Healthcare Professionals Enjoy National Discounts and Savings Through PerksConnect by Perks Group


RONKONKOMA, NEW YORK, USA, June 25, 2019 / — The Perks Group national discount program delivers daily savings on a range of items to employees, students, and other professionals. Partnering with organizations like Middlesex Health, SEIU Nevada, and Montefiore Medical, Perks is able to provide healthcare professionals with regularly-updated deals on a range of products and services.

An industry leader in affinity programs, Perks Group offers millions of professionals across the country exclusive access to savings and deals through the PerksConnect program. Compiling updated lists of savings on everyday purchases and luxury items, PerksConnect rewards hard-working employees, dedicated students, leaders, alumni and more. The national network of savings delivers practical, useful discounts on brand name items in all fifty states.

The discounts offered through PerksConnect can be accessed in a number of ways, letting members shop as they normally would without the hassle of tracking points or keeping up with cards. If shopping online, members can enter a provided discount code or else click on a provided link. At brick-and-mortar locations, members can access instant savings by presenting printed coupons or codes found in their PerksConnect app on their smartphone. Members can even dial an 800-number and follow guided instructions to present discounts.

Through the program, members gain exclusive merchant deals on a range of products or services even as they travel. During their trip, members need only their smartphone app to search by zip code (or by city and state) for local discounts. In this way, Perks Group helps their members––who come from many professional walks of life––earn cash back in their pockets without a complicated point system or restrictions.

Healthcare groups from coast-to-coast (like Middlesex Health, SEIU Nevada, and Montefiore Medical) offer their employees useful Perks Group savings and give them more incentive to continue delivering exceptional work in their field.

Middlesex Health

Employees of Middlesex Health can receive cafeteria discounts as well as savings on health club memberships at local centers. In addition to exclusive local deals, members of Middlesex Health enjoy all the local national deals available to other members in addition to savings on gift cards.

SEIU Nevada

SEIU Nevada healthcare and public service employees all over the state can receive offers on discounted gift cards to top brands and other frequent savings through PerksConnect. Qualifying members of SEIU can use their deals at major brick and mortar businesses like Chili’s, Lands’ End, Barnes & Noble, Cabela’s and JC Penney. In addition, they can use online discounts at hundreds of web-based brands such as Xfinity, PC Care Support, Disney Parks and From You Flowers.

Montefiore Medical

By participating in the Perks Group network of savings, Montefiore Medical employees––as well as their family members––can save money on a variety of products and services at thousands of retailers. Through PerksConnect, members can save at T-Mobile, Dell, ADT, Dish Network and others in addition to accessing discounts on luxury purchases and traveling or vacationing needs.

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Blockchain, Decentralization and Retail Innovator Shopin CEO Eran Eyal, Delivers 2019 Q2 update to participants.

Shopin Q2 Update from Founder and CEO Eran Eyal

Shopin Q2 Update from Founder and CEO Eran Eyal

Shopin Logo

Eran Eyal - CEO of Shopin. Visit

Eran Eyal – CEO of Shopin. Visit

Retailers give Shopin outstanding approval ratings

Retailers give Shopin outstanding approval ratings

Shopin’s Eran Eyal covers some of the highlights of the past year ranging from success with retailers, branded tokens to the Retail Intelligence Data Engine.

It's been a powerful year. We're blessed with a talented team, approval from retailers, testimonials and multiple product launches. We've got some more great news coming in the next few weeks.”

— Eran Eyal, CEO and Founder of Shopin

BROOKLYN, NY, UNITED STATES, June 25, 2019 / — Shopin continues to make strides with its products to decentralize the purchase data and technological advantages of retail giants, and to bring consumers closer to controlling their data.

Eran Eyal, CEO and founder of Shopin, recounts: “It’s been a year filled with challenges and opportunities to rise beyond our original path to execution as well as mature our team… and thus our mindset and go-to-market strategies.”

Eyal goes on to list some of the headliner moments of the past year since last year’s TGE:

Shopin saved Japanese participants over $5MM through a token swap. When the team learned that one of the syndicates had their personal wallet hacked, leading to the theft of over 10% of the distributed tokens, they saw that over 3,000 supporters of Shopin’s vision would lose their funds. As a result, Shopin did a token swap, with the help of their partner BlockWell, to bring justice and integrity to a challenging situation (1-9)

Shopin elevated its team with a new CTO, Georgi Gospodinov, PhD. Gospodinov (professor of mathematics) left his fast-track career at Walmart, (10-12) where he served as Director of Insights and Analytics and was responsible for innovations and patents in artificial intelligence and blockchain. He joined in late 2018 and immediately drove innovation in all technological verticals ranging from Shopin’s unique approach to marrying Visual Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing to creating the Retail Intelligence Data Engine. (13-38)

We were joined by advisors Mark Plaskow, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning expert, and Professor Richard Linares from MIT.(39-54) Beyond serving as technical advisors, Mark and Richard work daily on Shopin’s Visual A.I. and NLP engines.

