobile Pantry

Josh Selo, Executive Director of WVCS, opens up the new mobile food pantry, named the “Park-it Market”

Mayor of Los Gatos

Mayor Marico Sayoc, Los Gatos

Vice Mayor of San Jose

Vice Mayor Chappie Jones, San Jose

Mayor of Cupertino

Mayor Darcy Paul, Cupertino


Our guiding principle is human dignity…We don’t want people to feel stigmatized as they face the life-altering challenge of not being able to feed their families.”

— Josh Selo, WVCS Executive Director Josh Selo

CUPERTINO, CA, UNITED STATES, May 12, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — West Valley Community Services, the only social services organization serving the West Valley, today unveiled two new food service options for its clients: an upgraded and expanded WVCS Market, and a brand-new Park-It Market vehicle. Both aim to address the tenacious issue of food insecurity by offering a selection of no-cost food and healthcare items to those in need.

While both the market and custom vehicle are sparkling new, the key upgrade is choice. “Our guiding principle is human dignity,” says WVCS Executive Director Josh Selo. “We don’t want people to feel stigmatized as they face the life-altering challenge of not being able to feed their families.” Without adequate space in either the old market or food truck to accommodate COVID safety measures, the organization was limited to distributing pre-bagged goods.

The new market, located at WVCS’s renovated headquarters at 10104 Vista Drive in Cupertino, provides plenty of room for a one-way, walk-through experience so clients can select their own items, all at no cost to them. Entering the cheerful, well-lit space, clients will find a full-service establishment offering dry and canned goods, of course, but also fresh fruits and vegetables, a refrigerated and frozen food section, healthcare items, and even a bakery. Food is labeled and the market is structured to encourage healthy choices — you have to go through the fruits and vegetables to get to the bakery, for example — but clients fill the carts on their own.

Clients will also be able to make their own selections from the new mobile Park-It Market. Replacing an old, repurposed RV, the new custom vehicle features a pop-up door revealing an array of grocery items to choose from. Designed to serve those with mobility or transportation issues, the Park-It Market will now serve an expanded area, including De Anza College in Cupertino, Rosemary Elementary School in Campbell, and Fellowship Plaza in Saratoga. (Check the WVCS website for the full service area.)

West Valley Community Services invites media for a tour, press conference and ribbon cutting celebrating the opening of the new market and mobile Park-It Market that will be held Wednesday, May 12th.

West Valley Community Services
10104 Vista Drive
Cupertino, CA 95014

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

9:15 AM – Tour of Market and Park-It Market for B-roll
10:00AM – Press Conference with speakers and interviewees, time for questions and ribbon cutting

-Josh Selo, Executive Director, West Valley Community Services
-Vice Mayor Chappie Jones, San Jose
-Mayor Darcy Paul, Cupertino
-Mayor Marico Sayoc, Los Gatos
-Client(s) of West Valley Community Services

About West Valley Community Services
Founded in 1973, West Valley Community Services, Inc. is a non-profit organization that connects low-income and homeless individuals, families, and children with housing, food, and supportive services. Our mission is to unite the community to fight hunger and homelessness. We envision a community where every person has food on the table and a roof over their head.

WVCS is the sole safety net for the 22,000 people living in poverty in the west valley communities in and around Cupertino, West San Jose, Los Gatos, Saratoga, and Monte Sereno. We provide critical safety-net services like food, housing search support, emergency rental and utility assistance, affordable housing, family support, homeless services, financial coaching, case management, and information and referrals – for those with the greatest needs.

Claire Sulek, PRxDigital
(408) 605-5734

Claire Sulek
+1 408-605-5734

WVCS Market Pantry Tour

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TraceGains Announces Achievement of SOC 2 Certification

Independent examination confirms TraceGains’ adherence to customer data protection.

TraceGains technology processes millions of transactions per month and is trusted by 40 of the top 100 Food & Beverage brands, making data protection essential to our mission.”

— Gary Nowacki, TraceGains CEO

WESTMINSTER, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, May 12, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — TraceGains, the leader in compliance, quality, and innovation software for food, beverage, and supplements companies, today announced the company completed its Service Organization Control (SOC) 2, Type 1 audit. The SOC 2 compliance confirms TraceGains employs the highest security and confidentiality protocols for its customers.

Developed by the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA), SOC 2 is a technical audit designed to evaluate an enterprise’s information systems and the effectiveness of its internal controls in ensuring the security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy of customer and end-user data. To achieve compliance, software as a service (SaaS) providers must implement and follow strict information security policies and procedures, which a third party then validates.

“TraceGains technology processes millions of transactions per month and is trusted by 40 of the top 100 Food & Beverage brands, making data protection essential to our mission,” TraceGains CEO Gary Nowacki said. “Given the sharp increase in cyber threats, we want our community to know their data is safe.”

Armanino LLP, one of the country’s top 25 accounting and consulting firms specializing in the technology industry, conducted the independent audit. The two companies have already begun work to secure a Type 2 certification for TraceGains.