Shopin released the Retail Intelligence Data Engine (R.I.D.E.) and secured two provisional global patents for the approach and system: One for the type of data and methods to derive insights, and a second patent for how we use our Visual Artificial Intelligence to refine the universal SKU catalogue (identifying duplicate and similar items, even if their details were changed or omitted). R.I.D.E. is a recommendation and actionable insights engine which decentralizes the purchase data insights of industry’s top retailers, including Amazon, eBay, Macy’s, Bloomingdales, Michael Kors, Coach and thousands of smaller brands. Shopin has a proprietary method for accessing the purchase data inferences of major online retailers in order to provide the kind of unique insights which power Amazon’s recommendation and analytics engines (and gives them the data necessary to spin up successful competitive LLCs that compete with retailers). Today R.I.D.E. incorporates 3.5Bn purchase data transactions, over 30MM cooccurrences between SKUs, over 12MM SKUs, and tracks over 80,000 brands. (55-78)

Shopin partners with Blockwell to release a live demo of effortless branded token creation for the world of retail. Shopin’s new swapped token can teach the world of retail new tricks. Retailers can purchase Shopin tokens, which they can brand as their own tokens to reward shoppers for loyalty and acting on ads or content. Shopin released a live demo on the Rinkeby network which anyone can test at the link provided above. (79-91)

In Q2, The Lead (Retail Thoughtleader) and The Robin Report, announced the Leading 100 list for 2019 with Shopin awarded “Moonshot of the Year”. Noah Gellman, CEO, and founder of The Lead, elaborates: “Moonshot of The Year is reserved for the early stage company that we believe will be the highest growth company with the most impact across the industry.” (92-103)

In recent news, Shopin has been accepted into the IEEE to lead the working group setting the standards for decentralized identity. Shopin CEO Eran Eyal shares: “It’s a massive privilege to lead the formation of the global standards for decentralized identity, which we’re so incredibly passionate about. There are only about 250 corporate members such as Samsung, Sony, Apple, Google. We’re humbled to be in that kind of company at the IEEE pushing this fundamental human right and key requirement for the next generation of retail.” (103-117)

Recently Eran Eyal and Lane Campbell returned triumphant from GDS Summit with several of the Fortune 100 retailers such as Macy’s, Coach, Michael Kors, Ascena Brands, Finish Line, Halston Heritage, Millys, and eBay ranking Shopin either 9 or 10 out of 10 for R.I.D.E. and our vision of a universal shopper profile for retail. We’re in discussions with the retailers to move to pilots.

In the next 2 months, Shopin will be revealing some key insights, including:

The new patent pending ShopChain architecture and whitepaper
R.I.D.E. growth figures
An update on the R.I.D.E. Backbone architecture, which incorporates Shopin’s proprietary Visual Artificial Intelligence and NLP engines
More validation from major retailers
New advisors and team members

Original posts and references:



About Shopin:

Shopin is a universal shopper profile, built on the blockchain and powered by our proprietary artificial intelligence tools, which delivers shoppers the most personal experience in every site and app, as well as in-store, by working with retailers to give shoppers control of their purchase data.

When shoppers own the best of their data, we can enable retailers to advertise directly to the shopper, who gets 85% of the ad revenue to spend back in the world of retail through the Shopin and branded tokens.

Recently Shopin launched the Retail Intelligence Data Engine which leverages more than 3.5 billion purchase data transactions, 30 million SKU connections and 71,000 brands, to democratize and decentralize the forecasting and recommendation power of ecomm giants to the rest of the retail economy.

Shopin is the winner of BTC Miami (North American Bitcoin Conference), CoinAgenda Global and Bitcoinference 2018. The Lead named Shopin as retail’s “Moonshot of the Year” in the Leading 100.

Our mission is to transform the retail web into a decentralized Amazon-like model through our proprietary artificial intelligence tools and blockchain approach. We are driven to ensure that timeless brands have the opportunity and tools to remain timeless.

Eran Eyal
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Shopin Retail Intelligence Data Engine

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Creators of Popular Bamboo Toothbrushes, WooBamboo, Discuss why Bamboo is a Sustainable Alternative to Plastic



A fun and innovative company dedicated to providing eco-friendly alternatives to everyday plastic toothbrushes discuss bamboo as an alternative to plastic.

CAPE CORAL, FL, UNITED STATES, June 25, 2019 / — With people across the country – and all over the world– doing their part to make the Earth a better place to live for future generations, there’s a great deal of focus on products made from “sustainable” materials. Though the term sustainable has been around for some time now, and most of the population know that using sustainable materials are good thing, a surprising number of people are still a bit confused about what makes a material sustainable in the first place. WooBamboo, the creators of popular eco-friendly dental products including bamboo toothbrushes, can help shine a light on sustainability.

What is a Sustainable Material?

The dictionary definition of sustainable is “able to be maintained at a certain rate or level.” When using the word sustainable in reference to environmentally-friendly products, it’s the same idea, but in a different context. Sustainable materials are those that manufacturers can use to create products without fear that they will run out. In other words, the material can replenish itself – often via human cultivation – just as quickly as the manufacturer can use it.

The Magic of Bamboo

Bamboo is one of the most sustainable crops in existence today. Though many people think it is a type of tree, it is a fast-growing grass (what!?). Cultivation is easy, because it does not require a great deal of care, and it even regenerates itself (via its own root system)! It is advantageous when compared to many different materials, including petroleum-based plastic made from finite fossil fuels that are being consumed at astonishing rates.

Bamboo grows incredibly quickly, as well. Depending on the specific variety and the growing conditions, it can grow as much as two or three feet each day and reach a maximum height of about 45 feet. Because it replicates so quickly, it is considered invasive in some parts of the world. In these cases, it grows more quickly than landowners can remove it. Though this is certainly frustrating for the property owners, it is perfect for companies like WooBamboo who can harvest bamboo and use it to replace millions of plastic toothbrushes the world over!

To learn more about how WooBamboo aims to change the world one toothbrush at a time by shining a light on the amazing uses of bamboo, visit the company’s website or send an email to

About the Company: WooBamboo is headquartered in Cape Coral, Florida and seeks to help people make better decisions about the products they buy for themselves and for their families every day- inspiring other to make small but impactful changes to help the planet. They offer an extensive line of dental care products ranging from toothbrushes for kids, adults, and even pets to eco-friendly floss and toothpaste with more products coming soon. The company has replaced over two million plastic toothbrushes with bamboo alternatives, and they strive to keep helping people change the world one small purchasing decision at a time. For more info please visit

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Colorado Medical Solutions offering revolutionary ShockWave therapy as a part of their Male Sexual Wellness Program

Colorado Medical Solutions now offering state-of-the-art ESWT (Extra Corporeal Shock Wave Therapy) to treat ED

Research shows that this treatment is amazing for both Erectile Dysfunction and painful joints, the technology is sound, the treatments are short and the results have been remarkable.”

— Jonathan Keith, Case Manager

DENVER, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, June 25, 2019 / — ESWT (Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy) uses the power generated from acoustic sound waves and radial shockwaves to stimulate blood vessel growth called neovascularization. This process forms new blood vessels, increasing much-needed blood flow to the region. While this treatment has been used successfully in a number of orthopedic areas, which include fractures, joint inflammation, and plantar fasciitis, researchers and several studies have shown that low-intensity ESWT is helping men suffering from Erectile Dysfunction. There are more studies being presented on a daily basis and the success rates are significant. Sexual wellness is a growing concern among today's adults, there are many causes including lifestyle, environment, genetics, and illness. ESWT provides a non-drug oriented solution.

Stephanie Lillibridge, AGNP-C of Colorado Medical Solutions stated, “Blood Flow to the penis is crucial for firmness in erections. Men with poor blood flow have a difficult time attaining and maintaining erections. The responses from patients across the U.S. have been nothing short of amazing. Coupled with our P-Shot and male enhancement device, the protocol has been shown to provide significant improvement for male sexual wellness.” By increasing vascularity to the penis and thereby blood flow, erections prove to be firmer and longer-lasting thereby improving intimacy for everyone. Jonathan Keith, Case Manager for the clinic continued, "Research shows that this treatment has an amazing result for both Erectile Dysfunction and painful joints, the technology is sound, the treatments are short and the results have been remarkable. I am thrilled with this "non-drug" solution."
At Colorado Medical Solutions, we deliver a Multi-Step Regenerative Medicine Program. First and foremost, we combine Human Cell Tissue and PRP, Platelet-Rich-Plasma, which has an abundance of healing factors and proteins within it to enhance the cell tissue activation. Second is our unique approach with the application of cutting-edge equipment that is designed to increase oxygen and blood flow, at a cellular level, thereby increasing the regenerative benefits of the Cell Tissue-PRP injection. Some of the indications focused on are; hair restoration, Sexual Wellness, and Chronic Orthopedic Pain.

Colorado Medical Solutions is also proud to be a member of The Cellular Medicine Association which is educating other Clinics, Doctors and Nurse Practitioners across the United States and working with an Advisory Board of doctors to give every clinic the latest and best training and updates of this Multi-Step Regenerative Medicine Program. Medical Doctors and Nurse Practitioner’s fly in from all over to be trained by The Cellular Medicine Association.

Dr. Jones, DC
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Remodels, New Construction and Other Happenings this Summer in the Old Mill District

Old Mill Rooftop Deck plan drawing

New rooftop deck is coming to the Old Mill District.

Bend, Oregon shopping, dining and entertainment district news and happenings

BEND, OR, USA, June 25, 2019 / — Several businesses in the Old Mill District will undergo remodels over the next few weeks and months, alongside the addition of new outdoor gathering spaces in the area. Some of the construction work will result in several short business closures and/or relocations.

•Bath & Body Works will be closed from July 1-4 while they move to a temporary space at 450 SW Powerhouse Drive, just down the street from their existing location next to Grafletics. The store will operate from the temporary space from July 4 through late September while their primary location is completely remodeled.

•Anthony’s at The Old Mill has created a new sliding wall feature in its bar area, which allows for an indoor-outdoor dining experience for visitors. Direct from Gonzales Farms strawberries are the seasonal specialty right now and featured in cocktails, sauces and desserts.

•Rideshare pick-up/drop-off, a new formal location near the Les Schwab Amphitheater for users of Lyft and other taxi services. The covered area is located across the flag pedestrian bridge to the southwest, adjacent to the Hampton Inn.

•Hilton Garden Inn is currently renovating all of its guest rooms, restaurant, lobby and facilities. The hotel remains open during construction and the new elegant and modern remodel is expected to be complete by mid-August.

•Ginger’s Kitchenware has recently brought in a new in-store olive oil and balsamic vinegar tasting bar. Using glass containers that can be reused, patrons can now try a wide variety of amounts and flavors of these staple cooking products at home. Some even work to make sipping vinegars.

•New patios at Hola, Kona Mix Grill, Ben & Jerry’s and Boxwood Kitchen that include awnings, planter boxes and extended seating options.

•New rooftop deck will be added above Strictly Organic coffee, which all visitors to the Old Mill District will be able to use and access from the second level. It is slated to be open in September.

•American Eagle will be closed for remodeling for ten days starting September 23, 2019. The store is installing new maple wood floors and replacing existing entryway tile, installing new shelves and store fixtures and completing several other maintenance activities. They expect to be open for business as usual in early October.

About the Old Mill District
One of the Pacific Northwest’s most distinctive and dynamic mixed-use developments, the Old Mill District is located on 270 acres that formerly housed one of the largest sawmill operations in the world. The rich history of the land is coupled with spectacular mountain views, scenic river vistas and an extensive trail system to enjoy the outdoors. More than 55 local, regional and national retailers and businesses call the Old Mill District home. Bend’s Old Mill District – the most unique shopping, dining, living, and entertainment experience in the region.