“This comprehensive independent audit confirms our compliance with the global standard for cybersecurity best practices,” TraceGains CTO A.J. Dolan explained. “The certification is the gold standard for SaaS companies that store customer data in the cloud and shows our customers—and their collaborators—that we have robust controls in place to safeguard their data.”

The achievement of compliance with SOC 2 underscores TraceGains’ operational excellence and highlights its commitment and ability to protect customer data.

About TraceGains
Founded in 2008, TraceGains connects people and information so teams can work smarter. As a global technology company, TraceGains provides networked innovation, quality, and compliance solutions to consumer brands that want to reduce supply chain risk, speed up business processes, and take control of data. On average, companies find 80% of their suppliers are already on TraceGains Network, allowing them to connect and collaborate instantly.

Denis Storey
TraceGains Inc.
+1 720-465-9437
email us here

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The Things We Want Most to Remember: Selections From the Personal Collection of Paige Rense Noland

Photo of four items from the Paige Rense Noland estate: signed photos of powerful women, Tiffany champagne glasses for Architectural Digest, a comfortable chair and a bird sculpture.

The lots highlighted in PBMA’s May 15th sale reflect her personal interests and passions, the things that were most important to her.

A photo of a Florida-style living room decorated with a large abstract painting by Kenneth Noland, comfortable furniture, photos and decorative objects.

The private living room in Paige Rense Noland’s Florida home is designed for comfort. Her husband, artist Kenneth Noland’s painting spans one wall. Several pieces being offered in Palm Beach Modern’s May 15th auction rest on the coffee table.

Two strips of photo booth-style photos taken at a Palm Beach party.

(L-R) Rico Baca, Susan Lloyd, and Paige Rense Noland strike poses in the photo booth at one of Paige Rense Noland’s annual Kenneth Noland Lobster Bakes.

Selections from the private collection of one of the most powerful women in publishing is up for auction in Palm Beach on May 15, 2021.

The pieces we are offering on the 15th are connected to the life she made for herself in Palm Beach. I wanted to showcase the Paige who took a risk by holding out a hand to my partner and I years ago.”

— Rico Baca, auctioneer & co-owner of Palm Beach Modern Auctions

WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, May 12, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — You can find feminist icons in the pages of magazines…or you can find them in charge of magazines. Before the current-day household names, there was Paige Rense Noland, editor-in-chief of Architectural Digest until 2010. The girl who ran away from her adoptive parents at fifteen because they lacked “vision,” changed her name and faked a college degree to get a writing job became the woman who transformed the ultra-competitive world of publishing and dined with princes, but she never forgot the things that inspired her.

“My first introduction to Paige is when she wrote about our gallery on South Dixie,” says Rico Baca, auctioneer and co-owner of Palm Beach Modern Auctions in West Palm Beach, Florida. “It was…2007 I think, and we were just building the auction house. The article was a brief mention, but that’s where it all began.”

Paige Rense Noland was an avid buyer at auction, bidding with a passion rivaling her well-documented appetite for real estate. After all, what is a woman with her backstory supposed to do with all that ambition once she has made it? Find another realm in which to compete. “When Paige came to the auctions, she knew the power of her credibility. Her participation and support were important, and that’s something I’ll never forget,” continues Baca.

“She told me ‘I go to New York (private of course) once a month to have dinner with Si Newhouse and watch a movie. Any time you want a ride, let me know,’ and I started going with her most months. She was my ticket to the city. It was really my first ‘wink of an eye’ support for our business. That wink would later turn into invitations to her Sunday Suppers. She would seat me to her right; a tongue-in-cheek gesture as I was certainly not the most socially important guest. This was one of her amusements.”

“Back in 2007 when she wrote about the gallery, I knew about her. Everyone knows about her, but the collection in our auction on the 15th feels much more intimate. Some of these pieces are things she bought here at PBMA. I recall her face lighting up when she raised her paddle. Others are things she’s collected over time that connect with her life story.”

Retiring to Florida almost universally means paring down, keeping the items with the greatest personal significance close to you but letting the rest go. What remains opens a window into the private world of the collector, in this case one of the most powerful women in publishing.

The private living room in Paige Rense Noland’s Florida home is designed for comfort. Her husband Kenneth Noland’s painting spans one wall, and several pieces being offered in Palm Beach Modern’s May 15th auction rest on her coffee table and light the room.

This blue striped club chair and ottoman occupied the corner of a sitting room just off Paige Rense Noland’s bedroom. In contrast to the designs she featured in Architectural Digest, she favored American Country style in her own home, and the set saw regular use. Meanwhile, Paige’s collection of autographs is a nod to her admiration for women who earned their powerful roles in career and society.

“I collect autographs of women. Strong women who made it on their own.” ~ Paige Rense Noland in Amanda Vaill’s 1994 article for New York Magazine, “The Only Dame in Town.”

The ambition it took to rise to the top brought its share of drama. A collection of Tiffany sterling silver and glassware – including several pieces done for Architectural Digest – suggest her longstanding but tumultuous relationship with John Loring, former design director at Tiffany & Co. Says Rico Baca, “Paige was known equally for both her loyalty and her grudges. You never wanted to let her down.”

Beyond divesting herself of several homes’ worth of art and design, moving to Palm Beach meant filling the void left by the loss of her husband, artist Kenneth Noland, and the end of her reign at Architectural Digest. Entertaining became her social outlet, while adopting a senior dog named Lucy inspired her to direct her passion and energy towards animal welfare. She was honored by the Humane Society of the United States for her work in eradicating puppy mills.

Of the curation process, Rico Baca says, “The specific pieces we are offering are connected to the life she made for herself in Palm Beach. I wanted to showcase the Paige who took a risk by holding out a hand to my partner and I years ago.”

Selections from Paige Rense Noland’s Palm Beach estate will be up for auction on Saturday, May 15 at Palm Beach Modern Auctions in West Palm Beach, Florida. For more information, visit www.modernauctions.com or call 561-586-5500.

Rico Baca
Palm Beach Modern Auctions
+1 561-586-5500
Visit us on social media:

Paige Rense Noland’s collection, arranged in PBMA’s exhibition center [collection highlight begins at 0:42]

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Why Invest in Reliant Life Share’s Life Settlements Rather than Rising Cryptocurrencies?

SHERMAN OAKS, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 12, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — COVID-19 has largely affected nations and their economies worldwide. And if there’s one thing it made many people realize, it is that finding additional or alternative sources of income like investments is very important. The question is, which type of investment is best for you?

Key Takeaways
● Life settlements have no correlations with other markets, making it an attractive investment vehicle that provides diversification to one’s portfolio with low risk.

● With the regulation from authorities, investments for life settlements are safeguarded and returns are guaranteed as they are paid by highly rated insurance companies.

Since 2009, there has been a continuous rise of cryptocurrencies or nontraditional types of investment. However, posing too many inherent risks, they may not be the best choice for anyone who would like to start building or diversifying their portfolio, especially with the pandemic we are currently in.

In order to identify which investment is suits you best, it helps to first understand what life settlements and cryptocurrencies are.

What are life settlements and how do they work?

A Life settlement is when an existing life insurance policyholder sells his rights to a third party for a lump sum payment. The money that he or she receives from the sale is more than the surrender value but less than the actual death benefit. After the agreement, the third party who purchased the policy will become the new owner and will take the responsibility of paying its premiums.

Since this type of investment means spending millions to pay for policy premiums, it was originally a vessel that only institutional and corporate investors take advantage of. But over time, it slowly became available to qualified individuals in the form of fractionalized life settlements.

With fractionalized life settlements, two or more investors can put their money into a single policy and be able to reap the benefit by receiving returns that are proportionate to the respective amounts of their investment.

Where do cryptocurrencies come from and how are they used?

Cryptocurrencies, on the other hand, are digital currencies. From the name itself, they are created through cryptography and are enabled by blockchain technology. This technology that they operate on also makes the movement of the currencies decentralized. Meaning, they do not come from the central bank or the government, thus, they don’t have control over the system. And because of this, the authorities cannot regulate transactions using these assets.

What are the differences between life settlements and cryptocurrencies in terms of investment?

Security vs. Volatility

Putting your money into a life settlement gives you better security because you would know exactly how much you’ll get when it matures. Once the insured dies, the death benefit will be filed with the insurance company and the investors who own part of the beneficial interest in the policy will receive their proportional, pre-determined share of the proceeds.

On the other hand, the market for cryptocurrencies is unpredictable and influenced by several factors like manipulation, decentralization, and more. Hence, a cryptocurrency investor has to ask himself this question: “How can I sleep soundly when the price volatility of cryptocurrencies is high that to get a good return, I have to constantly keep an eye on the market?”

Correlation with other markets

Furthermore, alternative investment vehicles like life settlements are independent of other markets like stocks, bonds, interest rates, and even price commodities. While giving the seller a maximum value for the policy, investors, on the other side of the transaction, are guaranteed to receive a predetermined amount based on their investment. Adding life settlements to one’s portofilio will be a good strategy to decrease volatility.

Trends in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, in contrast, are increasingly growing correlations with traditional asset classes. According to EFG International’s insight on the pros and cons of cryptocurrency, in the five years to end 2021, of the 17 months the S&P 500 declined, bitcoin also went down in 10 of them. It also said that of S&P 500’s worst five months, the said cryptocurrency also went down in four of them.

Regulation vs. Hacking and Loss of Investments

Being digital also has its own disadvantages. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin pose a great risk of you being a victim of hacking that can result in losing your investment. Since transactions using these digital assets mostly happen in a website or an app, they are vulnerable to hackers.

Worse than that, exchange errors and hacking of digital wallets are not covered by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) because these transactions don’t go through banks or brokerages. So once you lost your assets because they have been stolen or due to errors in transactions, it will be hard to trace and even retrieve them.