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Walmart ( $WMT) and Kroger-Distribution Deals In Play for Future CBD Markets? ( $HIPH) ( $BKIT) ( $NBEV) ( $LRSV) releases a snapshot reporting on the recent rush of large scale distribution deals surrounding new CBD products.

American Premium Water Corporation (OTCMKTS:HIPH)

POINT ROBERTS, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, June 25, 2019 / —, a leading investor news resource covering hemp and cannabis stocks releases a snapshot reporting on the recent rush of large scale distribution deals surrounding new CBD products.

Companies featured include American Premium Water Corporation (OTC: HIPH), BioHemp International, Inc. (OTC: BKIT), New Age Beverages Corporation (quote) and LinkResPet (OTC: LRSV).

Read the full article on

A recent CNBC article commented on how Kroger, the nation’s largest grocery retailer, recently announced that they “will now sell hemp-derived CBD topical products, including creams, balms and oils, in 945 stores, across 17 states”, a Company Spokeswoman said in a statement to CNBC on Tuesday. The grocery chain joins a growing list of national retailers, including Walgreens, CVS, Vitamin Shoppe and GNC, that are beginning to stock shelves with the cannabis compound.

“Like many retailers, we are starting to offer our customers a highly-curated selection of topical products like lotions, balms, oils and creams that are infused with hemp-derived CBD,” the Kroger Spokeswoman said.

This brings us to American Premium Water Corporation (OTC: HIPH) who recently announced that distribution of Canyon Create’s varicose vein cosmetic treatment, Vanexxe, is now available for sale on

American Premium CEO, Ryan Fishoff commented, “We are pleased that our partner Canyon Create’s Vanexxe is on! This is a huge accomplishment for them and great exposure for the product, which we anticipate will benefit our Company’s marketing. Vanexxe is a revolutionary product that is entering the marketplace unchallenged; there is nothing like it that cosmetically addresses painful and unsightly varicose veins. Both Canyon and American Premium Water view this as just the first of a multi-tier, multi-national rollout strategy for the product.”

According to Canyon, Vanexxe uses a proprietary formulation to eliminate the appearance of varicose veins.

Mr. Fishoff stated, “Our licensing arrangement with Canyon Create is the first of what I believe to be many positive developments. The Company is going to continue to push distribution in other channels and is negotiating to bring to market other products that Canyon currently has in development. We are continuing to focus on expanding distribution and having a diverse portfolio of products provides us more ammunition when going to big box retailers. The strategy of making acquisitions with unique technology is generating benefits for the company, and in turn, could continue to propel shareholder value. The Company is simultaneously working on many strategic initiatives. We are also in discussions about other potential distribution deals across multiple product categories with other retailers, and I look forward to providing updates to investors when appropriate. When all is said and done, I hope we can carve out our own path and create a value that is second to none.”

Ludlow Research updated its opinion on American Premium Water Corporation, maintaining its short-term speculative target of $05 to $0.06 per share, based on a distribution deal with Walmart

BioHemp International, Inc. (OTC: BKIT), is also looking to the future of their CBD distribution having announced that it has appointed American Premium Water Corporation’s Chief Executive Officer, Ryan Fishoff as Lead Advisor to the Company. Mr. Fishoff will assist Company CEO, Daniel Blum with M&A Strategy and CBD industry knowledge as the Company begins its consolidation rollup strategy.

Not only is there about to be a variety of CBD products offered for humans, but soon even our pets will have options as LinkResPet (OTC: LRSV), a UK based CBD provider, recently announced partnering with American Premium Water Corporation (OTC: HIPH) to work on a new CBD water pet product, LYNKS CBD Pet Water. The beverage is infused with LinkResPet’s CBD formula and created with American Premium’s nano-technology, which allows greater absorption of CBD into the system will provide a new way for owners to treat their pets. Expected to launch in Q3 2019, LYNKS CBD Pet Water is the first product of its kind tailored for pets.

As more and more consumers globally demand access to regulated (primarily tested and quality controlled) CBD products we can expect to see more large retailers support some brand of CBD products on their shelves as well as online. The only questions remaining are which brands will stand out to consumers and which retailers will be the last to jump onboard the CBD craze.

For investors following cannabis stocks, Investor Ideas has created a stock directory of publicly traded CSE, TSX, TSXV, OTC, NASDAQ, NYSE, ASX Marijuana/Hemp Stocks

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WIMI Hologram AR's AI Interactive Vision Technology Brings Holographic Characters to Everyday Life

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, June 25, 2019 / — When watching the Hollywood blockbuster, there is a scene we are very familiar with: the protagonist swings his hand, and a three-dimensional virtual display screen appears in front of him, and the content on the screen can be switched at will. In many museums, concerts or fashion shows, we often see similar three-dimensional images, which have shocking and vivid effects and is called as "holographic projection" by people. The scenes in Hollywood blockbusters have now become reality. The holographic girlfriend created by WIMI Hologram AR began to walk into the mass.

"Holographic projection technology" refers to that an object has motion trajectory, spatial position and other information in addition to a simple appearance and color, which is difficult to be presented by traditional photos. But if these can be recorded in some way, the picture will show a 3D effect, and we can get all the information of this object, which is called holography. Holographic projection is a technology that records and reproduces the real three-dimensional images of the object by making use of the principle of interference and diffraction.

Holographic projection technology was first proposed by physicist Dennis Gabor in 1974. With the discovery of laser in the 1960s, the holographic projection technology has also ushered in rapid development. Nowadays, the realization of holographic projection mainly relies on several methods such as water mist projection, holographic film projection and so forth. Among them, the holographic film technology has realized large-scale commercialization with its low cost. Most of the stereoscopic images we see on the stage are realized through this way.

As an integrated entity of holographic AI cloud industry with the largest scale, the most complete industry chain and the best performance, WIMI Hologram AR has launched a socialized holographic cloud system specific to domestic market to create unique holographic AI interactive experience. The applications cover high-end home holographic entertainment, 5G holographic communication, holographic office meetings, holographic KTV rooms, holographic music saloon, holographic dancing hall, holographic bars and nightclubs, holographic high-end catering, holographic amusement parks, holographic indoor play, etc. Its application of the holographic technology in domestic social platforms is truly unique.

Mike Jackson is the most famous deceased singer in the world. Americans have synthesized and made Jackson's holographic concerts through the holographic software technology. Each ticket of the concert in Las Vegas and other places is sold for hundred of dollars, and there are nearly 1,000 audience in each concert every day, which has lasted for several years. Jackson's holographic concert is almost full every day, accumulating more than 1 billion U.S. dollars at the box office. It can be confirmed from this aspect that stage IP is also the most easily realized part in the holographic industry. Of course, this is also the most experienced visual experience brought by holographic technology.

Among holographic character IP in the construction of WIMI Hologram AR's holographic cloud platform, there is not only the IP of holographic girlfriend. WIMI Hologram AR, with focus on strategic IP and key IP, cooperates with film & television, animation and other institutions to jointly develop holographic animation and film & television works (such as micro film, serial dram, scene play, etc.) with shared copyright; it explores the feasibility of developing the holographic concert IP of deceased singers such as Huang Jiaju; it conducts IP development cooperation with film and television companies, commercial real estate companies, brand institutions, automobile manufacturers, etc. Relying on its rich IP resource library; it is access to high-quality scripts relying on internal production strength and creates unique IP by means of self-development + outsourcing.

The development of IP cannot be carried out without the technical support of holographic AI. Through many years of research and development, WIMI Hologram AR team has built third-generation holographic AI technology products. Its high simulation and user experience can be described as amazing. The Holographic virtual stage and holographic virtual character (holographic content IP) is one of the core industries in the virtual reality industry, and one of the industries that have proved to be the most profitable in the world.

When the era of real 5G communication comes, communications with people are no longer limited to both ends of the screen but can truly achieve three-dimensional real-time interaction in the 5G holographic video calls. As soon as the connection is made, digital images (that is, the hologram) are transmitted immediately, as if the two sides were chatting face to face in the same room. Going a little closer, seeing from the side, people can see the stereo effect of the other side's movements, and even see the precise details of the other side's skin. The holographic image is captured through the high-definition camera of holographic device, rendered via a cloud server and displayed dynamically during the call, which breaks through the traditional communication barrier. You can imagine sitting in front of a campfire and chatting with friends at any time, watching a movie in a private theater with your friends, holding meetings or other events anywhere in the world.

Previously the public only stayed at the level of immature technology, or perhaps disturbing different people will have different requirements for the appearance of holographic girlfriends. After years of development, holographic AI and other technologies are becoming more mature, and holographic AI interactive vision is an irresistible trend. WIMI Hologram AR has such a special holographic display device, which can make the hardware that is currently equipped with have a 3D image through other technical means. For example, with the mobile phone AR, there will be 3D image in mobile phone, which can be summoned when the user needs it, and the camera of the phone can also recognize others' movements and expressions, helping to obtain visual parts. Smart speakers can project images outward by the projection technology. Chat members in WIMI Hologram AR's holographic platform can decide their facial expressions through their expression buttons. In fact, the expression of virtual characters is very rich in the chat, and smiles, grin and various details can be displayed. WIMI Hologram AR's ultimate goal is to make the scene of holographic AI interaction bring people an immersive experience, including voice, motion and facial expression tracking. WIMI Holographic cloud platform can provide one-stop service, virtualize top entertainers and make virtual characters become stars. It is able to break through the time and geographical conditions through the holographic cloud. The holographic cloud choreography platform can provide combined and rich presentation of virtual effect, virtualize the physical scene, lower the cost and improve the effects presented.

With the change of bandwidth conditions of the 5G holographic communication network, 5G holographic application market will usher in an explosion. High-end applications such as holographic interactive entertainment, holographic meeting, and holographic conference will gradually spread to the direction of holographic social intercourse, holographic communication and holographic home application. WIMI Hologram AR plans to support to the holographic cloud platform service and 5G communication holographic application with multiple technologically innovative systems based on the core technology of holographic AI face recognition technology and holographic AI face changing technology.

In the history of human audiovisual technology, the pursuit of higher definition has always been a fundamental law. The standards of the broadcasting and television has been upgraded from standard definition, high definition, full high definition and 4K to 8K pilot stage and high-simulation holographic image of Rio Olympic Games in 2016. This kind of law will inevitably be reflected in the high-end engineering display. In the application of virtual simulation of large-scale cultural centers, cultural and tourism projects, sports venues and competition sites, and aerospace and nuclear industry, holographic technology means higher information carrying capacity and better visual experience. Real-time interaction has become the most subversive social innovation under the supplementation of 5G network. The social scenes have also expanded from reality to richer virtual reality, and immersive visual experience has made the social intercourse more immersive.