These threats are the results of the absence of regulation. But more than these things, without regulation, there is a higher chance for the manipulation of prices. Without interference and control from the government, the price volatility of cryptocurrencies may be manipulated by powerful individuals including media owners, big-time investors, and more.

On the contrary, life settlement investments are highly regulated with the help of brokers or escrow agents. As for Reliant Life Shares, UMB acts as escrow and accepts the investor’s funds until he has chosen which policy to put his money into. Aside from brokers or escrow agents, other parties like Life Insurance and Life Expectancy companies also take part in the process to make sure all details and information provided are correct.

Limitations on Use and Benefit

In addition, some cryptocurrencies come with certain limitations on how they can be used. Since they are not issued by the government, some cryptocurrencies cannot be converted to real currencies and can only be used for transactions on the internet. Also, not all online businesses accept cryptocurrencies as payment for goods and services.

Life settlements, in contrast, offer great returns in the form of cash which will be released by highly-rated insurance companies to the investors once the death claim is filed and finalized.

About Reliant Life Shares
Reliant Life Shares is a company that helps qualified California investors diversify their portfolio by investing in fractionalized life settlements. Life settlements are existing insurance policies that are owned by the company’s customers as investments. With an expected double digit annual rate of return in a significant number of cases, Reliant Life Shares offers policies from highly-rated, U.S.-based, Legal Reserve life insurance companies including AXA, John Hancock, Pacific Life, and more. For more information, visit www.reliantlifeshares.com

Reliant Life Shares, LLC
Reliant Life Shares, LLC
+1 818-788-1904

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Interstate Plastics’ Portable Desktop Sneeze Guard Helps Keep Workplaces Sanitary

Interstate Plastics Desktop Sneeze Guard

Interstate Plastics Desktop Sneeze Guard

Interstate Plastics guards are ideal for reception desks, waiting rooms, pharmacies, post offices, grocery & retail stores, banks, restaurants, and schools.

Interstate Plastics' sneeze guards are easy to quickly sanitize with non-abrasive cleaners and can be disinfected with ammonia-free soaps.”

— Christopher Isar

SACRAMENTO, CA, UNITED STATES, May 11, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Interstate Plastics now offers a portable desktop sneeze guard that is suited for any office or point-of-purchase location. The desktop sneeze guard helps prevent airborne particles from reaching directly beyond the sneeze guard for a more sanitary work environment.

Portable desktop sneeze guards are lightweight yet durable and come with rounded corners at the top as well as removable base stands. Assembly is complete in seconds and is as easy as sliding the bases onto the sneeze guard. Two slits at the bottom of the guard allow the stands to interlock, providing stable support. The stands can just as easily be removed for storage. At the bottom of each shield is an 18-inch pass-through slot for documents, wires, or payment, without compromising the effectiveness of the shield's protection.

Desktop sneeze guards are made of clear acrylic or polycarbonate. Both materials have a much higher impact resistance than glass while providing the same high optical clarity. Desktop sneeze guards are ideal for hospital check-in areas and waiting rooms, pharmacies, government agencies such as post offices, checkout stands in groceries or other commercial stores, banks, restaurants, universities, and schools. Desktop sneeze guards can be sanitized with non-abrasive cleaners and disinfected with ammonia-free soaps.

See https://www.interstateplastics.com/ppbcleaning for recommended cleaning and sanitizing solutions and methods.

Desktop sneeze guard options include 23.5" x 31.5" and 23.5" x 35.5" with custom sizes available upon request. To request custom sizes or learn more about desktop protective guards and other protective solutions offered by Interstate Plastics, call the experts at (888) 768-5759.

Interstate Plastics is a full-line distributor of plastic sheet, rod, tube, bar, film, profile, and plastic accessories, tools, and care products. With 10 locations nationwide and an online sales and support team, Interstate Plastics provides full sheets and pallets, simple cut-to-size service, and complex CNC manufacturing. Interstate Plastics is known for its reputation of selling high-quality products, providing excellent customer service, and superior technical support. Our products and services are available using the safe, secure, and convenient purchasing system on the Interstate Plastics website. For instant help, we're always a phone call away at (888) 768-5759.

Stephen Sowinski
Interstate Plastics
+1 8887685759
email us here
Visit us on social media:

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Guardsy® Sheet Offers an Elegant, Durable, and Long-Lasting Solution for Sneeze Guard Applications

High clarity, optics grade Guardsy® PPB Sheet

High clarity, optics grade Guardsy® PPB Sheet

An elegant high-end look for sneeze guards without a high cost

An elegant high-end look for sneeze guards without a high cost

Featuring scratch-resistance, fingerprint resistance, and anti-glare properties

Featuring scratch-resistance, fingerprint resistance, and anti-glare properties

Guardsy®'s PPB material allows for elegant, durable, and long-lasting sneeze guard solutions, whereas traditional guards quickly crack, shatter, and haze.

Guardsy® brings a high-end look to sneeze guards without a high cost. Unlike traditional guards that require constant replacement, Guardsy® sneeze guards won't crack, craze, or discolor with cleaning.”