Ronald Sims
Insight Data Talking Institute
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WIMI Hologram AR's Multi-Scenario Application to Build AI Vision in Holographic Driving Field

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, June 25, 2019 / — According to the estimates of the third party, 2020 will be year when the commercialization of automatic driving market commences. From 2020 to 2025, the annual composite growth rate of passenger vehicle sales will exceed 80%; in 2020 and 2030, the front loading of domestic automatic driving alone will reach 8.5 billion U.S. dollars and 63.8 U.S. dollars respectively in the market scale; if the automatic driving vehicle sales and automotive driving travel service market are counted, the total market scale in China will reach about 40 billion U.S. dollars and 550 billion U.S dollars respectively in 2020 and 2030.

As the state of intelligent terminal of automobile, unmanned driving has become a key project for various OEMs, chip factories and technology companies to strengthen research and development in the field of intelligent vehicle. The automotive electronic technologies involved in intelligent vehicle include safe driving, communication and navigation, visual intelligence and various recognition technologies, environmental protection technologies, etc. WIMI Hologram AR keep upgrading its holographic technology, and creates a new generation of holographic driving AI visual system with the new IP.

Unmanned driving holographic AI technology sounds unfamiliar. It is actually a sign of advancement of artificial intelligence technology, and an important field of artificial intelligence technology. With the victory of "alpha dog" over chess masters some time ago, people have had some psychological preparation for the advent of the era of artificial intelligence.

WIMI Hologram AR focuses on the computer vision holographic cloud service. It is one of the integrated entities of holographic cloud industry with the largest scale, the most complete industry chain and the best performance, aiming at becoming a holographic cloud platform with the most potential and most international influence.

WIMI Hologram AR covers many links in the holographic AR technologies such as holographic computer vision AI synthesis, holographic visual presentation, holographic interactive software development, holographic AR online and offline advertising launch, holographic ARSDK payment, 5G holographic communication software development, holographic face recognition development and holographic AI face change development. With the one-stop service capability, it has grown into one of the largest integrated technology solution providers of holographic cloud in China.

Holography is based on digital information technology. WIMI Holographic cloud is combined with the media presentation of multiple innovative forms, such as the network, holographic IP development, holographic AR game / application development & production, digital movies, smart phones, holographic display, AR / virtual reality glasses, holographic theater, air imaging, etc.; at the same time, in the Internet era, the connection and integration of cultural products of pan-entertainment is obvious, and games, literature, animation, film & television, music and drama are no longer developed in isolation, but they can jointly build a new industry and market ecology. AR holographic technology is a new stage for visual communication design, and its characteristics of infinite interactive, god interaction, wide spread, high speed & high efficiency, entertainment demand and user viscosity bring huge market development space. As a new means of visual communication, AR holography fully meets the development needs of the pan-entertainment era with rich content of presentation, diverse patterns of presentation, and infectious and shocking presentation effects.

The holographic industry is a typical high-tech service industry, and its every technological innovation and technological advancement will continue to promote the development of the industry. For WIMI Hologram AR's holographic cloud, the rapid development of computer equipment, the improvement of intelligence, networking and digitization, the upgrading of system hardware and software, the introduction of new database technology and middleware technology, the emergence of new development platforms and design ideas are all continuously improving the service and technical level of WIMI Hologram AR's holographic cloud service to some extent. The improvement of the technology has promoted the continuous upgrade of services in the AR holographic industry, and the continuous iteration of AR holographic presentation form has also enriched the expression form of holographic visual communication, better meeting the individual needs of customers. In addition, along with the rapid expansion of network bandwidth, the gradual commercial popularization of 5G networks, the acceleration of digital content dissemination in recent years, various high-quality holographic contents will be applied more widely on the mobile terminal, and high-quality content can effectively enhance the customer experience.

The vehicle intelligence is imperative, and is currently speeding up the landing. Policies, markets, technologies and so forth will all become drivers of the explosion and growth of the automatic driving market. In 2015, it was proposed in "Made in China 2025" for the first time that unmanned driving should be one of the important directions for the future transformation and upgrading of the automobile industry. By 2017, policies supporting the automatic driving have been issued intensively. Multiple heavyweight policies explicitly support the development of the automatic driving industry, and position the year 2020 as a key time node.

Interestingly, overseas institutions are very optimistic about the prospects of driverless cars in China. According to a report released by the US IHS Automotive Information Consulting Co., Ltd., the global sales of driverless cars will reach 21 million sets by 2035, significantly higher than the estimate two years ago. Among them, China will become the largest driverless car market. It is predicted in the report that there will be more than 5.7 million driverless cars in China by 2035.

Domestic policies are introduced successively to support the development of intelligent vehicles, and the century-old automobile industry is ushering in a new round of transformation. At present, China has surpassed the United States to become the world's largest automobile market. China's new energy automobile industry chain is maturing, forcing traditional vehicle manufacturers to make breakthroughs and innovate. As the key technology of unmanned driving is continuously mature, consumers are also open to the driverless vehicles, and artificial intelligence technology, especially the significant development of deep learning has provided conditions for the realization of automotive driving. With the continuous development of Internet communication technology, China's 5G communication technology will meet the needs of networked autonomous vehicles for high data bandwidth and transmission speed… All of these conditions will make China the best market for the commercialization of automatic driving, and will provide a better and broader stage for companies such as WIMI Hologram AR.

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WIMI Hologram AR and SenseTime Are Competing in Hologram AI Unmanned Driving Market

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, June 25, 2019 / — Nowadays the definition of modernization is artificial intelligence. With the explosive progress of AI technology, the benign cycle among algorithms, computer power and data has an increasing impact on industrial upgrade and economic changes, and will provide "new energy" for the development of industry and economic development in the future for decades.

Holographic AI unmanned driving has a huge market

It is generally believed in the industry that driverless cars will gradually spread around the world from 2020 to 2030. According to the report "Survey and Investment & Financing Strategy of China Driverless Vehicle Industry Market Prospects and Investment in 2018-2023" issued by China Business Industry Institute, the scale of global driverless car in 2016 reached about 4 billion U.S. dollars, which still has a large market development space. By 2021, the global driverless car market is expected to reach 7.03 billion U.S. dollars; by 2035, the sales of global driverless cars will reach 21 million sets. At present, domestic driverless cars are still in their infancy, and they have been deployed in many applicable fields in the future blueprint constructed. China is expected to become the largest unmanned driving market.

Previously, it was mentioned in the "Roadmap for Energy Saving and New Energy Vehicles" issued by the China Automotive Engineering Society that by 2020, the scale of the automobile industry will reach 30 million vehicles, and the market share of driving assistant / partially automatic driving cars will reach 50%; highly or fully automatic cars are strived to appear on the market between 2021 and 2025; in 2026 – 2030, every car should use an unmanned or assisted driving system, and the wave for driverless car is coming.

AI scenario application is closer to the market

We are at the important turning point of changing human life by artificial human (AI). A technological revolution led by AI is about to start, and there is no better time to get involved in the AI field. In the vertical field of this industry, the related companies such as WIMI Hologram AR and SenseTime have emerged conspicuously. Doctor Michael from WIMI Hologram AR said that in the era of rapid development of artificial intelligence, the distributed cloud service of WIMI Hologram AR can provide diversified and more effective services for the entire artificial intelligence industry, especially in the application scenarios of the automotive and IoT industry. Unmanned driving technology requires a great deal of AI computing power. WIMI Hologram AR replies on AI technology to provide robust, reliable and low-cost computing power, which can reduce the research and development costs of enterprises engaged in unmanned driving, and has a broad application prospect in the field of unmanned driving. The holographic cloud platform of WIMI Hologram AR can provide a complete solution, and there are mature ecological platforms to support the required AI computing power and AI algorithm model trading.

There has been a relatively big explosion in the market of artificial intelligence in China. The important reason here is that the maturing of technology can really help some scenarios to solve problems and enhance value. In fact, the word "artificial intelligence" or "robot intelligence" is a bit incredible. The artificial intelligence can be simply understood as driving automation. Originally, some scenarios and works require people to complete, but now some artificial intelligence driving automation can help this scenario to greatly enhance the labor efficiency and productivity. This reflects that the artificial intelligence technology creates new commercial values in different scenarios. Once the business value is recognized by everyone, there will be many opportunities.

SenseTime is an AI enterprise dedicated to computer vision and deep learning. In particular, it announced the completion of B round financing of 410 million U.S. dollars in July 2018, setting a record for single-round financing in the artificial intelligence field. At the same time, it also become the world's highest-funded artificial intelligence company.

Automatic driving is a great opportunity for the automotive and technology industries in the future. This market is becoming more and more crowded. Google, Baidu, Tesla, Uber, BMW, Honda, Ford, Nissan, Apple, Didi and other giants from the automotive and technology industries are all laying out. In addition, other players from different links, such as chip companies, cloud computing platforms, sensor companies, hardware solutions companies, machine vision companies, etc. However, the competition pattern of the automatic driving market has not yet formed currently.

The real scenario application is the strategic layout of the current enterprises. Taking WIMI Hologram AR and SenseTime for example, AI visual technology has been applied to multiple scenarios. WIMI Hologram AR's naked eye holographic technology has concentrated its scenarios of commercial application on five major fields of home entertainment, optical field theatre, performing system, commercial distribution system and advertising display system, resulting in satisfying achievements. SenseTime has reached strategic cooperation with technology giants such as Huawei and MIUI. It scenario application covers security, finance, smart phone, robots and many other fields. It can be seen that the technology is driving the way forward. AI technology is infiltrating into various scenarios such as food, clothing, shelter and transportation, providing great convenience to our lives.

As an industry leader, WIMI Hologram AR has always paid close attention to industrial development and industry research, and is committed to the investment in the holographic AR industry, helping the rapid development of holographic AR industry and enterprises. Now it has invested more than 17 upstream and downstream high-quality enterprises of the industrial chain. The field involved the design of holographic AR interactive components, development of holographic AR optical components, R&D of holographic AR images, development of holographic AR hardware and software, expansion of holographic AR application, holographic AR platform construction and other related industries and enterprises.

WIMI Hologram AR will continue to increase the scale of industrial investment and industry research. It will set up a professional industrial investment fund to support the enterprise and team with great development potential and high growth to help and guide the rapid development of the industry.

China also has the world's largest Internet market, providing AI with a large amount of sample data and application scenarios to better train algorithms. Unlike American technology companies that only focus on the research and development of underlying AI technology, Chinese AI companies are more down to earth. They pay great attention to applying the AI technology to different application scenarios of life and production while insisting on the exploration of original technologies, which in turn promotes the evolution of technologies through the scenarios. WIMI Hologram AR and SenseTime better interpret this approach.

We can fully foresee that companies that are able to solve these social problems with good Ai technology are bound to most promising companies, because they are trying to bring use a simpler and better world. Such a world will make us feel happier and full of hope.

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MEGVII / SenseTime Is Outstanding in Visual AI While WIMI Hologram AR Is Leading in AI Stitching Algorithm

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, June 25, 2019 / — In October 2016, a report of the White House pointed out that the in terms of deep learning of artificial intelligence, related journal articles published in China have surpassed that in the United States. The consulting form Price Water House Coopers (PWC) predicts that the development related to artificial intelligence will drive the growth of global GDP by 1.6 billion U.S. dollars before 2030; it is estimated that nearly half of the financial resources will be accumulated in China. Although the United States still takes a lead in the absolute numbers, the number of artificial intelligence-related patent submitted by Chinese researchers has increased by nearly 200% in recent years.