— Christopher Isar

SACRAMENTO, CA, UNITED STATES, May 11, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Guardsy® introduces a new optics-grade personal protection sheet unparalleled for sneeze guard and personal protection applications. Guardsy®’s material advantages include impressively high impact, shatter, and abrasion resistance. It does not craze or fade like traditional sneeze guard plastics when used with Guardsy® approved cleaners and disinfectants. Guardsy® personal protection sheet material is stronger and safer than glass, longer lasting with a more premium look and feel than acrylic plastic, and more abrasion and fingerprint resistant than untreated polycarbonate.

Offices, point of purchase locations, retail areas, and educational and government institutions are quickly discovering that the vast majority of sneeze guard and transparent personal protective products on the market offer only a temporary solution. Traditional sneeze guards are ineffective, bowing under their weight, turning yellow with cleaning, and scratching with the lightest impact.

As these businesses and institutions look for more permanent solutions, Guardsy® offers a versatile premium sheet material that lends itself to innovative personal protection barriers that are safe, shatterproof, and lightweight. Guards and shields made from Guardsy® sheet feature optics-grade clarity with exceptional light transmission and stays looking new when cleaned and disinfected with approved cleaners. Guardsy® sheet material is scratch, abrasion, fingerprint, and glare resistant. Switching to Guardsy®’s cost-effective protective sheet allows businesses to adhere to current and future restrictions while saving money in the process.

The benefits of Guardsy® sheet material extend to a better experience working with the material than glass or acrylic plastic. Guardsy® optics-grade material removes design constraints imposed by glass and makes curved designs a simple process as the material is flexible and can be cold-bent. Its lightweight structure makes it easier to fabricate into oversized or larger end products with less shipping costs when receiving material or shipping out a finished product.

For premium products that withstand severe punishment while providing maximum protection, Guardsy®’s newest sheet material offers an exceptional solution. Call experts at (888) 769-5759 for more information on Guardsy® sheet sizes and thicknesses, cut-to-size service, and bulk discount pricing.
Guardsy® manufactures barriers from their exclusive line of high-impact and shatter-resistant materials that offer a premium look and feel, withstanding the toughest punishment while providing maximum protection. Customers use Guardsy® sneeze guards for office workspaces, reception areas, retail areas, cafeterias, and educational institutions. Guardsy® personal protection experts are here to consult you; call (888) 768-5759 to talk to an expert about your specific needs and applications.

Christopher Isar
+1 888-768-5759
email us here

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Vanderbilt University Leading the Way with Food Allergy Service

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE, UNITED STATES, May 11, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Vanderbilt Campus Dining stands out as an allergy safe campus, highlighted during Food Allergy Awareness Week (May 9-15)

Vanderbilt Campus Dining has created a loyal base of food allergic students by providing state of the art services to ensure student safety on campus. With 8% of students nationwide navigating life with a severe food allergy or intolerance, a safe dining experience is a top consideration for these students in selecting their college. In honor of Food Allergy Awareness Week (May 9-15), Vanderbilt offers a comprehensive look at their accommodations for allergy students. Vanderbilt provides an inclusive and safe dining experience for students through the passion and hard work of their staff as well as employing leading resources in the allergy industry.

The venue “2301” in Rand Dining Center is “Certified Free From™” the big eight allergens – milk, egg, wheat, soybean, tree nut, peanut, fish, and shellfish as well as from gluten. This venue appeals to non-allergy students as well with lines snaking out the door during a typical semester. Vanderbilt is also “Certified Free From™” peanut and tree nut in all residential dining halls becoming the first school in the nation to do so.
The “Certified Free From™” accreditation comes with ISO support from MenuTrinfo®, LLC, a leading expert independent food allergy food service company since 2010. To become “certified”, the venue must pass a rigorous audit addressing not only ingredients but cross-contamination or microscopic presence of contaminating allergens. To obtain and maintain certification, schools must verify all ingredients, have strict rules for food sourcing, pass monthly allergen testing protocols and receive MenuTrinfo’s approval of new ingredients.
Additionally, Vanderbilt offers specially made meals for students with severe allergies, as identified by Vanderbilt’s office of Student Access Services. These students order their meals through a mobile phone app called OrderIT – Allergies, developed by Touchwork, LLC, and managed by a registered dietitian at Touchwork. The app helps students choose safe items and reduces risk of preparing incorrect food. The app also assists in communicating with students via text in case the student has a question for the chef or vice versa. Since Vanderbilt began using the app in July of 2019, the dining allergy team has served 5800 special allergen-friendly meals to 74 students with severe allergies.

The staff at Vanderbilt work hard to create this safe environment at Vanderbilt, and they are also specially trained to do so. Senior culinary staff undergo allergy training through MenuTrinfo’s AllerTrain program. The ANSI accredited training is taught by Master Trainers who are specially certified to teach the course. Vanderbilt’s own dietitian, Emily Suttle, is an AllerTrainer™ with MenuTrinfo®. Emily is passionate and skilled in her role and ensures she is available to all her students to help them navigate the dining halls safely and can be reached at dietitian@vanderbilt.edu. Additionally, students can submit questions regarding dietary preferences, allergies, or general nutrition questions via SMS text message – by texting their question with the code ‘AskEmily’ to 55744. For more information about Vanderbilt Campus Dining, visit campusdining.vanderbilt.edu.

MenuTrinfo® , LLC
MenuTrinfo® is a one-stop-shop for education food service providers and companies producing consumer packaged goods who are catering to the food allergy community. Our mission is to protect lives and health through nutrition and training, and we do so in our suite of services. By providing three major services: full-service kitchen audits for facilities and products known as “Certified Free From™” any of the top 8 allergens, ANSI accredited , food safety and allergen/gluten-free training, and food allergy/ gluten-free identification in recipes, MenuTrinfo® is dedicated to making the food-service industry safer for those dining with food allergies.

Media Contact:
Victoria Zelefsky
Director of Marketing

Claire Peacock
+1 970-295-4370
email us here
Visit us on social media:

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Waddington's Major Inuit Art Auction – May 8 to 13, 2021

Stone sculpture by John Tiktak, MOTHER AND CHILD, ca.1980

JOHN TIKTAK, R.C.A. (1916-1981), Rankin Inlet / Kangiqliniq, MOTHER AND CHILD, stone, signed in syllabics, ca.1980

Johnny Inukpuk stone sculpture of a girl

JOHNNY INUKPUK, R.C.A. (1911-2007), Port Harrison / Inukjuak ‘GIRL UNCOVERS A HIBERNATING BEAR’, stone, signed in syllabics, disc number inscribed, ca. 1970

Jessie Oonark print called 'Inside the Igloo to Talk'

JESSIE OONARK, O.C., R.C.A. (1906-1985), Baker Lake / Qamani’tuaq, ‘INSIDE THE IGLOO TO TALK’, stonecut and stencil, 1981, 21/40

Canada's Leading Authority on Inuit Art at Auction: Establishing Records Since 1978

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, May 11, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Our major Spring 2021 auction of Inuit Art features classic sculpture from the 1950s, experimental prints from the early 1960s from the Cape Dorset print shop (Kinngait), and compelling contemporary works.

Highlights include a unique double-sided Judas Ullulaq sculpture, works on cloth by Marion Tuu’luq and Irene Avaalaaqiaq, and a collection of graphics by Jessie Oonark. Also of note are two mother and child sculptures; one by John Tiktak and another by an unattributed Sanikiluaq artist. Other notable artists include Kenojuak Ashevak, Joe Talirunili, Johnny Inukpuk, and Karoo Ashevak.

JOHN TIKTAK, R.C.A. (1916-1981), Rankin Inlet / Kangiqliniq
stone, signed in syllabics, ca.1980
11.75 x 9 x 4 in — 29.8 x 22.9 x 10.2 cm
Estimate $25,000-$35,000

Mothers with their children was a subject of fascination to Tiktak. While in some versions, the subjects can seem strained or overburdened, this iteration is wonderfully serene. The child tilts his face up as if to catch the light, or to observe a passing bird. Tiktak’s style is well-noted for its minimalism, rooted as it was in the hardness of the available stone, which limited the artist’s ability to capture detail. Yet there is something facile in this characterization, as if it was the stone itself that produced genius, rather than the artist who harnessed it.

UNIDENTIFIED, Belcher Islands / Sanikiluaq
stone, ivory, soap inlay,
6.5 x 5 x 2.25 in — 16.5 x 12.7 x 5.7 cm
Estimate $5,000-$6,000

This stunning early work by an unidentified Sanikiluaq artist is characteristic of the integral role of the mother in Inuit families and community. Frequently reflected in Inuit art, mothers are often depicted with their children in their arms or hoods (amauti) during the course of their everyday activities. While traditional in nature, the multi-tasking mother or maternal head of the family, continues to be a central figure.

KENOJUAK ASHEVAK, C.C., R.C.A. (1927-2013), Cape Dorset / Kinngait
stonecut, 43/50
19 x 24 in — 48.3 x 61 cm
Estimate $8,000-$12,000

While best known for her most celebrated print, 'The Enchanted Owl', Kenojuak’s other works featured in the 1960 Cape Dorset print collection, like 'Vision of Autumn', were also standout indicators of her talent. The silhouetted image, mingling human and animal shapes is printed on coloured rolled ink backgrounds, based on a graphite pencil drawing.

Auction Details
This auction is offered online through to Thursday, May 13 at 8 pm ET.
Please visit our website to browse the online gallery and to find out how to register and participate in the auction. We also invite you to enjoy our downloadable digital catalogue for additional photographs and information.

Visit Us Virtually
While access to our gallery is restricted by COVID-19 precautionary measures, please contact us to find out more about the works in the auction, we’re happy to provide additional photographs, condition reports and virtual consultations.