Entrepreneurs are taking advantage of China's talent and data. Many artificial intelligence companies have only been established for two years, but they are progressing faster than their Western counterparts. As a result, China has already had a batch of unicorns in the visual AI field.

MEGVII is one of the world's first artificial intelligence enterprises that realize the commercialization of face recognition products with the deep learning technology. Since its establishment seven years ago, MEGVII has continuously increased it investment in research and development of artificial intelligence technology and has achieved fruitful results. In addition to continuous increase in research and development investment, MEGVII is also actively practicing the landing of artificial intelligence technology industry. It is understood that up to the present, MEGVII has realized the landing of products in the filed of face identification by mobile phone, identity authentication for credit industry, suspect tracking of security systems, logistics smart robot warehouses and unmanned stores in the new retail industry. It is worth mentioning that MEGVII is also actively practicing public service, contribute to the society and undertake more corporate social responsibilities.

WIMI Hologram AR focuses on the computer vision holographic cloud service. It is one of the integrated entities of holographic cloud industry with the largest scale, the most complete industry chain and the best performance, aiming at becoming a holographic cloud platform with the most potential and most international influence.

WIMI Hologram AR covers many links in the holographic AR technologies such as holographic computer vision AI synthesis, holographic visual presentation, holographic interactive software development, holographic AR online and offline advertising launch, holographic ARSDK payment, 5G holographic communication software development, holographic face recognition development and holographic AI face change development. With the one-stop service capability, it has grown into one of the largest integrated technology solution providers of holographic cloud in China.

WIMI Hologram AR has made major breakthroughs and leap-frog development in the field of holographic applications such as advertising, entertainment, education and 5G communication. Aiming at the in-depth R&D and market application of al links of holographic 3D computer vision, including vision collection, AI synthesis, transmission, presentation and application, it is committed to establishing a scalable and open service platform, building a bridge between the application of holographic technology and the presentation of holographic computer vision, realizing the presentation of the application of holographic computer vision in different scenarios and promoting the leap-forward development of the industry, in order to realize the vision of WIMI Hologram AR, "to become the creator of China's holographic ecology".

SenseTime is an artificial intelligence company specializing in the computer vision and deep learning technology in China. SenseTime completed several rounds of financing from 2014 to 2018, with a financing amount of more than 2 billion U.S. dollars. Relying on the research and application of computer vision and deep learning technology, SenseTime has explored the unique business model of"1 (basic research) + 1 (product and solution) + X (industry)". It is understood that SenseTime has landed in various scenarios in more than 18 industries in 2018, such as the smart phone, smart city, smart car, medical care, retail, education, interactive entertainment, etc. Taking mobile phone as an example, Sense provides the face identification, intelligent beauty, intelligent filter and other image technologies for mobile phone brands including OPPO, vivo, MIUI and Huawei, making photos taken by the mobile phone look better and the interaction become interesting.

Why does China have particularly favorable natural conditions, it should consider the investment required for artificial intelligence. China has two rich basic elements – computing power and capital. According to the consulting firm Gartner, the cloud computing market has grown by more than 30% in recent years and will continue to grow. According to statistics from the think tank Wuzhen-institute, China's artificial intelligence companies received capitals of 2.6 billion U.S. dollars in 2012-2016, which are lower than 17.9 billion U.S. dollars of investment for their U.S. counterparts, but are still growing fast overall.

Algorithm development is an iterative and well-polished process. The biggest difference between industrial circles and academic circles is that the academic circles hope to create more algorithms, pursue more novelty and creativity, while the industrial circles pursue the function, performance and stability indicators of the system to produce the best system based on business requirements and resource constraints without the requirement of inventing the most novel algorithm. The algorithm improvements in the industry circle include many dimensions, such as how data is processed, the data scale and source, parameter setting, model structure and also loss function design, model acceleration algorithm, etc. Each factor may have a great influence on the final result. It is also very important to solve problems from a system perspective, such as designing a new system processing process, and defining problems as detection problems or identification problems.

For so many algorithm models, if each model needs to be iteratively upgraded and support different versions of different hardware platforms, how to continuously polish the core algorithm is a big challenge under the constraints of R&D personnel and training hardware resources. In the traditional algorithm development model, algorithm engineers often bring up data annotation tasks which will be completed by the data annotator. However, algorithm engineers need to care about how to develop annotation tools, how to train annotators, how to convert the data format, and how to purify the data annotated, and finally manually train the model on a physical machine.

According to the report of Singapore's "Union Morning Paper", Schwartzman, president of Blackstone Group, pointed out that China's artificial intelligence technology has experienced explosive growth. He said that when he went to China, he saw new companied that are being constantly established, and the number of companies developing to the artificial intelligence field is growing rapidly. It is reported that China has invested a huge government funds in the research and development of artificial intelligence. Luo Haozhi, PWC's global chairman, believes that if US corporate presidents, education and government no longer strengthen themselves in this area, then the United States is likely to start falling behind.

The Chinese artificial intelligence industry started relatively late, but it is in a period of progress in the aspect of infrastructure such as technology research. The core of artificial intelligence is massive data. China has a large population base, rapidly developing mobile Internet, and huge data resource advantage. Therefore, the rise of artificial intelligence is a rare opportunity for China, and it has opened the market door to China's Ai technology companies.

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