Interested in Consigning to Our Auctions?
We’re always interested in discussing consignment opportunities to our auctions and we’re pleased to arrange complimentary, virtual appraisals of quality works of art. Don't hesitate to contact us at info@waddingtons.ca to make an appointment.

About Waddington’s
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Oceanfront Property on Tavares Bay in Maui, HI to Auction via Concierge Auctions

Three separate homes with ocean views

Three separate homes with ocean views

Oceanfront property on Tavares Bay in Maui

Oceanfront property on Tavares Bay in Maui

Soaring ceilings with naturally hemmed fir beams

Soaring ceilings with naturally hemmed fir beams

Located in historic Paia, on the North Shore of Maui

Located in historic Paia, on the North Shore of Maui

Beautiful royal blue swimming pool with spacious deck

Beautiful royal blue swimming pool with spacious deck

Offering three separate homes with ocean views and remarkable detailing, Three Villas and an Ocean, will auction via Concierge Auctions.

From my local outreach, to their robust database, I know we will create a successful outcome for our client.”

— Rhonda Smith Sanchez, listing agent

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, May 11, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Offering three separate homes with ocean views and remarkable detailing, Three Villas and an Ocean, will auction via Concierge Auctions in cooperation with Rhonda Smith Sanchez of Coldwell Banker Island Properties. Currently listed for $7.85 million, the property will sell with No Reserve to the highest bidder. Bidding is scheduled to be held June 4–9 via Concierge Auctions’ online marketplace, ConciergeAuctions.com, allowing buyers to bid digitally from anywhere in the world.

“Three Villas and an Ocean is perfect for a tranquil getaway in Maui’s North Shore. I am looking forward to working with the Concierge Auctions team to help name a new owner of this private paradise and enjoy all the amenities this property has to offer.” stated the seller.

Three separate homes with an ensuite office on 15,000± square feet of oceanfront property creates a private escape on Hawaii’s iconic North shore. Each of the three homes has been previously divided through Hawaii’s condominium property regime (CPR), allowing for easy future sale of one or more of the homes. The villas offer views over Tavares Bay, overlooking the blue water. Natural light bathes each of the three homes through their oversized oceanfront windows. Maui’s famous zest for life envelopes each home’s masterfully appointed architecture, from concrete floors and white stucco walls to soaring ceilings with exposed beams. Natural materials and artistic finishes throughout compliment the spacious living spaces perfect for gathering. End a sun-soaked day by the royal blue pool under Hawaii’s starlit sky.

“After hearing about the success that the Concierge Auctions team has brought to Hawaii, I am looking forward to working with them as a team on this incredible property. From my local outreach, to their robust database, I know we will create a successful outcome for our client,” stated the listing agent, Rhonda Smith Sanchez.

Nestled between Paia and Kuau, the property is placed on the blue Tavares Bay. Historic Paia, on the North Shore of Maui, is a blend of Hawaii’s historical agricultural design and a bohemian surfer paradise. Boutiques, popular dining, and endless opportunities to surf await. Hawaii is brimming with beaches to explore, like the world-famous Ho’okipa Beach Park just four minutes down Hana Highway. Wander Baldwin Beach’s white sand shores, sprawling over 17 acres of North Shore coastline. Step on to the greens at one of Hawaii’s spectacular golf courses, Maui Country Club, mere minutes from your front door. Fly in and out via Kahului Airport just 15 minutes away.

525 Hana Highway is available for showings daily 1-4PM and by appointment and for private virtual showings.

As part of Concierge Auctions' Key for Key® giving program in partnership with Giveback Homes, the closing will result in a new home built for a family in need.

Licensed Real Estate Agents will be compensated where appropriate according to the terms and conditions of the Listing Agreement for this property. See Auction Terms and Conditions for full details. For more information, including property details, exclusive virtual tour, diligence documents, and more, visit ConciergeAuctions.com or call +

About Concierge Auctions
Concierge Auctions is the world’s largest luxury real estate auction firm with a state-of-the-art digital marketing, property preview, and bidding platform. The firm matches sellers of one-of-a-kind properties with the most high-net-worth property connoisseurs on the planet. Sellers gain unmatched reach, speed, and certainty. Buyers get incredible deals. Agents earn their commission in 30 days. Since its inception in 2008, Concierge Auctions has generated billions of dollars in sales, broken world records for the highest-priced homes ever achieved at auction, and grown its activity in 44 U.S. states/territories and 29 countries. The firm owns the most comprehensive and intelligent database of high-net-worth real estate buyers and sellers in the industry, and has contributed more than 300 homes to-date as part of its Key for Key® giving program in partnership with Giveback Homes™, which guarantees that for every property the company sells, a new home is funded for a family in need. For more information visit ConciergeAuctions.com.

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Shined Mind: A Card Game for Cultivating Mindful Choices, Coping Skills, and Calm

A game for being better to yourself when feeling like the deck is stacked against you.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, May 11, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Think of it as self-care solitaire.

It's been more than a year since Coronavirus was declared a pandemic, and it's clear that this complete orbit around the sun has profoundly affected our collective mental health. Personal care during times of duress should never be substituted. It requires the constant repetition of many tiny habits, which, used together, can soothe the soul.

With Shined Mind: A Card Game for Cultivating Mindful Choices, Coping Skills, and Calm, you'll learn effective mindfulness techniques through an enlightening, experiential, and fun game of persuasion where you can convince everyone that you are the Shined Mind Master!

Mindfulness seems like a fuzzy concept that is elusive when met with daily stress, distractions, miscommunications, and challenging relationships. Shined Mind is designed to provoke thought, creativity and teach you tangible mindfulness skills that you can practice and apply to your everyday life.

Developed and Created by a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Shined Mind was co-created by Dr. Georgina Smith, an experienced clinical psychologist specializing in trauma and addiction treatment.

While most affirmation and stress-relieving technique games are incredibly boring or just overly simplistic, Shined Mind teaches tangible and consensus skills through play, including;

1. Develop Important Life Skills
Life can be difficult and stressful at times, but it is how you deal with certain situations that counts. Shined Mind is designed to help you learn how to cope with daily stresses and achieve true mindfulness. Learn effective mindfulness techniques and develop coping skills, social & self-awareness. We all deal with stress in different ways but make sure it is a healthy response!

2. Fun, Yet Therapeutic Card Game
Included Scenario and Technique cards create engaging gameplay that encourages and provokes meaningful conversations. Most stress management strategies or games can be boring and mundane—not Shined Mind. Mindfulness cards help to develop different skills and build self-esteem while having fun doing it.

3. 58 Laminated Cards
This enlightening therapy card game includes 58 laminated playing cards that will last for years. This set contains 29 Scenario Cards and 29 Technique Cards. The Scenario Cards represent common life stressors in adulthood, and the Technique Cards feature mindfulness techniques designed to help you practice and apply mindfulness in stressful situations.

With this therapeutic card game, you will learn:

● How to connect better with others
● How to tune into your emotions
● How to accept what is
● To develop healthier responses to stressful situations
● To develop proper focus
● To relieve and deal with stress and anxiety

MINDFULNESS CARD GAME – Creative and thought-provoking affirmation card game teaches you tangible mindfulness skills—in a fun and enlightening way; Relieve stress, develop healthier responses, tune into your emotions, connect with others in compassionate ways

LEARN ACTIONABLE LIFE SKILLS – You'll learn effective mindfulness techniques and develop coping skills, social & self-awareness, self-regulation through engaging gameplay that encourages and provokes conversations; Emotion cards for stress & anxiety relief

SCENARIO & TECHNIQUE CARDS – Shined Mind contains 58 cards, including 29 Scenario Cards that represent common life stressors and 29 Technique Cards that are mindfulness techniques designed to help you practice and apply mindfulness in stressful situations

DEVELOPED BY A PSYCHOLOGIST – Therapy games for counselors was co-created by a licensed clinical psychologist with 20 years of experience; Recommended by health care professionals, psychologists, therapists, social workers, and counselors

ACHIEVE MINDFULNESS – Stress-relieving therapeutic education card game is great for anyone ages 16 and up; Young adults, therapists, counselors, people who practice yoga, people who meditate, group therapy counseling sessions

Shined Mind will teach you vital mindfulness techniques in our ever-distracting world. Play-tested and recommended by health care professionals and psychologists, therapists, social workers, and counselors; therapists in group therapy counseling sessions can incorporate Shined Mind.
Caring for yourself requires intentional work. To do this well, start drawing cards – and stack the deck in your favor.
Find Shined Mind Game on Amazon: https://amzn.to/3vGhzIL

Visit Game On Family's Amazon Store (all products are here): https://www.amazon.com/gameonfamily

About Game On Family:
From Game On Family, the creator of the award-winning Feelings and Dealings: An Emotions and Empathy Card Game. Game On Family creates family-friendly, educational games & books that support mental health, emotional intelligence, social-emotional learning, & mindfulness. Let our products support mental health and connection in you and your kids! Game On Family offers affordable products that teach essential life skills through play starting at age 3 through adulthood. Games naturally require players to apply their learning so that these fuzzy concepts become tangible skills. If you're a caregiver, parent, teacher, or mental health professional, my products will help you teach emotional intelligence, empathy, and mindfulness. Look out for our newest game launching in May 2021. Find our products at Amazon.com/GameOnFamily.

About the Game Creators:
Camille Childs is the CEO of Game On Family. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, she launched her award-winning Feelings and Dealings game and books on Amazon to teach children emotional literacy and empathy. Her career credits include licensing at Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune, followed by positions at Hulu and Netflix, all of which fueled her love of content, games, and technology.

Georgina K. Smith, Ph.D., is a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in the treatment of trauma and addiction. Dr. Smith is also a public speaker and writer dedicated to discovering and educating new frontiers in the treatment of addiction and trauma and the support of suffering families. She has studied mindfulness in courses with Dr. Jack Kornfield, Dr. Dan Siegel, and Dr. Marsha Linehan taught mindfulness and led guided meditations in treatment centers.

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